How to Cure Thrift Store Shopping, I Hate to Pass Up a Great Deal-itis Disease Syndrome


About a year ago I realized that I had an abundance of stuff.  An abundance of cute stuff.  An abundance of cute stuff that I liked that I found for a super great price while thrifting.  Since then I’ve had a huge indoor outdoor yardsale, sold stuff on ebay, taken castoffs to the Goodwill, written […]

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Ikea Expedit Bookcase

expedit bookcase

There’s something different lurking back there in our family room. It’s the $69 Ikea Expedit bookcase.  After writing about my love for a pair of tall Hemnes cabinets, I went back by to look at them again and I just didn’t feel like those were the right choice.  I knew if I got something tall […]

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Pillow Covers and other Discoveries


Sometimes you need an extra large photo.  Even though it’s my pet peeve when blogs use photos so big you have to scroll to see the whole thing.  Sorry to be annoying.  After 15 years of wifeing, shopping, moming, and decorating I finally figured something out. Duh, pillowcovers. I’ve told you before that I’m mildly […]

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Keeping House


It’s not one of my goals to have an impeccable, eat off the floor, ultra organized home. I’d rather have a workable, approachable, forgiving, welcoming, lived in, acceptable, good enough home that I’m comfortable in and that is presentable. My house isn’t dirty.  But, it’s rarely clean all at the same time.  I know what […]

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window mistreatment

There’s not gonna be a window mistreatment ebook. Back in December I was trudging right along with working on the ebook.  It was really hard for me to get into writing this in ebook form but, I promised I would have it ready in January and that alone was motivation to kick my working into […]

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Bird Watching

Picture 7

Visit my link page at The Nest Files for never ending inspiration from all over blog land.  You can access the Nest Files in post form or if you like seeing lots of photos so you can decide what to click on, check out the two years of archives.

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