Lamps and Sofa Tables

I’ve told you before that our living room is small. Like really small. So small that when people come over who have seen photos online, say “Oh…you weren’t kidding this is small.” One person told me it was smaller than their apartment living room. Then we have this small scaled yet still demanding sectional. The […]

Decorating With Lamps Part 1

my sister’s house After yesterday’s post where I told you of my lamp obsession so many of you came out of hiding admitting your ever growing collection of lamps. Right now the lamp count is tied at 41 for the freaks with the most lamps. Love both of you dearly you lucky loaded lamp ladies! […]

Decorating Kids’ Rooms

kids room

Growing up, my mom let me decorate my room however I wanted. I moved the furniture often, and painted the walls a light shade of pink. One time I picked tiny flowers, pressed them and then stuck them to the molding around my doors with hairspray. Tres chic. When I was in the brand name […]

Tobacco Road Block

I’ve gotten lots of emails lately about Tobacco Road {thanks Kathy!}. You know, my favorite paint color that looks good with every other color but pink? Some of you have used it and love it and some of you can’t find it. Have you used it? If so, where did you get it? From what […]

An Island Makeover:: A Guest Post

An inspiring guest post from my favorite blogger who also happens to be my sister, Emily from Chatting at the Sky. She is a writer and photographer who’s always finding the holy in the midst of the mundane. An island in the kitchen is a luxury. It is a place to gather, a place for […]

Door on the Wall Take 2

Are you sick of seeing this room yet? I love lots of pillows on a sofa. It’s completely impractical if you are sitting on it all day but they look so wonderful! And, sadly, this sofa doesn’t get sat on all that often so I can pack the pillows in. I got a few questions […]

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