vignette within a color

white table

Sometimes when I crave a change I shop the house for everything I can find of one color. For the display in the back of the barn we grabbed everything white we could reach in a four minute period and then worked it all into a vignette. We didn’t question if it was an empty […]

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Vignette by Stealing Your Own Stuff


From the archives in our rental house: A vignette of our extra room that we used when guests spent the night. We didn’t have a bed frame but we did have a mattress. Instead of apologizing, I moved in a thrifted chair and threw on a pillow, grabbed a plant and threw some towels in […]

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When You Have to


This month’s hope*ologie print (created by Annie Barnett for hope*ologie memebers) is too beautiful not to share here. Happy Sunday!

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Angel Wings Vignette

angel wings

From the Nesting Place instagram a little shot of our 10 year old denim slipcovered sofa with the stump table on casters we made from a fallen tree, pouf and the signature piece in this photo is the Angel Wings. The angel wings are available at Joss & Main, I found mine there a few […]

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Vignette with A Signature Piece

arrow vignette

A few years ago I learned the art of incorporating one large item into a space. This metal arrow that I found at metrolina a few years ago finishes off any vignette or wall. It acts as a signature piece, an “arrow” (another type) and adds some quirk into the space. Signature pieces can come […]

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Hang it on the Wall

vignette me lindsay letters

I love these tea towels and I figured I could show mine off better if I hung it up with these square, brass upholstery tacks.

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Vignette In Front of the Thermostat

in front of the thermostat

When you are so sick of staring at that nekkid wall. And there’s a thermostat. And you don’t want to spend a dime. And you have eight minutes. And you decide to look at your entire house as a shop, including what’s in the garage, closet and drawers, and the porch… You nail up an […]

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Add Color With Books


via the Nesting Place instagram, forgive the blur? When I need some color in a room and don’t want to go buy a new brightly colored sofa, paint the walls or even by a pillow…I’ll go to the one place where I have every color imaginable to choose from–our bookshelves. canvas: Naptime Diaries, save 10% […]

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Vignette at The Fireplace

family room

Our family room is long and thin. And these two chairs always felt like they were floating. Until I moved the coffee table in front of them. Suddenly they are a little bit more grounded and they feel like a place to be instead of just the chairs you have to sit in if you […]

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Vignette: On Purpose, With Purpose

a home on purpose with purpose

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