Weekend Links

greenboysbedroomdecorHave you SEEN these hanging beds that Becky made?!

Laundry+Room+RedesignLaundry Room Redesign

fancy-trim-molding-on-windowHow to Trick-Out Your Trim. Yes Please!


DIY Orb Chandelier Tutorial – Zgallerie Eclipse Knockoff

cat-herdingFour Lessons from a Russian Cat Herder to Help Achieve Your Dreams for Your Family

10-ways-to-be-a-happier-mom10 Ways to Be a Happier Mom


At the end of each month my sister and anyone else who wants, joins in and writes a post about the things they learned that month. It’s always quirky and fun and I always learn something from them.

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  1. Checking these links out now!

  2. Thanks Nester for the sweet shout out on my son’s room. Mwaah!

  3. I love everything you do- but have you considered painting your fabulous orb light fixture black? With your door, and Instagram wall- I think the black would pop! Just the two cents of a nosy blog reader! ;)

  4. that is a fun post
    thanks for sharing the links and inspiration

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