Using Art Around the Home

There are a few styles of art that I can put up with in my home. I want the stuff on my walls to have a happy mood and be something I truly love and adore. I’ve noticed that I seem to play it safe by using “neutral” wall art like mirrors, dishes, photos, iron […]

10 Minutes to a Room You Love: A Series

For the next 4 Mondays I’m going to attempt to do a series exploring simple things that you can do right now to make a room better in both form and function. We’ll be covering: Family Room Master bedroom Bathroom Kitchen {now it’s later and I came back here and made all those blue words […]

Southern Snow

Do you have leftover fur from your wreath? It doesn’t take much for their imaginations to come alive. In Playmobil-dom conditions have been quite frigid. What else can we do with this fur?

Ragamuffin it

Even the simplest of appetizers can be made to look irresistible. Next year, I’m stocking up on these cheese boards with the glass cover and giving them as gifts. I see them at almost every thrift store and yard sale and cringe at how many I have passed up at the small price of $2.99. […]

Use What You Have {or can get at a thrift store}

Country Living Did you see this post at the Inspired Room? I thought it was brilliant and I had red bags on the brain until I found a red and white striped one for $1.99 at a thrift store. I just stuffed it with leftover garland and popped in some pine cones, leaves and feathers. […]

How To Hang A Wreath

This big, beautiful, full and luxurious wreath on my front door was made by one of my favorite friends in real life, Betsy . When I got it home, I just knew that I couldn’t use one of those run-of-the-mill metal wreath hangers for this work of berry and foliage art. Why not? Well, the […]

A Renter’s Mantel

Our little rental is completely builder grade. That means there was no money or thought put into extra things like hardware, lighting or God forbid, a simple mantel. I appreciate the hole over the fireplace for the TV. It’s a great space saver in a house with a tiny living/family room. But this was a […]

Ragamuffin Memo Garland: You Can Make One!

This is a repost of the now infamous Ragamuffin Memo Garland that I first posted back in April on this blog and then published over at Blissfully Domestic in May. I love the word “ragamuffin” and got to use it in the name of my previous business. I missed that word and thought it so […]

It’s Better with Bullion

Want to raise your window treatments higher but don’t want your drapes to look like capris? Why not get you some long bullion fringe and mistreat the bottom? Paint color: Laura Ashley, Summer Field. This color looks so ugly and snakey on the sample and is glorious in every season on the walls! I’ve used […]

Gift Wrap

Wallpaper makes great wrapping paper. Our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells rolls for about a dollar. The thick paper always looks nice and I like to use my hot glue gun instead of tape to seal it all up. What do you do with extra wall paper? And PS, Monday was a huge success! […]

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