Gift Wrap

Wallpaper makes great wrapping paper. Our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells rolls for about a dollar. The thick paper always looks nice and I like to use my hot glue gun instead of tape to seal it all up. What do you do with extra wall paper? And PS, Monday was a huge success! […]

Builder Beige Blah Bath

Do you have the same bathroom that we have in our house? Beige walls. Beige floor. “Brown” “wood” {please don’t turn me into that blog all about unnesesary quotation marks we all know just how crucial they are in this description} cabs, white counter top. I wanted a way to liven it up on the […]

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Have you seen this thrifty project yet? I cannot wait to try it out someplace in my house! Thanks for the link Deanna–from a month ago!

Easy Memo Board

I saw something similar to this in Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago and loved it. I had tried to make some of those French memo boards but the persnickety diamond pattern does not mix well with an impatient, lazy perfectionist. When I saw a great looking board with horizontal ribbon, I knew I […]

Where’s the Heat?

You know how I like to hide me some ugly thermostat.The frame is simply leaned up against the wall allowing plenty of room for air flow. Actually, I think it helps shield the thermostat from all the cool air that comes drafting down the stairs which was causing our system to stay off for too […]

Bring Life to a Room

See all those sticks and pheathers and junk in that urn back there? They are the creepy, scrawny love child of this project… And this project from a wedding. I decorated for the reception for my husband’s cousin. I had so much fun purchasing all the beautiful things they needed from Hobby Lobby with their […]

Gifts on a budget

This month is chalk, chopped, whatever that word is, full of birthdays and people days for us. With no budget {try negative budget} for gifts, we had to get really creative. Lucky for me, I have a bad habit of saving toys that my boys loved to play with. These animals were played with for […]


I was inspired by this mom to do this–the boys helped. Now I want to give away everything I own and copy her modern unassuming style. I have also really enjoyed reading about her family and their story.

Fabric Canvas

Here is another post for your reading and viewing pleasure where it took me three times longer to write the post and take the photos and doctor them up than it did to actually do the project. I’m hoping it was worth having a filthy house and unwashed sheets and missing Oprah. This week I’m […]

Thrifting with $2.99

BEFORE: at least they had the sense to use hot glue, that junk peeled right off DURING: 2000% betterAFTER: don’t you want to fight me for it?

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