Metallic Linen Pumpkins? Yes Please. :: A Giveaway

linen pumpkins


I look forward to this post ever year.

It’s the 4th annual giveaway hosted by my friends at the LoveFeast Shop. And this year they’ve outdone themselves with Metallic Linen pumpkins!


linen pumpkin

These Metallic Linen Pumpkins come in silver or gold (these are the silver) and some have a subtle herringbone pattern and all have metallic threads woven in which adds a hint of sparkle. These pumpkins (like the Velvet Plush Pumpkins below) are weighty and impressive in person. Each one is unique with its natural stem and I’ve yet to see an imitation come anywhere near the quality of these. They don’t disappoint. Not including kittens these pumpkins are pretty much the cutest thing ever that you won’t want to put down.

plush pumpkins

linen pumpkin

The LoveFeast shop is giving away a Large Metallic Linen Pumpkin set in your choice of Silver or Gold. Check out the LoveFeast Shop for pumpkins and all sorts of lovely items for your home.

To enter to win simply leave a comment telling us what you love about fall.

If Your Furniture Needs to be Rescued


This story starts out like so many…so I met these friends online…


Every now and then you follow someone on instagram because she’s sickeningly talented and adorable and wears quirky glasses and he has a handlebar moustache and are they not the cutest couple ever?! Then you assume you’ll forget about them but then you see them again that same afternoon on a blog you’ve followed for years and their work is amazing and you keep seeing these people pop up every place you look.


You fall in love with their work over and over again and you start leaving comments on instagram and you like them and they like you and there’s a little trust there and then the magic of the internet starts happening and all of a sudden you are on the phone talking actual words and you hope to one day meet.

Then you plan to meet.

Because you hear their dream and it sounds so impossibly wonderful and fun and right down your alley that you can’t not get behind it and say YOU HAVE GOT to try this because this changes everything and how crazy would that be? And we are all so excited at the thought of this happening but you secretly wonder; what if everyone is afraid that they are killers and thieves (and what do I know, maybe they are?) and what do they know, maybe I am? And what do we know, maybe YOU are.

So we trust.

I’ve come to realize I’ve yet to meet any killers on the internet.

That being said, I want to introduce you to the most amazing slipcover artists you’ve yet to meet who I’m pretty sure aren’t killers.

ls slipcovers


slipcovercollage2-1024x1024Holly Mathis Interiors


Some people make things.

Other people are artists.

The difference is in the details.


When I saw these slipcovered pieces in the homes of two bloggers who I have admired for years, I perked up. Holly Mathis is known for her impeccable taste and Becki from Curious Details has been a mentor to me in styling objects (shhh she doesn’t know that). These two women are the gold standard in design, they both know the secret of mixing old and new, imperfect and elegant. Basically, I want to be them when I grow up. And both of them have pieces covered by LS Slipcovers and have bragged about them. I was sold.


The problem with finding a fantastic slipcover-er is that unless they happen to live in your town. It is cruel to even mention them because only a lucky few get to experience what they have to offer.

Not any more.

Y’all, this is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to slipcovers.

laura & nathan

Adorable husband and wife, Laura and Nathan, founders of LS Slipcovers are gearing up to go on tour! You don’t have to live in Houston, TX to own a piece of their art (which happens to be slipcovers). They are going on a slipcover tour of the southeast:

LS Slipcovers Dixie Stampede Tour

tour datespin fit

They’ll stop by your house, pin-fit your furniture, then send everything back to their shop in Houston so it can be custom-made just for you. You’ll get your slipcover delivered to you in the mail! No missing furniture for weeks, no moving to Houston just so you can get these fantastic slips made for your furniture.

lsguidrychair.jpg-1024x1024for a client of Holly Mathis Interiors

I love looking at all the different styles, and details and ideas on their website. You won’t believe your eyes when you see some of their before and afters from the past four years. There are monograms and ties and buttons and french knots and pleats and ruffles and hand stitching and clean lines–I think they might possibly be able to do anything you can dream up with any material you can find. I saw things made with vintage sheets, drop cloths and beautiful linen.







Before and after:: at Becki’s home //Curious Details

above photos: Becki

cottage slipcovers


photos above: Tricia //Little Cottage on the Pond

The top photo used drop cloth fabric, this bottom photo Laura used vintage linens to  slip the settee.

white slipcovermy old slipcover, right before it was ruined

If there’s enough interest here in the southeast to make this tour happen, they’ll be stopping by my place to pin fit my tired toile sectional sofa. The current white slipcover has served us so well. Sadly, after we moved out to the country, this slipcover started looking so dingy (I’ll tell you why in another post, it involves science) and then, I moved the sofa to the basement and we had a flood one night when all my cushions were on the floor sitting on a black rug. Now the white slipcovers have faded black marks all over them. They are hopeless and it’s time for a new slip!


Like me, most people choose to slipcover an item because it’s well made and has proven it’s worth. This sofa is my absolute favorite piece. We had it custom-made ten years ago and it’s the most comfortable sofa I’ve ever sat, laid, wallowed and lounged in. Having an artisan like Laura from LS Slipcovers come in and create a custom piece is almost like having a wedding gown made for your furniture.


Only it’s a wedding gown you don’t have to be afraid of. You can sit on it, wash it, and enjoy it. If you have a much-loved sofa, chair, ottoman, bench, bed or whatever in your home and you desperately need a change, this is your chance to have a big change without paying to totally replace the piece.


How it works:

After you lust over LS Slipcover’s instagram feed and portfolio and look at their website, check out the fee estimates here.

* Contact the LS Slipcover team by calling 832-443-9857 or emailing at *

They’ll walk you through getting all the info you need, setting up an appointment and getting the deposit and putting that into Kickstarter.

custom slipcovers

What? Kickstarter?!

Yes! This isn’t a run-of-the-mill Kickstarter campaign, unless they are coming to your city and you want a slipcover, or unless you want to support this endeavor and get a bag or sicker then, the best way you can support is to leave a comment with your state so they know where to plan to go next if this works.

This is a brand new adventure for this Made in the USA small business and the easiest, most transparent way to track support and publicly show progress is to put this tour on Kickstarter and see if there’s enough interest to make this tour a reality. No worries if you’ve never used Kickstarter before, I just supported for the first time the other day and it was completely painless and you aren’t even charged if the campaign isn’t fully supported.

Find out more about their Kickstarter endeavor here. This tour is not a done deal, Laura and Nathan and team want to see if we southerners need them badly enough to go ahead and book them. So this is your chance! Ahhhhhh, this is so exciting! If this works out, I think there will be tours of other regions planned too.

I predict there will be a time in the very near future where there will be a huge waiting list to have slipcovers made by LS Slipcovers, it’s such fun to get to be a part of this!

tour dates

(PS, pretty sure that’s supposed to be Charleston, SC)

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yes and no

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