Because ‘New Everything’ Isn’t the Answer

handmade home books

You know how much I enjoy Lovely Limitations, right?

Well, Ashley & Jamin from The Handmade Home challenged a group of bloggers (hi to anyone here clicking from Melissa’s place) to use the art from their three art books in a-non-frame-it-and-hang-it-on-the-wall-way. I immediately told them I was in. Partly because I adore them (did you know they were one of the first bloggers to come see our new place?) and partly because I love a good challenge.

Not only did I want to use the art in their books in a unique way, I didn’t want to purchase anything new.

hanging book pages

I dug through my little storage shed. I dug through my archives here at Nesting Place and I wondered where in the world is my fun metal light fixture?

A few years ago I found this metal light fixture. It came with weird, fake (yes FAKE) book pages which I promptly lost, and so I tore out pages of an old dictionary and used it in my old house, for a year or so.  Above you can see it hanging in front of the window at our old house with the dictionary pages.

Here are more photos of how we used it at our old house during Christmas.

book page hanging

The fixture has been packed away for the past 14 months since we moved out here to the country, but I found it! This was my chance to give it a fresh feel. I didn’t even use the light kit part–we never even turned it on at the old place, but the metal fixture itself allows whatever you clip to it to fill the room and become more of a 3D art piece.

Perfect for the art featured in the Handmade Home Book Series.

Perfect to hang in our barn, even if I had all the doors open and the wind was blowing.

bookpage light fixture

I think it’s fun to see how creative people are when they have a limitation to work with, but, I’m also bummed when I can’t figure out how to replicate something, so, here’s an easy DIY version of the fixture you can make  out of embroidery hoops.


book page hanging fixture

A book full of easy to tear out art curated from all sorts of different types of artists and printed on thick paper is a life-saver when it comes to a project like this.

Deciding from the start to use what you have no matter what is simultaneously annoying and freeing, but often results in something beautiful and inexpensive that never would have existed without limitations. Cheers to our lovely limitations today friends.

art book

Want to see how others were inspired to work within the limitation? Check out what KariAnne made with her art books.


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