Summerize Your Home Part II :: Keep it Calm {how I quiet the house}

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This post is part two in a three part series Sumerize Your Home :: Cool, Calm and Collected. No one loves cute tchotchkes more than me. I will fight anyone who thinks they love their accessories more. I am the Coco Chanel of Home accents. I’ve got to have them. I don’t understand women who […]

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Summerize Your Home :: Cool It Now

Our Summer Home

No one wants to walk in the front door of their home from the 100 degree heat and open the door and feel warm.  We want to be embraced with cool and I’m not necessarily talking temperature.  I used to struggle with the facts that I wanted my home to be warm and welcoming all […]

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Summerize Your Nest

Summer Home

Can you tell what season it is by how the inside of your home looks?  I’m not one to feel pressure to change everything for each new season but, I find myself naturally, almost unconsciously tweaking a bit so our home reflects what’s going on outside. There are lots of small changes you can make […]

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The Gift


For weeks I’ve been stalking a nearby business that happened to have two of the most profusely blooming hydrangeas that I’ve ever laid eyes on.  I would drive by extra slow and wonder in my head if the owner really appreciated the flowers, maybe they were a family heirloom, maybe they were a nuisance? I […]

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Your House Is On Fire…

Amber Herlocker Photography

And all of your family and pets are safe and you have 4 minutes to grab whatever you can, what do you get? Most people I know would say photos.  And I used to think they were crazy for wanting photos.  Until last month when Portrait Photographer Amber Herlocker came and did a photo shoot […]

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Dwell on the Wall


See that “dwell”?  I wrote it with my favorite chalk markers. Years ago I found two of these run-of-the-mill-find-at-any-Wal-Mart-Target-Office-Depot-Chalkboards at a yard sale.  I think they were less than $1 each.  Within a few months, I also found two huge poster sized orange frames at Garden Ridge.  Discounted of course because the glass was broken […]

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