5 Minute Assignment: How to Create A Vignette


BHG (thanks Kate!) When I say the word vignette (vin-yet) I feel all fancy and French like. When I try to make a vignette I feel all 12-years-old and dumb. And that’s when I head to Pinterest. decorpad Look at vignettes with a discerning eye (or two if you have them) here are my tips […]

Embellished Ottoman


Remember the cubes I found at Walmart a few months ago? I updated one as soon as I took this photo but had to hold the post until today because ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape wanted to sponsor it. I think I have a roll of Blue Painter’s tape in every room of our house so this […]

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Office Update

nester office

To the internet, my office looks like this. And mostly this. But it hasn’t looked that way in a long time. I sold the rug at the Big Sale in October and moved the mirror up to the boy’s room. The antelope head is part of the gallery wall. For the past few months my […]

Updated Arm Protectors

arm covers

I still love my white slipcovered sofa. But the one part that takes the worst beating is the arms. I’m hoping to re-slipcover the sofa soon, it’s been three years and many washes and lived on hard: it’s dingy. But this winter I tried out a little temporary fix and it worked even better than […]

Pretty Pictures vs. Liveable Rooms


jay jeffers I’m a little slow. Even though I like to think I’m really picky about what I pin on Pinterest I was surprised at some of the rooms I’ve pinned. It took me a year of Pinterest using to realize that just because I pinned a space didn’t mean I wanted to actually live […]

My Latest Thrift Find


I found this macrame plant hanger at the Goodwill for $3. In the winter I had different lanterns hanging from the hook, with a rope and pulley system and I loved it, but I wanted something different for spring. So took it down and just waited. I waited to see something–when I wasn’t looking for […]

Five Minute Assignment

Melanie Turner

Melanie Turner Gemma Comas Melanie Turner Bringing Nature Homedesign*sponge Better Homes & Gardens via Life In Grace BHG and in my own house…. Go outside and cut some free tree branches. The bigger, quirkier and more exotic, the more you’ll miss them when they are gone and wonder how you ever lived without them.  Cut […]

Easy Wall Art

5 minute wall art

Yesterday I was suddenly in need of a quick change in our family room but I didn’t want to go buy something. I had that wood frame that’s waiting for photos to be printed out–wait, who am I kidding, I haven’t even taken the photos yet. It’s gonna be a little while until I get […]

Valentine’s Day Craft Party


My sister brought some senior girls from her small group to Charlotte on Saturday and I knew they we going to stop by our house and before I knew what was happening, I had streamers and crafts and iced coffees ready for their arrival. It’s a sickness, when I know girlie folk are coming I […]

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Adding Bling to a Chandelier


Back before the Holidays I ran across a box of loose chandelier crystals. I purchased an ugly pendant light at a yard sale a few years ago, just for the crystals. I think I even took the crystals off right there at the trunk of our car and threw the fixture away in a trash […]

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