Tables and Chairs {& a Link Up}


lonny domino One of my favorite things to do is to pair up non matching chairs and tables. southern living source? decor pad Look around your home, do you have a small pair of chairs you could try at the ends of your table?  If you have a breakfast area and a dining room, switch […]

Painting Pine Furniture

This is a repost from July 2009, but it’s one of the most common questions I get asked:: “where did you get your armoire?” I recently painted my yard sale purchased, pine armoire. This is how it looked before. I think about 25% percent of houses in my neighborhood have a piece of furniture that […]

Summer into Fall


I know it’s early.  I’m not getting out the pumpkins or anything, just adjusting to reflect a little autumn. But it’s still summery.  I have to constantly tweak, it’s a sickness. Plus it means every time I dust I get to rearrange. I still haven’t figured out what to do with the big frame.  This […]

How to Paint Furniture Like a Real Pro

how to paint furniture

** UPDATED, this painted hutch and table were photographed in May 2012 and are featured in the Spring 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself Magazine on news stands through April 9th, 2013**  Yee haw! **They were also photographed in January 2013 and will be featured in the Better Homes & Gardens […]

Pin It


slipcovered parsons chair

Ahh, this is the final planned installment chronicling my love and devotion of Angela’s Painted Cottage, a vacation rental in the mountains of North Carolina that we stayed at a few weeks ago.   I can’t promise I’ll never talk about it again though.  Read part 1 The Painted Cottage, part 2 Good Bones vs Accessories, […]

A Case Study on Case Goods


The other day we talked about one of the things I learned about myself at the Painted Cottage–I tend to rely too much on my accessories to carry a room.  I went on and on about how the bones of a room can be part of the room itself–molding and paneling and flooring and stuff.  […]

Beefed Up Canvas


Remember those inexpensive canvases that my boys painted?  I grabbed one and hot glued it to a deeply framed mirror that I got at a yard sale years ago for $5 and then painted red and then painted white. I found another stray painted canvas and dug out my $10 Hobby Lobby letter stamps and […]

Frame What You Have

recycled shadow box

I shopped the house and made this piece of wall art. Do you remember seeing that black framed wood in my house before? I bought it years ago and I remember a few weeks after I bought it I tried to return it because I wasn’t in love with it.  But something weird happened and […]

House, the Shop.


I got some comments from this post about my 75 cent little paintings that I’ve had for 15 years.  Some of you couldn’t believe that I keep stuff for that long.  And I do, if I’m emotionally attached to it.  However, there are also quite a few things that I get rid of. I had […]

Lessons on Accessories


accessories on parade Since we busted up some parades yesterday, I though we should talk about good and honorable ways to accessorize.  Let me assure you, I am accessory’s biggest fan.  I love accessories.  I dream about accessories, I am connoisseur of accessories.  Of course, these are all my big fat opinions, they are not […]

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