Price My Space:: Living Room Part 1

The bulk of our furniture was purchased five years ago. It was 5 years ago to the month I think, when my husband and I sat down on the lone place to sit in our house besides the toilet and decided it was time to think about furnishing our home. At the time we were […]

Tour De Rental: Christmas Version

Can we ever see enough Christmas Decorations? I think not. The delightfully personable and ever funny BooMama and the uber creative and perfectly charming Julia from Hooked on Houses are both hosting Christmas home tours and there’s not a chance that I would miss them. {edited: Rhoda is hosting one as well–you must see her […]

Builder Beige Blah Bath

Do you have the same bathroom that we have in our house? Beige walls. Beige floor. “Brown” “wood” {please don’t turn me into that blog all about unnesesary quotation marks we all know just how crucial they are in this description} cabs, white counter top. I wanted a way to liven it up on the […]

The Never Ending Tour

Does anyone even care to see the rest of my house tour? I am dragging this Tour de Rental 2008 out forever. It’s got to be the longest tour in history. And boringest. Here’s the kitchen. I love that we have our dining room/NASCAR room table in here now and get to use it every […]

What I’m Keeping

Here’s that keeping room I told you about. This is the view from the kitchen. I love this room. I think it’s supposed to be the dining room. But then what would I do with this big empty space in my kitchen? Plus, it sounds so fancy to call it a keeping room. We have […]

The Lazy Perfectionist

I mistreated my shower. We don’t have a window and I had this fabric that I used in my dining room in our old house. The lower shower rod is bolted into the wall. It was here when we moved in. If it weren’t tightly secured, I might have just moved it up so the […]

More Room

Well, some of you wanted to see the other walls and I don’t blame you. It’s a tight room so here’s the armoire. Remember, from our old living room? Now we have a TV hole over our fireplace so we get to this pretty piece in our room. I love it in here. It’s full […]

Master Bedroom

Here’s our room. Yes, I know that my skirt is poofy. No, it’s not always that poofy, I poofed it special, for you. I made the skirt and duvet cover myself with a sewing machine. I am very proud. One of my sons even barfed on it and it held up in the wash. A […]

The Room Where We Live.

Here we are. This is what you see when you first come in my house. Have I mentioned there is no foyer? You can see our fireplace. Love having a fireplace. But, do you notice something? NO MANTLE!! Isn’t that weird? Please tell me all of your great ideas for this issue! We have one […]

Tour de Rental 2008

If you are coming here from Kimba’s outdoor DIY day, welcome!   This is the house we lived in last year but I still wanted to play and join in her DIY day! Welcome to our new home! I know the yard isn’t all that much but, I have finally learned that it’s never really greener […]

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