True love

We interrupt this vacation to bring you a special post.  About love. And furniture.  And money. And houndstooth.  Click here to continue. Welcome! If you’re new here & don’t want to miss a thing, be sure to subscribe to the Nesting Place blog updates. Thanks for visiting!

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I Heart Urns Again?

Just kiddingYes, you are right. We are on vacation. I’ll see you in a few days with a new dumbputer, more home tour, an intro to the BLACKLION, a great piece of furniture and a few photos of my handsome men. And get your mistreatments ready because we are all gonna be posting and linking […]

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If you found this post congrats! This post is for those of you coming to the swap meet. If you are here and have no idea what I’m talking about you are free to snoop around. Lot’s of you are asking questions and during the week you can leave comments here and I’ll answer them. […]

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Still Hearting Urns

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Cozy Mistreatments

A blogless reader, Christy is letting me share these photos with you. The world needs to see them. Or at least the small part of the world that reads this blog needs to see them. Yes, yes, I know! It’s a W/D cozy!!! Nothing on the back or bottom so it can just slide out […]

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Premade Drapes

If I didn’t have mistreatments just about everywhere, I’d probably buy some of these lined velvet drapes. Love them. I want to take a bath in this luxurious fabric. And they start at just $89 per panel! These are all from Half Priced Drapes. I haven’t ever ordered from them but, they also sell on […]

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No Credit Required

Chair: $14.Disenfectant: $3. Touch up Pens: $4.Getting a timeless chair that I was immediately drawn to even though I had no idea where I would put it so I got to play in my house and find the perfect spot and then change the back of my hutch and then show you: Priceless.

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What I might do…

Yesterday was great fun!! There is really no wrong answer well, maybe that girl who said to do chartreuse cafe curtains and that leg lamp from Christmas Vacation was wrong but other than her, everyone else had great ideas. I’ll give you my ideas too and since this is my blog, I’ll take up an […]

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Let’s Help a Sister Out

Well, Kimba, I did get my camera cord in the mail yesterday thankyouverymuch but, I already had this post in the works and wanted to see what y’all think about this. I got an email the other day from Sara and she wanted help with some mistreatments. She sent me these photos of her lovely, […]

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The Drive By


I’m gonna preach today. Hate me. Is your house for sale? Have you ever sold a house? Have you ever bought a house? Will your house be for sale one day? There is a house in my neighborhood that is for sale. Oh how I wish I could say, “There is an adorable house in […]

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