Show Your Home Some Love Today


Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the parts of your home that you need to change or the parts you despise.

Sometimes our home just needs a little attention from us.

This week I bought me and my home some flowers and we are both happier and easier to live with.



I’m joining in with my friend, Melissa from The Inspired Room, celebrating the launch of her fresh new book Love the Home You Have and I’m taking the Love Your Home Challenge by making one small change that shows my home some love.

love your home

love the home you have


Visit Melissa’s blog to see more home challenges, and check out her new book Love the Home You Have. Your home will thank you!


Paint the Inside of A Door Today (& honest words about paint colors)


march 2015 march 2014 august 2013 It’s not the door I would choose but it’s the door I have. So after we removed wallpaper from every wall in the house, and did a million other things, I finally got around to painting the inside of the front door. Because if it’s the door I have, […]

Winter Mantel :: Easy Texturizers

layered mantle

texture pillow: homegoods For the past few weeks I’ve had some fun layered textures on the mantle. Remember, as a Cozy Minimalist, I’ve decided that for us, the mantle is a place that doesn’t get a whole lot of every day action–so I like filling it up with pretty things. Here are a few things […]

Your New Favorite Color


Once I was meeting with someone for a consultation and they seemed a little bored with their current room. I admire the fact that she didn’t want to make any big changes, her one question–what color can I add into the space I already have just to make it feel more fresh? She already had […]

When You Stop Stereotyping Furniture


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When You’re A Cozy Minimalist


canvas// silhouette I am constantly fighting two extreme decorating styles. Sometimes I’ll go to Edie’s blog and see all of her beautiful patterns and layers and colors and she puts everything together so well and I tell myself that her house is the very definition of what I want my home to be and that […]

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