Decorating Truths From Tony Detroit

Picture 7

He takes photos around Detroit and posts them on Most people would quickly walk past an old abandoned house or dilapidated building or a rotting chair against a moldy wall and only see a depressing mess. He finds the story and shares it with us. Art takes risk.  Risking knowing that everyone can’t appreciate […]

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Process:: Slow Decorating

slow decorating

Do you allow things in your home to change over time? Sometimes we are so obsessed with finishing something, we don’t enjoy the process and we aren’t open to things happening organically. And we would never dare share or enjoy something that is unfinished, at least not without lots of excuses and apologies and disclaimers. […]

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Pillow Talk


The other day I showed some photos of our family room and talked about all my little junk.  One of comments mentioned that my sofa looked like a big white hole without pillows and a throw. My first thought was “whaaa? I have a million pillows on my sofa, what is she talking about?” Then […]

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Sick of Your Stuff ? How to Change Everything


I asked Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff to guest post today about how she completely revamped her home in a matter of weeks.  Karen’s blog is currently one of my top five favorite blogs, her writing style, well, you’ll see.  And.. Look at her abs!  Besides having abs of wonder, she is a […]

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See You Tonight

Picture 17

Updated: We had such a great time last night, I’ll be sure to let you know when Bebe Gallini’s does this again! We’ll be hanging out for a little while at my newest addiction, Bebe Gallini’s. You can see lots more photos here.  They are located at 19725 Oak Street, Cornelius, NC exit 28 off […]

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How to Edit a Room


Yesterday I told you how I made it a point to evaluate the larger pieces in our home and how that led to a more put together look.    Once I liked the big things I could finally see what little things worked.  But in order to even SEE the big pieces in their full glory, […]

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