That Time I Tore Out Our Walls With my Bare Hands in a Fit of Rage While Wearing a Bonnet

laundry room

For eight months we’ve had no walls in the back porch. Well, you can see ‘walls’ with gaps in them in the photo because the back porch is a laundry room with a bathroom, so those are cedar wood planks in our little bathroom on the porch. The previous walls were made of 12 inch […]

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Our Wood, White and Gray Bedroom


It’s been nine months since we bought this house and why do I always forget to care about our bedroom when we move to a new place? A few weeks ago we finally put a little paint on just one wall and it has made the biggest difference. I’m always surprised at how much paint […]

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Big Fringe & Lots of Friends

me & em

sisters. me & em Over the weekend we had a little party for locals friends and family. We all ‘sat on the cover’ and I signed their books and they all signed my original copy. I had no idea how to sign my own name in a book so a few weeks ago I practiced […]

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Weekend Links

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.23.12 PM

When You’re Exhausted & Need to Exhale   // via A Holy Experience – A guest post by Liz Curtis Higgs (it’s kind of like a study on how Shakers decorate) Adding Paneling to Hollow Core Doors @ Little Green Notebook. Wow. Just WoW! Winner of the custom canvas from Red Letter Words & the two signed […]

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Honor Your Story

red letter

I can pinpoint the very moment when I realized our 13 house journey wasn’t just a sad time I tried not to think about. I realized there actually WAS a story, with adventure and fun times and totally depressed times and all sorts of emotions and with an actual plot and purpose that changed our […]

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Because Sharing the Imperfect is Worth the Risk


Almost seven years ago I started this blog. And two months into it my sister told me I should talk about my window treatments. My first reaction was that I can’t share my little embarrassing secret. I was sure I’d be met with comments telling me I’m not supposed to do it that way. I […]

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Weekend Links

gracelaced pink peonies

Pink Peonies – New from GraceLaced!  What Happens in Our Fields of Gold // Chatting at the Sky When Words Fail // Caroline TeSelle This is a great time to sign up for Hope*ologie!  Emily and Dad and I created a place for Hope*ers like us to be encouraged in our home, family and soul. […]

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Top of the Dresser Files


Special thanks to BLACK+DECKER  for sponsoring this post and helping make this imperfect space on the internet possible. If you want to know what our family used on any given day, just look at the top of this dresser. If we ever decided to murder someone it would be easy to solve for any detective because […]

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Wooden Arrows


I thought I’d do a fun project oh, about 3 months ago. I had a few bread boards and a pizza peel. One had a little leather strap on it so I drilled a hole in the other two and threaded some leather through the hole. Super easy right? I am my own worst enemy. […]

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Nine Months at the Farm


Nine months ago we bought our little white house on 12 acres. It was a full year earlier than we expected and we’ve spent the last few months catching our breath after doing phase one of a kitchen renovation, foundation work, figuring out country internet and what it means to take care of this place. […]

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