Price My Space Party

Welcome! It’s almost time for Price My Space. We {me and y’all} thought it would be fun for everyone to share what they spent on some things in their home. And, I wanted to make sure all the people on the west coast had a fair chance to get in early so I opened up […]

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Price My Space:: Living Room Part 2

The Price My Space Party is Monday so don’t forget to get your rooms ready. I may even have the post up Sunday evening so you west coasties can get in on the action early. This is the second half of pricing my living room. Read the first half here. Let’s get to numbers 5,6,7 […]

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Price My Space:: Living Room Part 1

The bulk of our furniture was purchased five years ago. It was 5 years ago to the month I think, when my husband and I sat down on the lone place to sit in our house besides the toilet and decided it was time to think about furnishing our home. At the time we were […]

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Sofa Poll!!

Blog Polls There’s a poll embedded in this post about sofas and how much yours was so click over and enter if you are reading via a feed reader. I’d love to hear what you spent! Tomorrow, I’ll start pricing my space. And the Price My Space party is Monday! Anyone know why my link […]

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Goodwill Hunting

Since it was a holiday weekend, my mom and I opted to do a little thrifting. You know you are frugal when you complain about how expensive the Goodwill prices are. These two little things that I know not what to call them were $3 each. This lamp base that I cannot get a decent […]

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Fabric Buying Tips

Calico Corners Fabric. If I were stranded on a desert {deserted?} island and could only have 5 tools to decorate my tree house, fabric would be one of the chosen tools. We’ve talked about where to shop for fabric and many of you are asking how to know what fabric to buy for certain projects. […]

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