Picking Front Door Paint :: The Lazy Girl’s Way

green doorBHG


Here’s the outside of our house–a photo from last year.

See that green metal roof?

I really like it, but it’s a lovely limitation because it limits the colors I can use on the front door.

old door

See this front door?

It’s a gift.

Because I would never pick it out, and it’s old. Which means I have the free reign to choose a bad paint color. I can’t ruin something I already hate. Plus, it’s not like I’m burning down the door or destroying something, if I hate the color I can still use the door–I’ll simply still have a door that I dislike.

You can’t ruin something you already hate.

So I’m taking off the old tattered screen door and picking a paint color for the front door. I know I want it to feel lighthearted but not crazy.

So I went to my Front Door Pinterest Board and looked for colors that I thought could work with my roof.

And I really liked a certain green door from the photo that I used at the top of this post.

So I took a screen shot of just the door {command/shift/4} on a mac.

And then I put the door over a photo of my house in a program (you could use just about anything, I used keynote because I always do and I had it open and it’s easy to layer photos).

I shrunk the door down until it fit about right and looked at it a few days and decided to try the color.


home & door

I like that it embraces the fact that there are already about four different shades of green going on anyway–the roof, the grass the trees and, wherever our roof line changes, the color green looks like a whole different shade. So purposely adding another color green is like be being the boss of the greens.

I’m working on painting it right now. I’ll let you know how it does or doesn’t turn out!


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