Bird Watch(in)g at Hilton Head


This weekend, some of the writers of (in)courage gathered at a beautiful beach house (with perfectly chosen non cliche beach colors that I will have to show you) in Hilton Head Island to laugh, cry, connect and dream.  I thought it would make a great bird watching post. Early on, Stephanie, Holley and Lanie had […]

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Yard Sale Thoughts

vintage nest

I’ve been gathering stuff for my yearly yard sale with my mom and sister.  You know, the sale we promise ourselves every year that we will NEVER. HAVE. AGAIN. ? At first I dreaded all the work. But, over the past few months I had been boxing up stuff I no longer used or needed […]

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It’s Stuffy in Here

heavenly simple

A month ago my sister and mom and I decided to have a yard sale this October.  I’ve been slow with getting stuff together.  I just had a big sale last year, I probably didn’t have much to sell. But suddenly I’ve been bombarded with reading poignet blog posts about stuff and then there was […]

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Bird Watching


She’s renting but she wanted/needed a cabinet makeover.  Find out what  Erin, from Rare & Beautiful Treasures came up with.  She should win a Nobel Peace Prize  for finding a $100 solution. Have you seen baby Audrey’s nursery at Jones Design? Wait, have I already bird watched this?  I’ve lost track, if so, it’s worth […]

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Chalkboard Fireplace Surround :: A Year Later

chalkboard fireplace

This corner fireplace has been a challenge to deal with. Here’s how it looked when we moved in.  It has a yellowy fake marble surround and a tiny piece of weak, glued on scroll work. I had that carved wooden piece for years, I bought it from TJ Maxx for $13 so I nailed it […]

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The Cottage


It had to be done.  Within days of coming back from the cottage two months ago, I contacted Angela, a friend, Nesting Place board member {did you know there was a board?} and sponsor, to see when we could go  back with my parents.  I wanted them to enjoy the stillness and beauty that is […]

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