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Bird Watching :: Sponsor Edition

Is your home for sale?  Will your home be for sale one day?  Well, this is your chance to get some free advice.  If you have a question, leave a comment over on this post at Setting the Stage and then stay tuned for some answers.  And, if you need some personal online staging help, you can get that too.

Have you ever SEEN a cuter button?  Lucky Girl Design Studio doesn’t just make cute buttons for herself she can make them for you too.  And etsy banners, and business cards, and blog design…

Back 40 Life is your one stop shop for vinyl lettering.  From monograms to quotes and signs, it’s fun and low commitment way to customize your home.

The Shabby Chic Cottage has different items every time I visit.  Hello Bumble Bee Tea Towel.

You know you want it.  Orders placed by at the Vintage Pearl by April 20th will be shipped in time for Mother’s Day.

Hooked on Houses is THE hub for house lovers from all walks of life.  From celebrity tours to bad MLS photos to unique finds, you will get …well…hooked.

I basically want to have one of everything from Red Letter Words.  Yes, please.

I’ve fallen hard for Mandie and Colby.  They are the cute couple who rescue furniture over at Altar’d.  If you live in Texas then, you are lucky.  For the rest of us, they can ship small stuff.

Need I say more?  They ♥ Mom at Bonbon Charms.

Does anyone out there NOT know Gussy?  Charming ruffles and a great informative hangout for crafters of all walks of life.

Remember Karol with the magic colored pencils?  I gave her that photo up there of our last home that we owned and she rendered it into this.  It’s one of our most cherished things.  Wouldn’t you love to have one of your childhood home?

Check out the pages of choices at the Designs by Tahra etsy shop. And, she’s even having a giveaway at her blog right now.

I’ve been working with DaySpring for a year now and I truly love this company.  Currently, DaySpring is the only non cottage industry company I’m associated with and there are many reasons for that.  They have beautiful, meaningful home decor and they believe and invest in online communities. DaySpring supports the women behind (in)courage. I’ve gotten to know some of the people who work there, had them in my home, hung out with them over lunch, giggled on the phone and I love them, they are my friends.   I’ve even asked them if I could build a house next to their warehouse because that sounds like fun to me.  Now, if only I could start a Nesterized line of wares with DaySpring…

PS: The promo code 15GIFTS still works–it’s good through Sunday for 15% off your entire order from DaySpring.

Blissdom ’10 and a Survey


emily, emily, lindsay, melissa, rhoda, nester, sandy, kimba, jen, laryssa, gina

Blissdom was phenomenal, yet again.  It was beyond wonderful to get to know other bloggers a little better.  I especially loved the time we house bloggers got to spend together even though it was not near as long as I would have liked.  It’s hard to really connect in a crowded super loud restaurant or in a trendy club where the main attraction is Harry Connick Jr.–as it should be. I’m more of a let’s-sit-at-a-table-in-a-coffee-shop-and-talk-kind-of-girl. Next year, I hope to be even more intentional about meeting the girls I was looking forward to meeting {Layla}.  With over 500 women hanging out, you can easily feel like you hardly connected with anyone.


Kimm @ Reinvented, Kate @ Centsational Girl

I also had the privilege to speak on a panel about niche blogging.  If you are looking for the questions I read during the session they are at Chatting at the Sky, my sister’s blog. {I’m not posting them here because this is a niche blog and I’m already risking making people mad by posting too many photos of myself and not talking about paint and fabric today}  She and I spoke this summer at She Speaks and she came up with these 7 questions to help people be able to refine the focus/purpose of their blog. I thought it was a great tool to use as a niche blogger.  I also declared that niche bloggers are the luckiest bloggers since we get to write about our passions.  I hope I don’t get beat up by the writer-type bloggers.

DSC_0239Thrifty Decor Chic, Becky @ Infarrently Creative

DSC_0210Lindsay @ Pleated Poppy


AnNicole @Our Suburban Cottage, Julia @ Hooked on Houses, Sara @TDC, Nester

DSC_0225Melissa @ A Familiar Path, Emily @ Chatting at the Sky

I wanted to add in 49 million more photos but my computer is so slow today and I didn’t take 49 million photos…but my sister did.

DSC_0212I got to hug GUSSY!


embarrassing that I got a photo of Edie’s Mocha Cupcakes but NOT one of Edie

I also came home wondering about you.  I have always assumed that most of you reading this have your own blog.  But now I’m wondering if most of you don’t have blogs.  So, I thought I’d take a survey.

Advertise / PR

Have something great that you want to share? Partner with Nesting Place to get the word out!

Why Advertise Here?

Daily exposure to a large, loyal and ever growing audience. Nesting Place was started in October of 2007 and gets over 500,000 page views monthly by women who are passionate about making their home beautiful. These women are actively seeking change in their homes and aren’t afraid to try new things.

