Not that you all aren’t winners, because you totally are.  But two of you get a little extra encouragement to help you with your home.


The winner of the True Value Gift Card is::

 Melissa, I just emailed you.

The winner of the books and necklace (the most entered giveaway EVER here at Nesting Place with 1900 entries)

 Michelle I just emailed you.

Didn’t win? That’s okay, you have ONE MORE CHANCE to win something, November 1st is our HUGE giveaway day with one grand prize winner who will receive over $1450 in prizes!  The giveaway should go live at midnight, good luck.

What I Have

raw art letter press:: the lord is my shepherd

I thought it would be fitting to wrap up these 31 days of Home. On Purpose with a reminder from the boy who painted on the outside of his house.  Fair warning, it’s about to get Jesusy up in these parts and this will stop you in your cute tracks: Remember that?  I contacted one […]

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31 Days…How Was It?

31 days wrap up

  It’s the last day!  I don’t know if I’m happy or sad.  What about you?  Did you write for 31 days?  Did you read for 31 days? YEEEEE HAAAAAAWWWWWW!! I’m so happy for all of you (and me!) who dared to try this.  And if you wrote 31 posts?!  Cruises for everyone, just check […]

Thoughts on Home & The Creatives Who’ve Helped Me :: Contest Closed


this contest is closed winner announced here, but the first minute of November 1st we’ll have a fresh giveaway where one person will win over $1450 in prizes. I hope I never stop learning and changing how I think, especially when it comes to our home.  I wanted to share with you six women–creatives, who […]

No Ruby Slippers Required


via Lindsey On our way home from the Allume Conference, I was browsing around the #allume hashtag on instagram and saw this picture from Lindsey.  With this caption: I thought of this photo the entire way home.  I think it’s so beautiful and homey with its Angry Bird pumpkin and still-blooming-in-the-fall-hydrangea and the nandina that’s […]

The Myth of the Next House


Today’s post is over at (in)courage, meet me there?

It’s Not What You Think

waiting for a sign

 Mr. Yen After five years of running Nesting Place and years before that helping friends, neighbors, family and strangers with their home, and listening to my own back talk in my head for 38 years I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the single most thing that holds us back from creating a beautiful, meaningful home […]



minimalliving I know, it’s not really all we need. At all.  But it’s a big part of what most of us could use. Less stuff, less debt, less choices*, less accessibility, less overwhelm, less automatic ‘yeses’ because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or we’ve forgotten to turn our default from yes to I’ll […]

What’s On Your List?


Is home just another place where there are unmet expectations, lists, work and exhaustion?  What does being home purposefully really mean? How about a little flashback 10 years?  If you love country music then you probably loved this song from 2002.  I still love it and turn it up every time it comes on the […]

I’m Having A Big Sale, Won’t You Come?

front room

I feel like I’ve been purging for the past 3 years. And I kind of have. The more stuff you get rid of, the more stuff you see that you can live without.  And I want to have a purposeful home and really use and enjoy what it is that we use up our precious […]

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