Tab Top Transformation

Elisabeth from bovagoods hacked this $24 pair of Ikea Tab Top Drapes.

By cutting off the tabs, she turned casual drapes into something more formal. Elisabeth chose to fold and sew her drapes but, if you didn’t want to sew, you could stop at this step and use ring clips to hang them. Just make sure you make a clean cut really close to the hem when cutting off the tabs.

She also hung them when they were damp so they would dry with wrinkles to resemble linen~how smart is that? Visit her blog bovagoods to read all about her drapes.

Napkin Cafe Curtains

A few years ago Flower Patch Farmgirl made these easy breezy curtains over the sink curtains simply by clicking napkins on ring clips.

Recently, she was ready for a changed so she just switched them out with some different napkins.  SUCH a fun idea.  Go check out her posts to find out all the details!

No Sew Striped Drapes

You can make your own bold striped drapes without sewing. These are embellished drapes…and this method will work best for really wide stripes. All you need is a pair of drapes, your iron on sewing machine {AKA: stitch witchery} , fabric for the stripes, ribbon and and iron. Find out more at The Yellow Cape Cod.



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