Paint the Inside of A Door Today (& honest words about paint colors)

front door

march 2015

front door

march 2014


august 2013

It’s not the door I would choose but it’s the door I have.

So after we removed wallpaper from every wall in the house, and did a million other things, I finally got around to painting the inside of the front door. Because if it’s the door I have, but not the door I want, I’m at least going to take a risk and try to make it better.


front door before


I should have turned that light off, right?!


It’s still a work in progress, I’m slowly painting the wood trim in most of the house and painting over the doors in most of the house. I’ve been painting over things I don’t like for 20 years and I’m still surprised at what a difference a quart of paint can make.


If there’s something in your house that is less than ideal, or not your style and you just can’t change it, I hope you find a way to make it better. Take a baby step, risk ruining something you already hate and see what happens.


I know some of you are going to ask about the color and I’m going to not tell you the color on purpose. Because I promise, the color that you see on your screen is not the color that it looks in real life, and is not the color that it will look in your house. Over the years I’ve learned that telling my paint colors doesn’t actually help anyone–someone will email me horrified that my white looks green in their house–and they will be right. Picking a paint color is a crapshoot and anyone who tells you different is lying.

But don’t let that get you down…

You just have to pick a color, bring it into your house with your lighting and your floors and your windows and see how it looks. Just like perfume smells different on everyone, paint looks different in every house.  You can do this, and it’s worth it!

–remember what Andrea, from Better Homes & Garden’s told us when I asked her if it was hard to find homes to feature in their magazines:



Go forth and paint a door.

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