How is the Economy Affecting You?

I’ve been wondering about you lately. Since so much has changed with the economy and the current job and housing market I want to know what’s going on with you. We have friends and relatives who have lost jobs, houses and savings. Our income has been cut in half since this time last year. But […]

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Staging Your Home for Sale:: The Exterior

Today I’m over at Remodeling Guy’s place trying to take over his blog and wreck it all up with poor grammar and me butting in all over his post. But if you want to hear what we think about staging the outside of your home for you or for potential buyers, fly on over there […]

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Bird Watching

Look what’s new at The Tiny Homestead. A painted PLYWOOD floor! I am in love with this project! Ok, more painted floor inspiration at Grass Stains. And I cannot stop thinking about a certain post from Money Saving Mom. She’s starting a series called 100 ways to save $100. They are all little things that […]

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Spring Decorating

This is is a repost from 366 days ago. The ideas are still worthwhile and I’m still too lazy {or too smart–you can look at it either way} to write something new. You probably know by now that I’m not going to be buying anything new to decorate for spring. Even though I’ve seen no […]

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An Island Makeover:: A Guest Post

An inspiring guest post from my favorite blogger who also happens to be my sister, Emily from Chatting at the Sky. She is a writer and photographer who’s always finding the holy in the midst of the mundane. An island in the kitchen is a luxury. It is a place to gather, a place for […]

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A Healthy Dose of Spring

Are you ready to be inspired by light and airy colors? Want to usher in spring with some gauzy ideas, bird themed accessories and a feeling of relaxed sophistication? Or do you just want to see some pretty stuff? I find lots of inspiration from Lola B’s Boutique. Love this sweet mirror. And these shabby […]

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Idea Book :: For Your Home

Do you keep a design idea scrapbook? I have for years. It’s not a new concept. People call them dream books or glue stuff together on idea boards–Oprah does something similar and calls hers a Vision board. But let’s not get into that. I don’t need Oprah mad at me for stealing her ideas. I’m […]

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Staging Your Home for Sale :: A Series

Staging, every home for sale can benefit from being staged. And before you think you’ll skip this series because your home isn’t for sale, think again. The one complaint heard after people stage their home for sale is, “Why didn’t I do some of this stuff years ago so I could enjoy it?” Yes, there […]

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Birds United

photo: Tracy from Petite Suites Need some kids room inspiration? Design Dazzle is just about enough to make me want to try for number four. There’s even a tutorial on painting a tree mural! See the $400 bathroom redo courtesy of Our Suburban Cottage.Find a clever way to soften a pretty shower over at Reese […]

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The Lazy Perfectionist

Today I’m being lazy. And guest posting at Lazy Moms. In true lazy fashion the post over there is a rerun but a good one. Meanwhile, I’ll be here. Cleaning this craft room. It looks even worse in color. PS If you need window mistreatment supplies you can find them here.

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