That Extra Room You Forgot You Had



This encouraging and inspiring makeover post is sponsored by AE Outdoor, proud supporter of our gathering place at The Barn.

When we bought this property a year and a half ago, I fell in love with the potential of the barn. The main thing we were looking for as we shopped for a house/land was some type of  water, 10ish acres and at least one building on the property along with a house. Not only did we find a property with a tractor barn, it had a covered porch area all along the side. This was a HUGE bonus!


And a HUGE eyesore for the past 18 months.


As we worked on renovating the inside of the barn, the porch was a holding area for all the furniture.


We used it for live music (if only we had more wires).


And last year for the Hope*ologie event I put some plastic chairs on the porch. #lastminutescramble

My thoughts behind attacking a to do list 12 acres long: start inside and slowly work my way out. Kind of like a radar circle from the buildings we are focusing–mainly, the house and barn.

barn porch

So our barn porch sat like this all winter. I knew we had a great little spot –I’m so glad we already had a concrete floor and a roof, but I was overwhelmed with where to start to make this porch a place to comfortably hang out.

barn porch decorated

Well, it finally came together. We’ve got an outdoor room that fits right in with the rustic feel of the inside of the barn…

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Why You Can’t Not Open that Door


Here in North Carolina it’s starting to feel spring-like. I can open the windows in the afternoon, and I’m starting to open doors too. Just this week I opened up the Barn Doors after a long winter. Who made this mess?! After months of being used as a storage unit (my parents are storing a […]

Give Your Man The Gift of Time

the barn

the pavilion & the barn When we bought this little neglected twelve acre farm & sawmill last year, we were either crazy or crazy. We neither farm nor saw logs. But we believe in the importance of creating something that grows people– much like a farm, and we believe in the value of strong foundations […]

The World’s Most Adorable Kitchen

tiny kitchen

It brings me great joy to introduce our new little kitchen. Do you remember where we started eighteen months ago? Brace yourself, hide the children….

The Happiest Barn

the barn

This? This is a picture of a happy barn full of beautiful, happy people. Amen. Our family had a Hope*ologie event here this past Saturday. It was pretty much the best day ever with 40 people, a talk on each of the *ologies (fam*ologie–our dad, quiet*ologie–my sister & her husband, home*ologie–me) a craft, music with […]

The Happiest Barn

barn at night

Our barn was SO very happy this weekend! We finally hosted an event–my sister & singer songwriter Christa Wells had an all day writer’s circle gathering along with 42 lovely women. Here are a few of them. Our next event is Hope*ologie Live on November 15th, tickets are sold out. We’ll continue to add more […]

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