The Organized Simplicity Effect

before Organized Simplicity                         after Organized Simplicity

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Yesterday I transformed my laundry room in the time it took those whites to go from the washer to the dryer thanks to Tsh’s {Simple Mom’s} new book, Organized Simplicity.

I’m a huge fan of the Simple Mom blog and I consider Tsh a friend and even a mentor {not that she knows that last part}. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Tsh in real life a few times and I’ve always noticed that she was one of the most intentional people I’ve ever met.

One of the last comments that I remember receiving at the end of the October 31 Days to a Less Messy Nest series was from a reader who basically said “I want to declutter but HOW?”.  And I knew that Tsh’s book was about to come out and that it would answer that question.  And it does.  But, it goes much deeper than decluttering, it starts with your family and your goals and your finances.  It’s kind of like the clutter free approach to intentional living.  Oh, wait, that’s the subtitle. Anyhow, every word is freeing and encouraging. She leaves space for us to apply her words to our own situation

This is not a “you need to get rid of all of your stuff” book.  But while reading, I had a desire to experiment and see how I felt about having less. So I started with our laundry room and evaluated everything.  That door is open all the time and when we open our front door you can see straight into the laundry room.  All that stuff on the shelves was fine, but half the baskets were empty and the other half held things that could easily be placed in a more user friendly spot {extension cords, glue sticks, spray paint} many things that could be tossed, and a few things I’m ready to part with {anyone need a giant bird cage}.  I can’t believe the difference that clearing out some visual clutter made.  Even clutter that I thought was kind of pretty seems worth less compared to the calm I’ve gained.   Now I’m basking in the space I’ve created and craving more of less.

Tsh is giving away four copies of her book, Organized Simplicity.  Leave a comment to enter to win.  Want to read more about the book?  You can preview the book and scroll through life size pages and see the beautiful color photos here.

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