Save the Date :: The Nest Fest!!

Nest Fest!


One of the dreams I had when we moved out here to this property involved banjo music, food trucks, a white barn full of comfy seats and lots of amazing, talented creative vendors with handmade, vintage, and lovely things for your home and life.

And this dream is finally coming true!!! We are hosting a Nest Fest!

nest fest

Consider this your invitation to come hang out on our 13 acres #AtTheWhiteBarn in Midland, NC with fellow beauty hunters, we’ll eat yummy food and you can shop for beauty for your home and life from a selection of gloriously curated vendors!!

We’re having the Nest Fest on Saturday October 22nd, rain or shine 10ish-5ish (but the exact times aren’t quiet set in stone yet so don’t hold me to it!) Tickets will go on sale at a later date and will also be available at the door.

I’m so excited to share some of my FAVORITE makers, pickers, artists, farmers and shop owners with you!


This is just a tiny example of a few of our vendors–Created Beautifully & Angela Statzer and remember how I’ve been picking and collecting and beauty hunting like mad? It’s so I can have a huge booth full of pretties for your home at the Nest Fest!

white barn

The White Barn will be ready for you to hang out, sit and relax and enjoy the country surroundings. Vendors and food trucks will be sprinkled around the property. October is just lovely out here, here’s hoping for perfect weather!

nest fest

nest fest vendors

We are currently taking applications for vendors–we are looking for handmade and vintage goods and curators of beautiful things (home type vendors especially wanted, but all kinds are welcome!) . To find out more and apply to be a vendor click here.

Also, if you play in a musical group/tribe/band that you think would be a good fit, (banjos encouraged but not required!) send us an email with any info to:

The same goes if you own an amazing food truck that we need to know about:


Caroline, Angela and I will be answering any questions in the comment section here and in the email account through Wednesday, after that, Caroline and I are traveling together for a few weeks and won’t be able to check in quite as often, thanks for your patience!

Nest Fest!


Special shout out to our logo artist Mandi from Dry Ink Designs, she’s also working on a local map of all my favorite local shopping places so while you are in town, you can hit some other amazing shopping! Visit Mandi online and on instagram.




Well that’s it! I’ve been looking SO forward to sharing this fun news–it’s the biggest event we’ve ever tried to pull off here, and we couldn’t be more excited! I hope you can come!!

the good photos: Barrier Photography

Lessons from A Neglected Bedroom :: A Giveaway



This INTJ is the kind of girl who, in the past, might roll her eye at the #appreciateyourself movement, but the truth is, that’s exactly the attitude that got me sleeping in a room tripping over an old 1980s TV.

Artist, Author and Lady Boss, Kathy Davis has one of the best taglines around:: Create A Life You Love. It’s been her battle cry for ages.

Kathy’s gentle reminder to #appreciateyourself is something I neglected for too long. Today I’m sharing one small way I decided to take her advice.

This is my story….


If you’ve been around here very long you know that we are in our 14th home–hopefully we are here to stay awhile.

In those early years when we were moving often (like moving every year or so) I fell into a really bad habit that I still regret.

When it came to setting up our house in our new place I’d focus on all the public rooms first and then, if I found the time, money and energy, I’d work on our bedroom.

In our last home, just five years ago, a TV sat on the floor of the bedroom for months. MONTHS.

I was purging, but then lost steam and that boxy TV just sat there waiting for me to get to it.

I didn’t bother to hang drapes or art, and our bedroom consisted of all the leftover furniture in the house. It was pretty depressing.

Here’s the evolution of our bedroom in our last house, a rental.


3 photos


Now there’s no turning back for me. When we moved to this house, the bedroom was one of the first rooms that felt complete.


I’ve come to appreciate the difference in my life when I make the effort to do something for me, even if no one else can see it.

You don’t have to spend every day like Tom and Donna in order to appreciate yourself.

treat yo self

Simply creating a home where you can feel relaxed and inspired is a lovely way to appreciate yo self.

For me, having a pretty bedroom is one small way I make sure my own oxygen mask is secured before I start helping others.



Having a pretty bedroom doesn’t mean I have to knock down walls and start over, it simply means I appreciate myself enough to pay attention.

Maybe I’ll hang those drapes I’ve had folded away, light some candles and allow myself to use some pretty bedding (this set was even created by Kathy Davis herself, it’s called “Solitude” which is the perfect name).

The peace and beauty we bring to our surroundings can inspire how we begin and end each day.

I know you’ve been wondering about the giveaway, and of course it’s something that will help you take one tiny step towards appreciating yourself.

Enter to win a set of Kathy Davis bedding (like what I’m using on our bed–it’s reversible and I love it mixed with neutral patterns and textures!).



KATHY DAVIS™ & Nesting Place Bedding Giveaway




This post is graciously sponsored by Kathy Davis, the trusted voice of heartfelt connection. For 25 years she has helped us find just the right words to offer comfort, share joy and celebrate life with the ones we love.


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