The 1970s Called and Wants it’s Owl Back

weird creepy owl I bought

I still don’t know what I think about this owl. I know one thing, I like him a zillion times better than I did when I found him. Brace yourself, it’s creepy… It killed me to buy this owl. First of all, it was $10, a huge amount when the very sight of something makes […]

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Extra Extra Read All About Me


Today’s top story:: I Finally Got Feeds For Those Poor Neglected Blogs I Started Nest Files Window Mistreatments Content to Rent {maybe one day I’ll have posts too like all those other blogs} There are actually a few things to read at those blogs thanks in big part to my partner in blogging crime, Caroline.  […]

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You’re Invited:: 31 Days of Change

31 days of change

You knew it was coming, right?  This October will mark the third year that I’ve written a 31 day series for the month of October.  I got the idea from ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog   {if you have yet to purchase it, what are you waiting for?}.  In 2009 I wrote about […]

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Color Pop


I changed up my office just a little. Normally, it looks like this.  Blue and brownish.  I consider blue a neutral in this house.   I added pink in the spring. It takes almost nothing to change the look of a room.  I like to mix things up just for fun.  It started with this […]

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Feather Juju Hats

amazing feather juju hat

Wow. Have you seen these?  When I first saw a Juju hat I thought it was some kind of amazing, mystical, heavenly, perfected wreath that I had to make. This photo is byLouise from Table Tonic, a blog and a shop where you can buy these voluptuous wreath like beauties.  Here’s what the Table Tonic […]

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Moments of Life


We’ve been busy living this summer. I hope you have been doing the same. The best way to enjoy life is to be present.  And I always appreciate reminders to do just that. Long time bestie and sponsor of Nesting Place, DaySpring wants to encourage us to live life to the full and also help […]

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