Weekend Links :: Because it’s June


I can’t stop thinking about these hanging rope rods spotted on the Real Simple Instagram feed How to Curate Your Time For a Better and Simple Work Life // No Sidebar 50 Ways to Say No // Claire Díaz-Ortiz What Everybody Ought to Know About Vacation // Emily P Freeman @incourage   Father’s Day is […]

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Why Your Sofa is Like a Pair of Jeans & A $1000 Giveaway


The sofa is like the jeans of a room. It sets the style. Are you into flairs, skinnies or straight leg? Colored? Bleached? Super dark? There’s no right or wrong–but it does set the tone of the rest of the outfit. Or room. And of course the most important part about jeans is that they […]

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Why I’m Purposely Selfish on Instagram


Instagram is easily my favorite social media. I enjoy it as a creator and as a consumer. Micro blogging, beautiful photos, and a quick connection are all things I value right now. I’m well aware that instagram is simply one tiny curated, filtered glimpse. That’s one of the things I like about it…

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Weekend Links


DIY Sculptural Vase // Hunted Interior How to Build an Affordable Shed in 18 Easy…Months // The Very Worst Missionary I’m making this Strawberry Shortcake with Basil Whipped Cream and Coconut Cornbread tonight. Lisa-Jo painted her very first piece of furniture if you’ve been putting off painting something go see her before & after, it […]

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My Favorite No-Brainer Rug #HushTheHouse

jute rug

Last week we started talking about Summer-izing our homes.  I want my home to feel like it reflects the season–not because it has signs all over that have words that say “springtime” or anything, but just based on how it feels to me when I’m inside. This rug is one way I summer-ized our home […]

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Weekend Links


A Beach Cottage // it’s just pretty to look at y’all   Because Some of You Really Want a New Job // Jen Hatmaker The Cycle of Letting Go // The Minimalists   A video posted by Hollywood Housewife (@hollywoodhwife) on Jun 7, 2015 at 11:25am PDT Just hit play up there on the photo, […]

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