Spray Painted Urns

spray painted urns

I’ve shown these urns before but never really talked about them.  A few months ago I was ready to get rid of them.  I had them for ages and they were boring and I wanted an unboring porch.  Or at least a less boring porch.  I was just about ready to dump out the dirt […]

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My Stray Dog Obesssion


These lamps are from Stray Dog Designs. Oh, did you think I was obsessed with real stray dogs? You know I love my thrift store and yard sale finds but, like most of you I have a few artisans who I’m a little obsessed with. Instead of Jimmy Choo or Van Gogh I’d love to […]

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Bird Watching


Happy Birthday {yesterday} Gitz Today, read this. And then just do what she asks.  

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A Painted Coffee Table

button bird painted table

Remember what my $15 second hand table looked like before?  You can’t tell here but the top was really beat up.  And I wanted some color. My friend Angela {remember, my yard sale shopping partner in crime?} painted it for me.  Updated:: Angela has a blog now! There is hardly anything this woman cannot do.  […]

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Decorating Truths From Tony Detroit

Picture 7

He takes photos around Detroit and posts them on instagr.am. Most people would quickly walk past an old abandoned house or dilapidated building or a rotting chair against a moldy wall and only see a depressing mess. He finds the story and shares it with us. Art takes risk.  Risking knowing that everyone can’t appreciate […]

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Process:: Slow Decorating

slow decorating

Do you allow things in your home to change over time? Sometimes we are so obsessed with finishing something, we don’t enjoy the process and we aren’t open to things happening organically. And we would never dare share or enjoy something that is unfinished, at least not without lots of excuses and apologies and disclaimers. […]

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