A Case Study on Case Goods


The other day we talked about one of the things I learned about myself at the Painted Cottage–I tend to rely too much on my accessories to carry a room.  I went on and on about how the bones of a room can be part of the room itself–molding and paneling and flooring and stuff.  […]

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Etsy Again :: Pillow Time

I interrupt this series to bring you my current etsy favorites that all happen to be pillows.  The problem with me making this etsy link button thing is that everytime I make a new one, all the old posts with my etsy favorites change to this photo.  Hate me.  Next installment of the Saga of […]

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Good Bones vs Accessories

the cottage

This week I’m doing a little series on What I learned from the Painted Cottage.  We stayed there last weekend and I loved the warm, inviting feeling of the cottage, it was homey but not cluttered.  Although this cottage is not someones home, and I know there are some things that if someone really lived […]

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Bird Watching and Winners

design intervention

Am I the last person on earth who has fallen in love with Amy from Design Intervention? Her husband is deployed so she does these Deployment Project {like way over 100 of them} that are such fantastic projects.  And just look at her home there in the backdrop. This woman can sew. And she is […]

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The Painted Cottage


This was this photo that  started it all.  I had no choice but to adore her. The lamps, the chandy, the mod chairs and table, the artwork that I copied more than once.  I found Angela from the Painted House over two years ago. She has since moved her blog but there is still great […]

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The Two Most Important Tools Needed for Your Next Project

scrappy painting

I painted this chair yesterday. I found this chair 9 months ago for $35 at a Salvation Army.  I had big plans to make it all cute but then life got in the way and the idea of taking it apart to paint and or recover was too daunting so I let it sit in […]

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