Tree Stump Side Tables


My stump table isn’t a stump at all.  It’s a branch.  It’s the only good thing that came from our beautiful back yard tree that fell.  I knew I wanted a piece of the tree to make into a table and because of my extreme aversion to do any project that takes patience, tons of […]

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I’m Fine, How Are You?

Picture 23

I’m beyond thrilled. My sister‘s been a writer her entire life.  Growing up, I was busy sneaking my mom’s jewelry box out of her room so that I could use it as a Barbie coffee table while my sister worked on short stories.  Short stories that were not assigned at school.  Short stories that she […]

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We’ve Been Conditoned To Not Make Mistakes

Picture 10

painting our bed: risk buying a rug online: risk hanging sheets on our windows: risk buying a chair from the thrift store without knowing where it will go: risk hanging a salvaged oversized lantern: risk painting the walls in a rental: risk Having a room we love to be in: priceless Risk.  It’s an art. […]

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Gallery Walls


Kasey Buick’s Famous Gallery Stairwell that I desperately want her to come to my house and recreate so haute via domino K.I.D Collective The Lettered Cottage Lonny? Pottery Barn Join me at (in)courage for my tips on creating your own gallery wall today, without even going shopping… Is the above link not working for you?  […]

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Bird Watching Pillow Cover Winners

Picture 14

We have 12 Blessings Unlimited pillow cover winners!  {Forgive the small print, I did email each winner this morning so check your email!} And one grand prize winner of a $100 Blessings Unlimited shopping spree: Jenn Prather {emailed you this morning Jenn} gets to add $100 of meaningful beauty to her home, yay Jenn! And […]

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Final Thoughts On Thrifting


This week we’ve been discussing thrift store shopping and I admitted my recent tendency to purchase pretty items without much thought simply because they were a good price and I knew if I didn’t use it, I could sell it.  I’ve decided to stop that cycle.  The best part of the posts is always in […]

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