Weekend Links Picked Just For You


10 Minute Decorating: “Antique” Bread Board // Miss Mustard Seed Giant Festooning DIY // O Happy Day Be That Person // Fieldstone Hill Design  10 Kitchen Mistakes That Will Put You in Detention // The Sugar Box Handmade Hideaway Reader Love // The Handmade Home // they even have a fun hashtag: #handmadehideaway 17 Things […]

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Job-I-Didn’t-Realize-Itus :: It Affects Thousands Every Year–Maybe Even You

pretty work

ombre wall Our lives are like an ombre’ wall. You are going along smoothly and there is just a tiny bit of a change but it’s practically unnoticeable yet it keeps changing just that much again along the way and before you know it, it’s a completely different color. Or a completely different life. And […]

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Summer Tour of Homes


It’s time for the annual Summer Tour of Homes, I love that Gina hosts this every year–if you are new here, welcome to our lived-in, loved-on and just about used up fixer-upper!

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This Weekend Because They are Howling for Help


  Today, while on your computer in your fixer upper, your rental, your RV, your in law’s basement, your 2 bedroom, 4 bedroom, 6 bedroom home, your condo, your townhouse, your historical, your McMansion, your mobile home, your dream home, your farmhouse, Victorian, or mid mod, while you are in your newly purchased or hoping-to-sell […]

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How to Decorate An Event With Flowers Without Spending A Million Dollars on Something That Dies in Four Days

decorating an event with flowers

The only new things I purchased for the most recent Barn Event were flowers and plants. These are all pretend flowers, I’m under no illusions that I’m fooling anyone. But, I do have some secret weapons when it comes to adding flowers to a gathering or event…

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The Biggest Decorating Mistake We Make

girl time

Whether you are decorating a bedroom, a ballroom, or a barn–for a wedding, a birthday girl, or simply to live in and enjoy, there’s one mistake that we continue to make over and over again…

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