How to Invite People Over When You Live In Your House and it Shows



car on a jack


Three boys.

One man.

One non-running fixer-upper car on jacks. (because of course)

Gravel with grass growing through.

Poorly placed power lines.

Peeling paint.

Half scraped ceilings.

Half painted trim.

Un-refinished floors.

A pair of satellite dishes.

12 acres.

One fixer-upper.

And one woman who has decided that they should come anyway.

‘They’ being 30 of my favorite writers, creatives, mothers, sisters, and friends on the planet.

Because if not now, when?

















white flags, i give up




pink door

the barn

the girls


How do you invite people over when it’s not finished, fancy or perfect?

You simply say…

Come Anyway

I’m so grateful for this group of women who can be trusted with my imperfections. Imperfections in my home, and otherwise.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, genuine, relaxing, fun, delicious, or worth it.

See more photos of our imperfect gathering here #atthewhitebarn and at Lisa Leonard’s blog, I used a few of her photos here too–thanks Lisa!


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