Craft Day :: Doily Bowls

how to make doily bowls

For about a year, my friend Reeve and I have talked about starting a craft day.  We finally followed through and invited a few friends over for a spur of the moment craft day.  After looking through pinterest, we settled on making doily bowls. First we went “doily hunting” as Reeve called it. We found […]

An Arranged Marriage


If you paint two pieces of furniture the same color and then put them next to each other, it’s kind of like you are joining them in holy matrimony. The yellow mirror in the office was just a temporary pop of color until I realized where I could really use a mirror. Here are the […]

Color Pop


I changed up my office just a little. Normally, it looks like this.  Blue and brownish.  I consider blue a neutral in this house.   I added pink in the spring. It takes almost nothing to change the look of a room.  I like to mix things up just for fun.  It started with this […]

How to Edit a Room


Yesterday I told you how I made it a point to evaluate the larger pieces in our home and how that led to a more put together look.    Once I liked the big things I could finally see what little things worked.  But in order to even SEE the big pieces in their full glory, […]

Inexpensive Wall Art


I finally came up with a solution for this wall in our bedroom. Back in February when I showed off our bedroom, I really only showed one wall.  The finished wall. What you didn’t see was this wall.  And yes, I like that huge sunburst mirror too. But two competing suns in one room make […]

Your Camera:: An Unlikely Decorating Tool

power of a photo

Last week when I did this wall, I could tell there was something off.  I liked it but it still needed tweaking in some way.  It wasn’t until I was miles away in Nashville posting the photos of the plate wall that it became glaringly obvious.  That long platter was messing me up and needed […]

Random Plate Wall


Lately I’ve wanted a little change in this front tiny living room so I layered and randomized my white plates {you can see the before photo at the bottom of the post because I like to keep you on your toes}.  It’s the first room you see when you walk in the door and I […]

Go Find Your Own Art

copycat Z gallerie art

About a month ago while doing some inspiration browsing at Z Gallerie, I feel in love with some paintings.  This one called Limecicles caught my eye first.  You can’t tell on the screen but it’s pure texture.  Each line of color is separated by deep ridges that you can’t help but touch and run your […]

Burlap Canvas Makeover

burlap canvas

Canvas meets hot glue meets burlap meets hot glue meets broken frame meets hot glue meets old spoon. I like the texture and dimension that the nubby burlap and thick frame give my old canvas.  The possibilities are endless. Do you have some parts around your house that could be married together to make something […]

31 Days :: The Floor is Not To Store


Do you have things stored on the floor that have been there so long that you don’t even see them anymore?  I know I do.  Look around each room for items that have purposely or accidentally found a home on the floor that don’t belong.  That stack of magazines, school book bags that are on […]

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