3 Ways My House Looks Worse in Real Life


 jude landry  Monday I wrote a post called Three Weird Reasons My House Looks Decent Online, today is it’s companion post… 1. The floors are NEVER clean. And if they are clean, then something else is horribly filthy. My mom says ‘as the floor goes, so goes the house’ or something like that in regards […]

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Three Weird Reasons my House Looks Better Than Yours Online

breakfast area

I’m not a photographer. Frankly, my photos are pretty bad. And the stuff in my house is loved on, lived in and imperfect. Sadly, part of my job is taking photos of the stuff in my home and I need all the help I can get. I have to take a ton of photos of […]

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Quickie Update for Imperfectionists:: A Giveaway

custom pillow

Whenever I want something fresh for a space I’ll first look at what I already have. As you know, I have a ton of accessories and even though I’m experimenting with putting them away this month, I pulled a few out for this sponsored giveaway post from Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot. They […]

The Secret to Creating the Remarkable

lara casey

lara casey I have a favorite commercial. At first it just looks like a bunch of idiots. Then you realize they are actually geniuses. (geni?)

Fully Bloomed


It grew back. Remember my agony, tears and big fight with my husband? A bloom grown in the midst of imperfection is still beautiful. Maybe the most beautiful of all. Tomorrow I’ll show you my vignette. Did you make one? Pin It

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You & Your House


 For when your house is too small and you need more ideas of where to put your stuff For when your house feels all wrong For when your house is a mess For when someone makes you feel bad about spending time making your home look lovely (second half of this post) For when there’s […]

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