Edie Day

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Today is my friend Edie’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Girl! I’ve only met Edie twice in real life–at Blissdom the past few years, and both times, she came bearing gifts.  She made that little bird up there for me using a map of where I live because she is thoughtful and artsy and crafty.  The next […]

5 Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space


We all love the idea of entertaining guests in our home.  But sometimes, especially in a small space, the follow through can be challenging.  Here are a few ideas to make small space hospitality work. Join me at (in)courage today to read 5 of my ideas, I’d love for you to share your ideas as […]

31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 21:: Enjoy the Beauty Marks


I love that painted white thing that hangs on our mantel. I’ve dropped it 87 times. It’s broken. In more than one place. I like to think of the cracks and chips as beauty marks.  Marks that prove the item is loved just like the Velveteen Rabbit. You don’t really notice it when it’s surrounded […]

31 Days To Less Messy Nest Day 20:: Quit Apologizing


So sorry if you get this post twice in your reader,  I accidentally titled it 31 Days To A Better Dressed Nest, last year’s series. She invited me in and immediately apologized profusely for what a mess her house was.  I expected to see a normal house in normal disarray like how mine looks when […]

31 Days To a Less Messy Nest Day 19:: For the Right Reasons

happy home

The reason I like my house to be less messy is two fold.  1. When the house is less messy, it is available. Last Friday morning my sister called and wanted to make a spur of the moment visit.  All I had to do was get groceries and put sheets on the guest bed.  I […]

31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 18:: Lower Your Expectations

oprah 31 days

I was watching an episode of Oprah the other day titled Are You Normal.  One of the guests cleaned her house in the nude and I could easily write a long post on why that is not appealing to me on so many levels but, one of her reasons why she cleaned nekkid was because […]

31 Days to a Less Messy Nest Day 11:: Group it


We’ve all heard it a million times.  Group like things together.  Duh. Collections are like that, they just look good all together.  I’ve had my hutch for years.  And I’ve always had my white dishes in it.  But, they’ve always had other guests as well.  I mean, I know about grouping like stuff together, I […]

Meaningful Beauty


I talk a lot about surrounding yourself with meaningful beauty.  And  that can come in many forms, drawings from your children, old diaries from your grandparents, the mounted deer head that your uncle shot.  Anything that brings about happy memories is a good example of meaningful beauty. from Nesting Place Partner, Red Letter Words Last […]

Yard Sale Update


After multiple email and facebook and twitter pleas, I caved and listed a few items on ebay. No worries, I still have an embarrassing amount of stuff to sell at the yard sale.  But, don’t we all want to see who gets the silk gold check fabric? I wrote a big long boring post about […]

It’s Stuffy in Here

heavenly simple

A month ago my sister and mom and I decided to have a yard sale this October.  I’ve been slow with getting stuff together.  I just had a big sale last year, I probably didn’t have much to sell. But suddenly I’ve been bombarded with reading poignet blog posts about stuff and then there was […]

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