Stop Waiting for the Next House


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I wasted too many years waiting for the next house. The next house held all of the possibility. The current house was just temporary. I felt like I could never truly settle whether it was a house we owned that was far from perfect or a rental that felt too temporary. It took 13 different houses to teach me what home really was.


I’ve learned the hard way. And I’m telling you all about it in this beautiful book full of color photos, so that you don’t have to make the same mistake.


I wrote every word and took every photo in a house that we didn’t own. It was a rental. How fitting. A girl who simply wants to settle down and stop moving writes a book about creating a beautiful, meaningful home, in a house she doesn’t even live in anymore.

Life isn’t perfect.

Circumstances are never perfect.

Houses are for living, not perfecting.



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The Nesting Place book is coming to a bookstore or mailbox near you on April 29th! Right in time for Mother’s Day!

Don’t waste your time waiting for your next house. Compared to your last house, this IS your next house.

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Beauty Hunters Always Welcome

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nesting place office

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nesting place office

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to do

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