31 Days of Lovely Limitations :: The Finale


I’ve always wanted a finale.

It’s hard to believe we’ve talked about limitations for an entire month, what a boring, negative topic, right?

When I announced what my topic was going to be one commenter kindly asked why I couldn’t  just do 31 days of home decorating tips.  A valid question. I hope you know that everything here at Nesting Place is ultimately a home decorating tip.  That’s about as deep as I get around these parts.  But we can get in a rut when it comes to thinking about our homes.  And I hope you’ve noticed over the years, days, whatever that you’ve been reading here that Nesting Place is more about how we think about our homes than just a collection of home decorating tips.  No decorating tip is going to help if  you despise your home and feel hopeless and unmotivated.

brown button

Most of us, when we think about our home–we think about the future.  Like how in a few years when we can afford that new sofa, then we’ll have people over.  Or one day when we move back to town we love, then we’ll be content.  Because now in the present, we all tend to focus on what we cannot do.  The cabinets are ugly, the carpet is…CARPET, I don’t know what color to paint so therefore I won’t paint. I give up. I hate my house.

I’d like to offer that the limitations are our jumping off point.  Embrace them.  If someone can take a dare and make a business out of packaging and selling trash, surely you can create a pretty home using the resources you’ve been given.


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