Vignette with the Meaningful & Unexpected

lysa terkeurstfrom Lysa’s Instagram: do you follow her? You should

Quite possibly the most touching vignette I’ve ever seen. Check out what Lysa TerKeurst framed and put on her wall, I promise, you’ll be delighted.

Vignette With Whimsy


This is one of my favorite photos from our last house, the rental.

I liked it so much I suggested it for the cover of my book. Zondervan had better ideas (they were right!) but I still adore this photo. It’s fun and lighthearted, it has wonky imperfectly hung plates, dust on the table, and the surprise element of the glorious sprinkling of light that only disco balls can provide.

It’s basically a snapshot (vignette if you will) of everything I hope my house to be: comfy, fun, unexpected, pretty, delightful, cozy, imperfect and welcoming. Come on in, let your guard down, and relax.

Welcome to our home where things aren’t perfect. We trust you can relate.


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You Don’t Need My Obligation


    Where did I go?! Y’all it’s 31 days, a series I not only like to join in but also host and I’ve disappeared. Do you know that every year I give myself permission to not join in? I think that’s key to being able to create things–not feeling like it’s an obligation. You […]

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Befriend the Art of the Vignette

kitchen sink

I’m focusing on the pretty in the kitchen. Just out of the view of the camera is a gross stack of dirty, un-rinsed, stinky dishes. This is the subtle art of vignettes. They are just one small part of the story, but can still stand alone. And the beauty is if we can take the […]

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Vignette in the Laundry Room


  I really miss this pretty, finished laundry room that we had in the rental. For $175 it went from builder average to photogenic. Our currently laundry area needs a lot more than that to make it come together, so as I plot and plan I’ll study what it is I like and don’t like […]

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Vignette With DIY Art

diy art

There’s absolutely no excuse not to have beautiful things on your walls if you are longing for beauty. Here I’ve got a $1 yard sale chalkboard with a spray painted sea fan from TJMaxx that I hot glued onto the chalkboard. a black and white painted canvas (remember to buy those ugly thrift store & […]

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The Truth About Vignettes


October 15th is tax day if you got an extension. With the book coming out in April I knew I couldn’t be trusted to be an adult and file our taxes without the possibility of being jailed for fraud because my brain had no room for numbers. Today’s real life vignette looks like this. Because […]

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vignette within a color

white table

Sometimes when I crave a change I shop the house for everything I can find of one color. For the display in the back of the barn we grabbed everything white we could reach in a four minute period and then worked it all into a vignette. We didn’t question if it was an empty […]

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Vignette by Stealing Your Own Stuff


From the archives in our rental house: A vignette of our extra room that we used when guests spent the night. We didn’t have a bed frame but we did have a mattress. Instead of apologizing, I moved in a thrifted chair and threw on a pillow, grabbed a plant and threw some towels in […]

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When You Have to


This month’s hope*ologie print (created by Annie Barnett for hope*ologie memebers) is too beautiful not to share here. Happy Sunday!

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