I feel such huge connection with Nesting Place readers and encourage them to avoid debt and purchase items for their home that they truly love and find useful and beautiful. The trust that I have built with the readers is more important than any advertisement. I  only partner with advertisers that I think have great stuff at a great price.  Stuff I would spend my hard earned money on.

That being said, I am incredibly passionate about fabric, home decor at a fair price, handmade goods, high heeled shoes, all things beautiful, personalized items, and anything coffee or chocolate. If you have a product that you think we will appreciate, contact my mentor in organization and friend, Caroline who is responsible for handling the advertising section at Nesting Place.  You can reach her here::

NestingPlaceHome (at)

What’s Available:

Premier Advertising for Cottage Industries

* 145 x 145

*300 x 145

*300 x 250

30 or 90 day ad run for a non flashing, non animated, beautiful ad space just for your shop

you are renting the space and you don’t have to share, so your ad will show up every single time someone clicks and scrolls–the space is yours.

email Caroline for current rates :: NestingPlaceHome (at)

all invoices billed via paypal

Prices are subject to change based on how poor or rich I get and how many people are hanging out at the Nest or how many people we have on a waiting list.

Here’s what  Dee from Red Letter Words, has to say about advertising at the Nest:

I first stumbled upon the Nester in the Spring of 2009 when I was just beginning to consider where to advertise. I was immediately entertained with the Nester’s hilarious writing and her decorating style. But when I first contacted her, all the advertising spots were full!! That spoke volumes to me – this is a Great place to advertise!! So as soon as the blog advertising spot became available I signed up! Hits from the Nester have been huge and consistent!! I have received lots of orders from the Nester’s readers as well as wonderful emails from them saying they love my prints and are bookmarking for future purchases! It is wonderful working with the Nester! Even though I didn’t know her real name for awhile:) But then again, who cares? She is the Nester, and she is the greatest!

Oh my she is too kind.  Dee has advertised with Nesting Place for over two years!  And not to brag or anything, but it’s because of her ad at Nesting Place that Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Crow all have an original Red Letter Words work of art.  See…

Here’s what Gussy had to say about advertising at the Nest:

“I recently started advertising on The Nester’s blog, which was a big accomplishment for me. For months I’ve been waiting and waiting for the right opportunity (financially and professionally). I look at my blog sponsorship with The Nester as “a dream come true.” Becoming a sponsor was a professional goal for my line of Gussy products. I have my blog linked to Google Analytics, as well as SiteMeter, and the facts are in my face: My investment as a sponsor with The Nester has been incredible. While I can’t prove increased sales (aside from customers telling me themselves that they came from The Nester), I can prove increased (and consistently increased) blog and shop traffic. I would say traffic to both sites have increased 30%. That is huge. I’m a happy Gussy!!!”

A helpful note about ad buttons:

If you are advertising online, and have a 145 x 145 square in which to tell your world about your shop, your little real estate needs to be fantastic. And it can be fantastic. Don’t settle for a so so button after you have worked so hard on your website and your beautiful products. Your personal goal should be to make sure that your button is the most beautiful, eye catching button on any site you advertise on. Don’t underestimate the power of your amazing button.  The prettier the button, the more clicks.  If your button is not nice and inviting, it will not generate as many clicks.  And to spare us both the embarrassment, I might not even return your email if your button isn’t something I would want to click on myself. Oh I cringe. Create a pretty button.  Update your pretty button.  Ask five friends who will tell you the truth if you have a pretty button.  Pay a professional to make the most beautiful, smart, eye catching button online, it will be some of the best money you will ever spend on your online business.

Gone are the days where we internet readers are tricked into clicking on flashing, animated bright NASCAR looking buttons.    This is your chance to make us want more.  I, personally, like buttons with some white space.  Buttons that invite me in and make me curious as to what that shop has to offer.   Buttons that look hand made or make me think or lure me in. Think about your fonts, colors, and don’t feel like you have to show everything in your shop.  Really, you want to set the tone and create interest.  Here are some of my favorite buttons.



Why below the fold is just as good if not better than above?  People who want to be here scroll down!  After they read the content, they look over and see your pretty button!

Giveaways at Nesting Place::

Everyone loves a great giveaway!  Especially when it is something they want.  Giveaways at Nesting Place are the most highly requested form of advertising.   If I accepted every inquiry for a giveaway, Nesting Place would be a giveaway blog, and then no one would come here for imperfect decorating advice.

If you think that the nesting place community and I will be shocked and awed and wowed by the generosity of your amazing giveaway, then feel free to contact us.  Like if you want to give away a room of furniture or something.  Otherwise, I’ll be happy to tweet about a giveaway that you hold at your site during your sponsorship at Nesting Place.

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