A few things I’ve purchased while thrifting over the past few weeks…

thriftd lamp

I’m always willing to adopt a large shapely lamp. For now, I’ll just turn it so you can’t see the gash in it, but he’s also a candidate for a future DIY. $4.99.


Ever since seeing this frame at Lindsay’s I’ve been on the lookout for thin wooden frames. I found some at Target and kept them in the back of my mind but you underestimate my cheapness if you think I’ll dish out $15 for a wood frame that still seems a little perfect. Pottery Barn carries a more refined version. Again,  too much, too perfect. I guess I could have asked her, Hey Lindsay where’s the frame from? But I was too lazy to email and I like the thrill of the hunt. Plus it wasn’t life or death.

wood frame

When I saw this little frame I knew I wanted to try it,  it’s not quite as imperfectly perfectly knotty like Lindsay’s but it was just a few dollars, I’m hoping to use it in a gallery wall I’m working on in the upstairs family room/bonus room/whatever that room is currently called.

magnifying glass

The other thing I’ve been on the lookout for is a magnifying glass. Purely for decoration so it feels like a luxury.  I’ve seen them all over town in the past few months, I almost bought one from Old Time Pottery for $15 but again with the cheapness and it not really being a need.


Lucky for me, I waited and found this really interesting imperfect second-hand glass at the Salvation Army. $2.99. It reminds me of this magnifying candle sconce from Pottery Barn, now I’m considering what I can do with it besides sit it on a stack of books.


I’ve found that if I just keep on the lookout about half the time I can find what ever it is I’m looking for second-hand if I’m willing to wait. Sometimes I’m not willing. Sometimes you need the extra wine glasses by Friday no matter what the cost. And often times I never find an item that I’m looking for because I’m not willing to pay retail for some things. But when it comes to accessories, I love seeing what pops up at the thrift stores.

What’s your latest thrifted find?

Angela’s House, Your Eyes will be Gluttons

button bird design

I’ve talked about my dear, sweet, kindred spirit friend, Angela often over the years.  She’s my yard sale partner, my thrifting buddy, our craft day teacher, my coffee table painter, my HELP-my-house-is-getting-photographed-and-I-need-someone-to-be-my-slave-and-keep-me-calm-friend, my conference roommate and confidant, my fellow conference speaker at Becoming.  She’s one of my closest friends and one of the most fearless, […]

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What I’m Thrifting For :: Summer ’12

thrift store candles

I love dropping in thrift stores from time to time. After the big hoard clean out and yard sale of 2010 I’ve slowed down my thrift shopping.  Currently I stop in about twice a month to a few stores and the things I’m looking for are always changing.  Some of my most recent finds?

Stick a Fork In It

diy glass floor lamp

Forever I’ve seen these tall glass containers and wondered what I could do with one. Finally, it hit me–A FLOOR LAMP!  So I bought a tall glass container for $29 at Home Goods, a $10 light kit and found a $3 lampshade at a thrift store. Not bad for a floor lamp.  And I even […]

Craft Day :: Doily Bowls

how to make doily bowls

For about a year, my friend Reeve and I have talked about starting a craft day.  We finally followed through and invited a few friends over for a spur of the moment craft day.  After looking through pinterest, we settled on making doily bowls. First we went “doily hunting” as Reeve called it. We found […]

The 1970s Called and Wants it’s Owl Back

weird creepy owl I bought

I still don’t know what I think about this owl. I know one thing, I like him a zillion times better than I did when I found him. Brace yourself, it’s creepy… It killed me to buy this owl. First of all, it was $10, a huge amount when the very sight of something makes […]



I go through stages of being really creative and then, because of the nature of the blog, I open my big mouth via the keyboard and talk about being creative which in turn means I’m not actually creating anything since I’m so busy talking about it.  Clearly, I’m not good at multitasking.  July, my month […]

This Saturday


Don’t forget, this Saturday, over 20 cities are having an I love thrifting meet up at local thrift shops. Check out Mr. Goodwill Hunting’s blog for the list of cities. Rashon {Mr. Goodwill Hunting} and I will be hanging out at the Charlotte meetup at one of the downtown Habitat for Humanity ReStores at 1133 […]

Debt Free Decorating Part 2:: Thrifting

how to thrift

This is the second post in a series about Debt Free Decorating:: Ideas Credit Cards Wish You Didn’t Know, read the first post here. Thrifting is currently my favorite way to add beauty to my home for pennies on the dollar.  I like it because thrift stores have lots of hours as opposed to a […]

Good Things Come in Pears

glass lamps

I found a pair of lamps at my local Value Village Thrift Store. This particular Value Village has not shown me any love in months. I didn’t even want to go in but my husband was looking for T-shirts so, I figured it couldn’t hurt.  And then the angels were singing and there was a […]

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