Why the World Needs the Makers to Say No Boldly

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I read an essay last week that was written in 2009. It’s called Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule written by Paul Graham and it’s my new battle cry. All creatives need to read this. All people who work with creatives need to read this. Everyone. Read this.

Basically, the author talks about the difference between Makers (creatives, but in his case he’s talking about programmers ) and Bosses (or anyone who works in hourly increments) and focuses on how meetings cost creatives more because it’s an interruption in their flow. I’d like to go further than just meetings–anything that is an outward demand for attention can cost a creative more when they are in the midst of their work…

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The 1 Thing Every Home Needs

gloriously cleared surfaces!!

Every home needs an empty surface zone. This is a surface in your home that you are deciding is no longer a home for things. This is NOT to be confused with a surface that you are demanding to be absolutely empty at all times. No way. This is a hardworking surface, preferably the most […]

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UnWord 2014

It’s time to link up with your unword for 2014! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this post.    

A Few Easy Ideas for Game Day

root beer

For that Big Game, wait, are we allowed to say it on blogs this year? {rhymes with Pooper Schmoul?} or even that small game– or in my house, the Hockey Game which alas, my boys are thrilled to even have part of a season, ANYWAY, for the game, if you are planning on hosting I […]

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Being Goal-ish

family room

It’s official Goal-Thinking-About-Season. And I’m doing it too, but of course, since I wear house colored glasses, my thoughts include our home. Here’s where I hope to head this year when it comes to our home:: Handmade items–from my hands or other people’s hands, it doesn’t matter, but I’ve noticed that the things that seem […]

A Revolution

perfection in decorating...considered a bad thing

I happened to land on a beautiful site, bossy color blog created by  Annie Elliot, a highly talented designer.  Annie just attended a panel at the Washington Design Center, you know for real designers.  Here are her observations: Did you see it? “Perfection in decorating is generally considered a bad thing…” Apparently, this is a […]

Imperfectly Beautiful: The Philosophy of a Home

Get ready to hate me. I’m a preachin‘ again. Look, here’s my sister playing the piano and my dad is singing and eating cake simultaneously. I love how they are enjoying our fancy front room. Use it all up! The past few weeks have been such fun with all the talk of moving furniture, making […]

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