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(in)RL 2014: The (in)RL webcast kicks off on Friday, April 25 and (in)RL meetups follow on Saturday, April 26. This conference is for you! It meets locally, in different countries, in different towns, check out the one nearest you and make some true connections. Becky’s {CleanMama.net} book The Organically Clean Home is available now! Yippie! […]

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Meaningful Beauty for Imperfectionists :: Thank You for Preordering

simple gifts

I am so thrilled at the army of imperfectionists who are ordering this book before it even comes out. Look what you have done… For the past 24 hours The Nesting Place has been the Number 1 best seller in Interior Design and it hasn’t even released yet. This has absolutely nothing to do with […]

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You Are Invited!

the nesting place book

Calling all Imperfectionists. All recovering perfectionists. All of us who’ve always secretly hoped that perfect wasn’t the goal. We’re gonna gather up in one of the prettiest places you’ve ever been in: Bebe Gallini’s one of my very favorite shops. Get ready to get inspired. We’ll hear music by the talented Reeve Coobs, we’ll chat […]

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Stop Waiting for the Next House


I wasted too many years waiting for the next house. The next house held all of the possibility. The current house was just temporary. I felt like I could never truly settle whether it was a house we owned that was far from perfect or a rental that felt too temporary. It took 13 different […]

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Creating with the Stars 2014 hosted by East Coast Creative this contest ALWAYS amazes! Round 1 Round 2 Round 3   These Dove videos get me every time. Beauty is a state of mind.  Baby boy nursery  // Young House Love Lisa Leonard’s Mother’s Day 2014 Collection Dare you to watch this and not smile.

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Beauty Hunters Always Welcome

beauty hunters

Funny. When we made an offer on this house back in July I worried that within a few months we’d have this little house all fixed up and I wouldn’t ever have anything to write about ever again. {I’ll pause here for you to stop laughing}. I wondered if I’d start to have a new […]

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Meet Me at the Online Barn


Last March I talked about how we had a dream. A dream that involved our whole family, Mom and Dad and my sister and her husband– Emily and John. It started with having some property and a gathering place for you and us and we thought we’d slowly move towards it in the coming years. […]

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Deal Alert!

metal table

I happened to be at Target for my once every 4-6 week visit (we live so far away!) and I found this great metal stool/table on clearance for $23.99! I bought it for the porch but so far it’s been in my office and now in the family room. I think I could have used […]

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Everything I Never Expected About Being A Mother


Ten years ago my sister stood outside our average dream home and snapped these pictures. My boys were little once too, even though I can’t prove on cute instagram photos much to my dismay. I’m one of those girls who always wanted to be a mom. I always knew I would be. However I always […]

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Let’s Make Pizza on Friday!

pizza crust easy

About six years ago our family went to a friend’s house for dinner on a Friday night. Marcy made homemade pizza and I wasn’t that excited about it because I had never tasted homemade pizza that was actually good. Until that night. Starting the next week I made great pizza on Friday. And I have […]

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