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This will be my sixth year of daring myself to write for 31 days on one topic during the month of October and it’s the fourth year I’m inviting you to do it with me. Thousands of crazy people have joined in the fun. Maybe this is your year?

The 31 Day challenge has grown up and moved out and now has its very own website! Things were getting crowded here at Nesting Place and we’ll all have a lot more room to grow over at a new place.

Come check out the new website for 31 Days.

And if you’ve taken the challenge in the past and have a story to tell about it we’d love to hear it! Maybe you turned your topic into a class, ebook, book, tattoo or one man show? Link up here and tell us how it turned out!

31 Days :: Uncomplified and REOPENED for 48 Hours


Please accept my sincerest apologies for the discrepency on the closing of the 31 Day Linkies.

Tuesday I published the Welcome to 31 Days Post and said the linkys would be open until Friday evening. I assumed they would close the same time I made them live–my mistake, the were set up to close the same time I CREATED them, I realized it a few hours later and thought I changed and announced it everywhere but no. I missed a spot and a few people missed out and it was my fault so I’m reopening the linkys till 10:55am EST Tuesday, October 8th.

I’m still learning how to de-complifiy this 31 Days thing. Its a huge task and I’m still on the side of learning the hard way–learning what NOT to do by mistake. And sometimes that’s the best education.  Same in our homes. Sometimes you just have to do something because it’s time. October 1st is the beginning of 31 days whether I’m ready or not!

Help me get the word out?

ReOpened for two Days!

31 dayers


Welcome to 31 Days 2013!

Welcome 31 Days

Click on any topic in a rectangle to link up or find posts on the topic of your choice. Find out more about 31 Days here.

I beg you, PLEASE practice linking up first if you are unsure of how to do it or how your button will look, here’s where to practice, then come back here, click on your category and link up for real. Most browsers will show a small red “x” next to your link–that’s there for you to delete your own link if needed. I cannot promise I can fix your link if you mess it up and double links will be deleted.

If you’ve never participated before be sure to read all the info here. Thanks! xo

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i'm doing it!

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Home. Uncomplified. 31 Days 2013


uncomplified defined

Scroll Down to read Day One.

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Day 1:


What does that even mean?

Did she make up a word?

It means exactly what you think it means, and yes, well, actually my sister made it up for me because she knows of my love of made up words. I’m still hoping to get the word yesternow in the dictionary. Rachel Ray did it with EVOO, so maybe there’s hope?

If you are a little bit country you can hillbilly uncomplicated up with an ‘m’ to make it uncomplimicated which is even better because suddenly the word itself is the opposite of what it means. Kind of like how my husband home edjumakted our boys last year. But I digress, severely.


For the next 30 days I want to explore what it means to create a home that is blessing to my family, not to view my home as place I need to serve, protect and slave over or worry and fret about. At times I’ve made creating home to be a hard, complicated thing. I’ve totally complified home making! Instead of enjoying the process, I’ve cursed it, wishing for everything to look great now so I could finally sit back, relax and enjoy it.

I’ll share some mistakes I’ve made, I’ve got a fun guest post scheduled, some posts will be serious, some will be funny some will be published 3 minutes after I woke up because I don’t always plan ahead. Most of all, I hope this series encourages both of us. Because we all live someplace and so far, I’ve never met anyone who thinks their home is perfect.

And this is right where I live right now because we bought a house in August and it’s such a dream to get to do some renovations. But we are currently living in the midst of them. So as pretty as that tightly cropped photo up there might be, here’s my reality:

home. renovated.

future kitchen

I desperately need to live uncomplified right now. I hope you’ll join me!


home 100

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31 Wellness
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