Be Simple. Simply Be.

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As fall arrives and 31 Days of Home Uncomplified comes to an end this week. I hope if nothing else, we’ve all learned to be a little easier on ourselves. Stop with all the high and mighty expectations that exhaust us and steal the joy from the very thing we were working so hard to create. We make it so difficult.


My friend Colette from Raw Art Letterpress created a little reminder for us to not complify things. You can download these and print them and frame them if you want. We’ve got three colors for you:

simlpy be: peach

Click here for peachsimply be: grey

click here for greysimply be pink

click here for pink

Please enjoy 15% off any order with code SIMPLYNESTER expires november 16 2013 at Raw Art Letterpress

31 Days

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  1. Thanks for the printable! Love this saying, such a great reminder :)

  2. Love this message!

  3. Love the words about keeping it simple! We all need to be reminded of this, there is enough pressure these days!

  4. Great phrase, the gray makes it a bit manlier ;)

  5. I love this saying! And I really love how you taped it up on the wall, along with that feather. I collect turkey feathers when ever I see them because they are so beautiful. Thanks for the freebie today!

  6. What a sweet printable that is! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Such a good reminder. Thanks for the printable!

  8. I love this simple sentiment. Definitely a thought to live by.

  9. Love it! I’ve been on a simplifying mission for the last three years, and this fits right in. Thank you!

  10. Thanks so much for the free printable. Simple message-great message!

  11. Thanks so much!! printed it and going to use it!!

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