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Our Summer Home

No one wants to walk in the front door of their home from the 100 degree heat and open the door and feel warm.  We want to be embraced with cool and I’m not necessarily talking temperature.  I used to struggle with the facts that I wanted my home to be warm and welcoming all […]

Disguising a Light Switch

bad light switch location

Do you see that light switch that is half hidden by the white framed canvas?  It has been the bane of my existence for the last few weeks. Since I moved the sofa into the corner, I’ve played around with what to do with the huge expanse of looming wall.  Every time I had a […]

Tail of a Silhouette


anyone who is tall want to come to my house and hang that top frame better? I’ve told you more than enough about my beloved silhouettes, right?  Well, I switched out their frames and realized that I had 4 frames and only three boys.  The agony was unbearable trying to figure out what to do […]

Beefed Up Canvas


Remember those inexpensive canvases that my boys painted?  I grabbed one and hot glued it to a deeply framed mirror that I got at a yard sale years ago for $5 and then painted red and then painted white. I found another stray painted canvas and dug out my $10 Hobby Lobby letter stamps and […]

Breakables and Boys


wall color :: Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray I have this very breakable shelf that holds a very breakable and already twice repaired urn that holds a very heavy coral.. …that I got from ebay but it was a little pink and smokey and old and dusty… …so I washed it and then whitewashed it…. …and […]

Chalk Markers


For years, years, I’ve been meaning to buy me some chalk markers.  They write so much darker, better, stronger than regular old, boring, 1800′s chalk. I bought mine at Michael’s craft store.  This package of 4 {my boys had already snatched the other white one by the time I took this photo} was $20 I […]

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