A Few Things


First things, first :: These pillows are from Home Goods.  Y’all know it when you see something you love.  And so do I, the covers are removable so I can wash them.  And for those of you who thought I made them, bless you.  To me, Home Goods is the lamp and pillow store.  Lamps […]

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Enjoying the Process


I feel like I’ve been preoccupied for the last few weeks. I’m hosting a big party next Saturday and I’ve made that a little deadline to get some projects done. Funny that when you have a blog and you write about your home and the projects and feelings you have about said home, when you […]

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How to Make a Slipcover for a Sectional


*This post has been pinned so often since it was first published in May of 2010, I wanted to add an updated photo of the sectional–after two years of wear with three boys and a husband the white slipcovers have held up better than I expected.  I opted for a fitted yet relaxed style of […]

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We Slipped at the Nest

slipcover party

…more to come, much much more than you will ever want to hear about.

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Breakables and Boys


wall color :: Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray I have this very breakable shelf that holds a very breakable and already twice repaired urn that holds a very heavy coral.. …that I got from ebay but it was a little pink and smokey and old and dusty… …so I washed it and then whitewashed it…. …and […]

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Chalk Markers


For years, years, I’ve been meaning to buy me some chalk markers.  They write so much darker, better, stronger than regular old, boring, 1800’s chalk. I bought mine at Michael’s craft store.  This package of 4 {my boys had already snatched the other white one by the time I took this photo} was $20 I […]

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