Day 17 :: Mirrors, the Pixie Dust of Design

bathroom mirrors

via Sweetie Pie Style Who says they have to match? bhg Who says you shouldn’t layer them? House Beautiful via Apartment Therapy Who says the only view is one that looks outside? Tricia Huntly via My Notting Hill Who says those big sheet mirrors are out dated? odeedoh Who says the room is to small […]

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Day 16 :: Maybe You Already Have It

teacup scoop

country living For years I’ve kept an eye out for wooden scoops.  I love my clear canisters but nothing ruins the simplicity of them like an ugly scooper.  Then I saw this photo.  I have that exact same cup sitting in a cabinet not 3 feet away from one of my patiently waiting for the […]

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Day 15:: Disobey

drum for a table

crush cul de sac ilmondodileny design sponge pinterest Someone with a dull, riskless, storebought home will laugh at your idea.  Don’t listen to them.  Try it anyway. design walls

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31 Days :: Day 14 Her Limited Medium, A Giveaway


Every month I look forward to getting a certain newsletter.  It’s a newsletter from an artist who runs a business.  I’ve known her for a few years now, and every month, she introduces a new design–or two.  And that’s what I look forward to.  What ELSE can she possibly come up with?  Hasn’t it all […]

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    Y’all, One Kings Lane is at it again. This deal is only for people who have yet to sign up with OKL but last year the internet went crazy getting this special offer.  If you sign up as a new member at OKL you will get an automatic $15 credit!  The credit lasts–I […]

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Day 13 :: Plan for the Worst/Hope for the Best


Remember when I showed you this picture of our playroom?  It still pretty much looks like this with a few stray socks and smashed crackers ground in for good measure. I like how the yellow in the disposable Solo cup brings out the yellow in the pillow. And the bold pattern rug at least helps […]

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