Why You Can’t Not Open that Door


Here in North Carolina it’s starting to feel spring-like. I can open the windows in the afternoon, and I’m starting to open doors too.

Just this week I opened up the Barn Doors after a long winter.

barn mess

Who made this mess?!

After months of being used as a storage unit (my parents are storing a few things while they are in transition, but really, the mess is 100% mine) this barn is ready for a good cleaning, rearranging and general kick in the cute skinny jeaned hiney.


craft table

It’s a complete mess. And I have moments (hours) (okay DAYS) of wonder and anxiety thinking we are insane for trying to turn a tractor barn into a cute barn/giant family room that we can’t even use in the winter and is it even worth the trouble to invite people here when I am such an introvert and it’s just a general disaster everywhere? Who do we think we are and also we should be ashamed and embarrassed and why have we not dealt with all of those junk piles that were left for years all over the property.

barn porch

walk out



Have you ever hesitated to invite people in because you just needed a little more time to get it right?

Me too.

Join the club.

Let’s make cute tee shirts and meet at a coffee-house because our own houses still aren’t good enough just yet to let each other see what’s true and can you imagine what might happen if we actually trusted people with the truth of our lives?

Can you imagine if we decided to not try to produce perfection but instead embraced the everydayness and shared our imperfect lives anyway? Just as we are, where we are, with what we have. Some people might be offended. But the ones who need the honest connection will stay. And isn’t that what we want anyway?






Let’s  clean up, cozy up and be purposeful with what we’ve been given, but may we not apologize for what remains, what is still being worked on, what is changing and what work is set apart for the future.

If we waited until it was all perfect, well, you already know the rest of that.

I hope today, if you are facing an open door, or if you are feeling the need to open a door for others, that you will not wait for perfection but choose to trust that what you have to offer right now is enough. Because I promise you, it is.


the barn




barn renovation

By the way, I am opening up my imperfect barn on our imperfect property again this year, because people are more important than perfection, and although it’s a work in progress, it’s still worth using just how it is.

We’ve got two events in the near future:

Mantime (just for men)–where The Barn will be man-i-fie? manned-up?

Cozy Minimalist Live where the barn will be in its full cozy, creative and styled to inspire yet minimalist glory. I promise I’ll have it looking tidy, inspiring, adorable, and not anywhere near perfect!

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