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8 Life Lessons from Leslie Knope // The Everygirl


Hey America, if your room doesn’t feel quite right, it might be because your rug is too small. Hey other part of America, if you are happy with your room and are now just worried that your rug is too small, you have permission to skip reading this post:

The Too Small Rug // Emily Henderson



Hope*ologie has been growing–so many Hope*ologists! Join now and you’ll still be able to download the February printable (seen above), but, you will only have to wait until next week to download the March printable, yippie! Plus you’ll have access to all of our past content (minus the printables–those go away after 30 days).

And speaking of Parks & Rec. Here’s a major hint about our Hope*ologie theme for March:

treat yo self

the Bannerie

Remember, anyone can always listen to the hope*ologie podcast for free on iTunes , but the sister*ologie podcast is for members only. Find out more here.

diamond wall

Remember our duct tape diamond wall? I got a tweet from Michele that this bedroom is in the current issue of Better Homes & Gardens! It was from a whole house shoot they did for their DIY special in 2012 (an entire spread on a rental house, y’all!!)

bhg nesting place

Sadly there was no mention of the duct tape in the current issue–so just for fun, I’m linking back to one of my all time favorite projects–the Duct Tape Diamond Wall–complete with a video! When we moved, I peeled off all the tape (took about 8 minutes), sanded down the parts where the tape stuck to the wall or peeled off the top layer of paint (took about 20 minutes), and gave it a fresh coat of paint just on that one wall (took about 20 minutes–I painted over the same color so that goes super fast!.

Shucks, just for fun, here’s the video…

Survey winners

the nesting place book

The 5 Winners of the signed copies of The Nesting Place Book are: Julia V., Amy G., Emily L., Jessica S. & Darlene C.! Congratulations! (check your inbox for an email from Caroline!)

Y’all, I cannot believe how many of you took this survey! We had so many responses that we had to shut it down early. We are still sifting through all of your great insight, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to fill it out. Here’s a peek at what you told us:



924A0492The winners of The Fringe Hours Collections from DaySpring are: Rebecca, Karen J., Misty S., Jennifer & Mary!

If you haven’t already, you will receive an email from DaySpring soon! Congratulations!


Give Your Man The Gift of Time

the barnthe pavilion & the barn

When we bought this little neglected twelve acre farm & sawmill last year, we were either crazy or crazy. We neither farm nor saw logs.

But we believe in the importance of creating something that grows people– much like a farm, and we believe in the value of strong foundations and that what you do starts at home–much like what a sawmill provides–good foundations and literal building blocks for strong homes. Am I good at metaphors or what?!


The sad tractor barn on the property had a greater purpose than housing tractors–it now can hold people.

Some of you have already come here to The Barn, hopefully some of you will come in the future, but right now, it’s the guy’s turn.

It’s ManTime y’all.

A weekend for the kind of man who might not attend a Men’s Retreat.

A weekend that you think about when you see all those fun women’s blogging conference and you wish there was something for your husband to attend.

A weekend here on our property, where the guys eat meat, sit around a huge bonfire, hang out with purpose and spend time outdoors. No fancy conference rooms, no dumb games, no four men in a hotel room pretending that no one is snoring.


overview of property

heroic path

Y’all, won’t believe who is going to be at ManTime: John Sowers– author of The Heroic Path: In Search of the Masculine Heart (from our favorite things!!!). He’s the President of the Mentoring Project, accomplished hunter of large animals & our friend! John will be attending and leading the discussions at ManTime. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I SO want to dress up as a man and attend this weekend! This weekend will be fun and relaxing, and delicious but also intentional and life-giving. Just what your man deserves. Maybe exactly what he needs.

john sowersvia John Sowers instagram

Music will be provided by the talented Jacob Early–don’t be surprised if banjos are involved, meats provided by Philip from Wicker BBQ, Local Brews will be available, cigars and pipes will be smoked, guns might be shot, great conversation will be offered from the master conversationalist–my husband Chad, the co-host for ManTime– Brian Dixon, my sister’s husband’s John and of course our dad Gary.


All personality types welcome. Permission granted for everyone to be themselves.

Spaces are limited–they are keeping the group small to have better conversation, it’s barely even announced it and it’s almost 1/4 full — men are already buying tickets and some are flying in from around the US! Oh my gosh we are hosting ManTime!


ManTime is Thursday April 9th- Saturday April 11th at our property 40 minutes outside Charlotte, NC. Transportation to and from the airport provided: see the ManTime website for more info.

And, since I have connections, Use code NESTER and save $30.


Find out so much more at the ManTime website.

wood stove






Weekend Links to Inspire & Encourage (& a giveaway)

face the foliage

What Justina Blakeney is doing with Noonday is amazing #FaceTheFoliage A Tale of 2 Couches // Vintage Revivals Jimmy Fallon and the Joy of the Lord // by Zach Hoag via A Deeper Story Our Life with Old House // This Abundant Life Finding Soul Rest in the Midst of Motherhood // Alia Joy   […]

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The Home Survey :: What’s the State of Your Nest?


This is my eighth year of blogging and I’ve always meant to take a home survey, and now I finally got around to it! I hope it’s fun to answer and as a tiny thank you for your time I’ve giving away a signed copy of The Nesting Place to five survey takers.   Book […]

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The Progress of Redemption :: A Laundry Room Story (with a dash of kitchen) and why we painted over “good wood”

laundry room

{hutch // bead & tassels // chair// pillow // stump} Let’s chat about our laundry room/back porch/front porch–because this is where 99% of people enter into our house and it also has a bathroom just to make it even more weird! I wrote about painting the floors in this post. But I wanted to answer […]

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When it’s Time to Paint Your Ugly Floor

how to paint a floor

It’s time. You know the room, that wall, that floor, that space that would be so much better if you just had the budget for it and if only your husband was a contractor? That is all of my rooms. Let’s stop waiting. Let’s do something about it now so that we can start enjoying […]

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Laundry Room Teaser: Paint is My Hero

painted floor

Y’all. Same view, eighteen months apart. The laundry room makeover cost practically zero dollars {paint from floor to ceiling and we already had all of that but one can.} Paint is my BFF. To see all the befores afters and hows click here. PS, are you following along on instagram? More photos of this room […]

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Good Enough Decorating {in case your house, budget, timeline, circumstances, skills or stuff isn’t ideal}


The truth is none of us start creating a home out of perfect circumstances or a completely blank slate. We have limitations. We have home “baggage”. And for the most part I try to remind myself to be thankful for the tight budget, country living, long-range fixer-upper, un-done-ness and a house that’s always open for […]

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Your New Favorite Color


Once I was meeting with someone for a consultation and they seemed a little bored with their current room. I admire the fact that she didn’t want to make any big changes, her one question–what color can I add into the space I already have just to make it feel more fresh? She already had […]

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When You Stop Stereotyping Furniture


Last fall our 30 inch round coffee table kept getting in the way as it stood guard in front of our small sectional sofa. I tried something and moved in three separate small table/stool things that I had in various parts of the house. So far the small tables have worked out great. They hold […]

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