window mistreatment

There’s not gonna be a window mistreatment ebook. Back in December I was trudging right along with working on the ebook.  It was really hard for me to get into writing this in ebook form but, I promised I would have it ready in January and that alone was motivation to kick my working into […]

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Bird Watching

Picture 7

Visit my link page at The Nest Files for never ending inspiration from all over blog land.  You can access the Nest Files in post form or if you like seeing lots of photos so you can decide what to click on, check out the two years of archives.

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Blank Space, Dream Shelf, Ebay


Here’s the other side of our family room.  See that big wall?  That’s where the dresser used to go.  We really, really could use some bookshelf/storage space over there.  Our entire family reads in the family room, my husband is always having to pile his books in corners and my boys do there homework in […]

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How Our New TV is Paying For Itself


Remember how I hated our TV wall?  I like it much better now.  My husband got all mathy on me and showed me how if we canceled our cable we could still watch our favorite shows and in about 9 months, the new TV will pay for itself with the money we save on our […]

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A Secret Decorating Ingredient :: It’s Awful


This weekend I finally found something that I had wanted for a very long time. I wanted a sailfish. I felt dumb even admitting it here a few times.  Why in the world did I want a sailfish on my wall?  I remember a fish {was it a sailfish?} on my grandparent’s wall growing up […]

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Bird Watching

Picture 1

Ellen’s daddy made this bed for her. And by made I don’t mean he put the sheets on, he used like tools and junk. Here’s the whole room so you can drool. A group of lovely ladies got together over the weekend to hang out, shop and create.  They opted out of a blogging conference […]

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