Nesterize your Boo Boos!

The following is a Guest Post from Sandy from 4 Reluctant Entertainers I really don’t think of myself as the creative type when it comes to taking something that went wrong and turning it into something beautiful. You know, the way that The Nester would beautify something. So when I got into a battle with […]

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Do It Yourself Pot Rack?

Photo Country Living via Old Post Road–thank you! I LOVE this pot rack! Our ceiling is begging for a pot rack. I loved ours in our last house that we owned but we left it with the house. Wouldn’t it be great if I could make one myself? I found a Ten Dollar Pot Rack […]

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Flying Monkeys

Yesterday you asked to see the flying monkeys. I’ll admit, I had already cleaned up because my sister was/is here visiting so the horribleness was mostly gone by the time I took these photos. But, like I said, I focus on one room at a time. Yes, that’s a mattress on the floor. Our tween […]

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Living In Color

Once again, we have boring white walls in this rental. But look at those wonderful floors. I love them. Unfortunately, they give the walls a pinkish hue, what huge challenge. Secretly, one of my favorite parts of moving is when you get to try out something different in a room. Our dining room was entirely […]

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How to Hang A Chandelier

1. Catch the eye of a strapping man, preferably a tall man. 2. Say “yes” when he asks you to marry him. 3. Bear his children. 4. Do his laundry for 14 years. 5. Stock the refrigerator with bison burgers and chocolate covered strawberries just cuz. 6. Place the chandelier that you want hung in […]

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1.2.3. 4. Giveaway Peeps, I have not forgotten about you! Realistically, I won’t be able to get back with you until late tomorrow or Saturday to let you know if your product will be included. The response was HUGE! And I have no internet access at my new house yet! STOP the world! THANK YOU!

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