Using Chalkboard in Your Home :: A Linky

shelf redo

Remember my chalkboard fireplace surround with the drawn on bricks? I still love it. Well, I had this little cabinet.  Just imagine a big pink rose painted where the blue paint is.  Yeah.  Then I added a pretty clothes pin. My mom added chalkboard onto the inside of the cabinet–it’s the peel and stick kind […]

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Tweaking a Room:: Just Not Feeling It

pair of plaid chairs

I love this photo, the mix of the fabrics, colors, materials–it makes my house look so cozy.  But here’s the cold, hard truth… I’ve got this wall in our family room that I’m not crazy about.  Actually, I have two walls out of 4 in this room that I’m not crazy about.  It feels obvious […]

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Decorating with Sticks


Photo: unknown~if you know where it’s from please tell me so I can give them credit I have a dream.  And it involves this branchy chandelier.  Think I can make one? I’m thinking I could just wrap some kind of bendy branches around a current chandy.  Any thoughts? Look, here’s another kind: DIY  How to […]

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10 Minutes to a Room You’ll Love:: Part 3 Bathroom

This is a repost from February 2009, the third post in a series where we are exploring all sorts of quick and easy ways to spruce up your home. The idea is to focus on a few things that you can change right now to make the room just a little more inviting. Check out […]

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Over the Cabinet Decorating :: Updated

decor pad

decor pad I updated this post to add photos of my weirdo soffits, enjoy. One of the most common posts requests I get is for information on how to decorate over the kitchen cabinets.  I’ve tried and tried to avoid the question.  Because 9 times of of 10 I don’t like decor over the kitchen […]

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Adopt an Accessory


all this cute loot is or will be available on ebay Are you ever out shopping and find all sorts of lovely items that you don’t really need but you really love and they are a great price and it makes you sad that no one wanted this darling thing because it is at a […]

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