My “I’m in my 40′s and there’s stuff I need easy access to while I’m in bed” box.


I’ve wanted a pretty storage box next to my bed for ages. But I waited for one that was just the right size, with the kind of lid that was attached so if I needed to find my book light in the dark I wouldn’t knock the lid on the floor and wake everyone up.


Finally, I found this pretty mirrored/copper color box that was the perfect size –with a hinged lid. Unfortunately, it had a weird medallion that was broken. Fortunately, it was on clearance at HomeGoods for $12.99.

close call

I took a risk, bought it, and said a quick prayer that I could pry off the medallion without cracking the entire top. My trusty spoon did the trick!


Here in North Carolina we have lots of places in the mountains where you can mine for “gems”. I’ve always saved my gems and wished I could do something with them and super gluing them to the box to use as a handle seemed like a great way to use up a few. I played with placing all sorts of pieces all different ways and finally settled on this.

I love the imperfection of them and their quirky colors mixed with the sharp lines and beveled edges of the mirror. Don’t they get along great?

in the box


Here are my old lady accoutrements if you are wondering. Notice the Tums? Instead of sitting in an ugly plastic package on my side table, they are now so respectable and candy like in their own little bowl! Also hidden away in my box are my Really Tiny Book Light, Chapstick and a few hand lotions, and my fit bit charger. I usually have some hair ties and note cards and a highlighter in there too.


I’m surprised at how delighted I am with this little box. So many times I was tempted to purchase a box that didn’t meet all my requirements, and even though it’s such a tiny purchase, I wanted it to work hard for me. And now, not only is it pretty, I was able to add something meaningful to it and it’s now one of my favorite things.

It really makes me reconsider how I approach even small purchases. I think I’m too hasty in my decisions and have forgotten how great it is to wait for the right piece–no matter how small.

On my list of things to look out for in the future: a lamp or two for the boy’s room, a statement piece for above the mantle, and the perfect sized bookshelf to fit on an awkward wall in the living room. I’ve decided I’m not going to rush into purchasing the first sale item I see, but wait for the right piece to come along that will work for these spaces–something I never felt the need to do when we were renting, but now feels smarter since we don’t have plans to move anytime soon.

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