bicycle basket

I found this old weathered bicycle basket for $2 while thrifting.  I already have one on my bike but, I bought it anyway not knowing where I would use it. Currently it’s in my office holding random stuff. Don’t let not knowing exactly how you will use something keep you from purchasing a small item […]

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Bird Watching

Picture 8

I’ve  been reading blogs for years.  And just like you I go through phases. Like three years ago when I went back to the beginning and read every one of Pioneer Woman’s posts.  I did the same thing with June’s first blog, Bye Bye Buy {and if you are wondering, I happened to find one […]

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A Fresh Nursery


My friend Holly Mathis from Holly Mathis Interiors is sharing her insight today on how to think about decorating a nursery.  Listen up, because she is the QUEEN of creating beautiful baby spaces. Here’s her latest nursery creation for her son, Henry.  It’s a perfect balance of childhood whimsy and pieces that will grow with […]

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Summer into Fall


I know it’s early.  I’m not getting out the pumpkins or anything, just adjusting to reflect a little autumn. But it’s still summery.  I have to constantly tweak, it’s a sickness. Plus it means every time I dust I get to rearrange. I still haven’t figured out what to do with the big frame.  This […]

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Making Over a Renter’s Kitchen

changing backsplash

the right corner up there with the mixer is where I do half the kitchen work, in the evening it was DARK as night This is the second nicest kitchen I’ve ever had.  But it’s not mine.  It’s not mine because we rent, but it’s also not mine because it is simply not what I […]

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Halleluja Accessories


If I had to choose only one accessory to have in my home, I know exactly what it would be.  Of course, we can’t count lamps because they are functional and you can’t count photos because I’m making up the rules to this post as I go and I don’t want to count photos… ʝoin […]

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