31 Days Starts Tonight! Everything You Need to Know

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Wait, I’m new here, what’s 31 Days?

31 Days is an online writing challenge where we all link up on day one and then write about a topic of our choice every day in October. But we actually start on September 30th because it’s easier on time zones.

Tips for writing 31 Days

Buttons for 31 Days

Practice Linky for 31 Days

Last year’s 31 Dayers (uncategorized)

My 31 Days Series Last year

The 2013 31 Days Categories

The linkies will go live tonight sometime between 8 and 10 pm EST. I’ll have a post go live here that will link to each category. (I”ll also have my own first 31 Day post that will go up first don’t be confused). Each category will have it’s own page and own linky to help organize things. I’m shooting for having the linky posts up earlier like closer to 8, but giving myself time in case there’s a glitch somewhere, 9 linkies at once scares me, but the linky people have assured me it should work beautifully!

Pick the ONE category that BEST fits you. The categories are BROAD, like a huge funnel. So if you are talking about grocery shopping then you are in the Food category. Homeschool topic=Family category. I will not be judging anyone or deleting anything because it’s in the ‘wrong’ category. So no worries there. Pick what seems like the best fit.

Only link up with ONE category. Multiples will be deleted, I look at the back end to delete–so I’ll be looking at the landing pages, don’t worry if someone has your same title that isn’t cause for being deleted.

You will only need to link up ONE time throughout the entire 31 Day Challenge, not every day. ONCE, so be thoughtful of what type of post you want people to land on. It could be a Welcome to Such and Such 31 Days Post, it doesn’t have to be your first day’s post, but it can be. Again, if you are confused, click on 10 or so topics from last year to see different ways people did it and what would work for you.

Do not link up with your home page–use a permalink, remember, link to the place you want newcomers looking for your 31 Days posts to land forevermore–even next July. Home page links will be deleted. Practice linking up here, find out what a permalink is here.

I will not be able to edit your button, topic or wording for you, so sorry!

Still don’t understand? Use last year’s link up as your education and see how people did it, what it is and how it works–this is the best way to learn. There were over 1200 people who each linked up one time each with their own unique topic.

I will allow the link ups to stay open for 5 days, they’ll close on Friday evening.

Nesting Place reserves the right to remove any link that is considered spammy or questionable in any way.

Hope to see you tonight! Follow the #31Days hashtag for up to the minute announcements.


PS, please do not worry about whether or not someone has written on your topic before. Because, yes, they have. And they will in the future. This is not about coming up with a perfect topic that no one has ever heard of before. This is about accepting a challenge. This is about falling back in love with writing. This is about being afraid and saying yes anyway. This is about encouraging others with something you’ve been through or taking that first step into learning something new. There are a million little topics you could write about. Or, even if we all chose the exact same topic we would all say so many different things about it because there are a million little ways to say the same thing. I hope you don’t back out because of fear.

On that note, my baby sister, Emily‘s new book is out now, it’s calledĀ  A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live. It’s my favorite thing she has ever written and she wrote it for all of us…click over and watch this one minute long trailer?

2013 #31Days Categories

31 Faith

Be sure to follow #31Days on Twitter for up to the minute info. Tomorrow morning I’ll have any last minute reminders and then we’ll link up with our first post (or index post –whatever post you want people to land on to find your 31Days topic from here on out) tomorrow night, September 30th sometime […]

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This post is the Match.com of buttons. If you make buttons or if you need buttons, find each other in the comments. On October 1st (or actually let’s do this the night of September 30th) we’ll all come here and link up our different topics. I’ve always given a place to load an image and […]

#31 Days Tips

domestic fash

This year will be the 5th October where I’ll write on one topic for 31 Days. I’d love for you to join me and a community of writers and pick a topic of your choice to write about. Come link up on October 1st actually it’s easier if we do it September 30th somewhere between […]

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31 Days Categories


To categorize or not to categorize, that is the question. Last year over 1200 of us wrote for 31 days. It was so fun and I loved reading the unique and specific topics you came up with. One of the suggestions many of you had was for categories. Instead of scrolling through one long long […]

31 Days in 2013 is ON!


This is the FIFTH year of 31 Days of Change! Crazy! And of course, you’re invited! Last year we had over 1200 people join in the fun and write about any topic of their choice for 31 Days in October. Click on some of the links and check out the topics and learn more about […]

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