Bathroom Makeover Update :: The Messy Truth


Ta-Da! Ugh. Seriously. This is how I found it. Then, 45 seconds later… So, we started this bathroom makeover the last week of June. We hired a trusted friend, Sean to do the hard work, and I still have a handful of finishing touches I’m putting off. But, it’s useable, and you can get the […]

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31 Days :: A Writing Challenge, Every October, Every Day

31 days

Every day for years–I think six years now, I’ve hosted a 31 Day writing challenge in October. Thousands of you have joined in and taken the challenge to write on your blog, on one topic every day in the month of October. Consider this your formal invitation to join 31 Days this year. Writing for […]

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weekend links

Closet - 04_zpsqq1qgyyt

 a tiny closet makeover // The Hunted Interior DIY Galvanized Wreath // Finding Home Farms Easiest Asian Cold Summer Noodles // Gracelaced I’m speaking at just one place this year.  Q Women in Nashville. I’d love for you to attend this unique conference/conversation. I’ll be talking about …Home! Of course! Even though I’m only speaking […]

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Evaluate, Notice, Simplify :: A Giveaway


As I get to know myself better and allow my personality to be acknowledged by the rest of myself, I’m okay with catering to myself and taking the little trouble to change something for the bigger payoff of long-term rewards and ease. Can I get a hallelujah? Or an eye roll, and eye roll would […]

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Why it’s Worth it to Fight for Rest


It’s taken me twenty years to learn how I need to rest. And once I paid attention, I had to fight the urge to think I was resting all wrong. What looks like rest to me might look like boredom or even work to someone else. Our little family left town for an entire week […]

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Sofa-Style Daybeds

sofa-style daybed

Shouldn’t all sofas just automatically be a mattress on the bottom? What a wonderful world that would be. Over the past few month we’ve used my office as a guest room so often that I’m considering re-naming it. I haven’t worked in there for ages and it’s so much better suited as a guest cottage. […]

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