One Way to Preserve A Legacy


We’ve moved 14 times, which means I’ve faithfully moved cardboard boxes full of old photos and VHS tapes around 14 times. My parents have moved even more boxes of photos, slides, and weird reels of film all over the country for the past 40 years. It’s just something you do to preserve your family’s memories. […]

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An Introvert’s Guide to Having People Over


Twice in the past month I’ve hosted a housefull of friends for a long weekend. Chad and the boys packed up their bags, I put clean sheets on beds in rooms decorated with car posters and aquariums, and I opened up our home in spite of the fact that it’s unfinished and undone. I’ve learned […]

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Curious Faith

Screenshot 2015-12-01 18.42.51

PS, this is my favorite wall in Logan’s house! Ok, now to Logan… “Does this work?” “Can this go?” “How does this make me feel?” So often in decorating and home design, the question is really, “How do I make this feel like me?” Learning to decorate with curiosity is more about uncovering a potential […]

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Our Tiny House (in process forever)


A little update in photos on where my office/the guest room/tiny house is right now. before We’ve been slowly working on this space for two years, and it’s finally getting to the place where it feels right. We have a twin and a queen bed, extra kitchen counters (Ikea for the win!) lots of texture […]

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Weekend Links


  What’s Your Decorating Block // Emily A. Clark   How I Almost Let a Horrible Light Fixture Ruin My Life // Marian Vischer   Classic Eats: Spaghetti & Homemade Tomato Sauce // The Everygirl Fellow home blogger Traci announced that her son Jonathan auditioned for The Voice.  It airs Monday night!   Will you […]

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Weekend Links


Eclectic Home Tour – Jenna Sue Designs // Eclectically Vintage It Doesn’t Have to be Beautiful to be Perfect // Flower Patch Farmgirl   How to Make The Perfect Meat & Cheese Tray // A Blissful Nest   Printable 2016 Oscar Ballot // Almost Makes Perfect   The Inevitability of Looking Stupid // The Lazy […]

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