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How I’m Gonna Run Four Blogs

A few weeks ago this site got a makeover and at the same time I added Window Mistreatments, Content to Rent and The Nest files.  Wanna know how I plan to run them all?

I’m going to run four blogs all wrong.

I gave myself permission to do it all wrong as soon as I decided to start a few more blogs.  Sometimes, that’s the only way I can do something~if I’m ok with not doing it 100% perfect.

Normally, when people start any kind of business or new website they make big plans for a big launch complete with a big parade, bands and a wardrobe malfunction.  Maybe they call Kate Middleton WhateverHerLastNameIsNow to see if she can smash a bottle of champagne across their new logo.

I’m starting three new blogs and then hoping to slow down my schedule just a little for summer. What?  That is the wrong way to start a blog. It sure it.  But it’s the right way to have sanity during the summer.  My goal once again is to Do Less and Be More and I cannot even tell you how agonizing it’s been with the timing of these new sites.


How can I run four great blogs with great content and be home with my boys every day this summer?


I kind of can’t.

Remember why I started Window MisTreatments and Content to Rent? Both came from the idea of an ebook.  But I didn’t like the finality of finishing an ebook and then not being able to include other great ideas and links to you all who come up with creative new ways to do things on a daily basis.  So back in February I decided I should start three more websites.  Nest Files is the third but it’s just an extension of what I was already doing at my tumblr blog.  I figured I’d have those sites up and running at the end of March and truck away at them for a few months while my boys were in school.  Naturally, the design for those blogs was done the last week of school.  And we only have 18 summers~they aren’t something I’m willing to compromise in order to start other sites the right way.

The site you are reading right now, Nesting Place will always be the main focus and my baby.  Here you will get the same kind of posts you have for years, hope, encouragement and lighthearted decorating and housey thinking.  I always post less during the summer at Nesting Place, and this year is no exception.  I’m not willing to let those other blogs get in the way of what I want to do here. If something is ignored it’s not gonna be my kids or husband or Nesting Place.   It will be those other sites.  Poor things.

Window MisTreatments and Content to Rent are designed to be more resource type curation sites.  Both will have pillar posts, for example window mistreatment will have post like How to Buy Fabric, What’s a Window Mistreatment, Common Mistreatment Weapons Tools.  And Content to Rent will feature posts like How to Find a Rental Home, 10 Fast Ways to Cozy up Your Rental but, both sites will also heavily feature projects from you.  I’m not planning on writing every day for C2R and Wm.  I hope to write there once a week~once school starts.  And go ahead and expect sporadic, inconsistent random posting this summer. Again with the all wrong blogging.  I’m ok with that.

Also, I have a new secret weapon to help keep me sane…

Her name is Caroline and she’s my mentor in organization.  And she’s really pretty.  And she’s one of my dearest friends. Many of you already know her because she’s active online and has a reputation for being incredibly encouraging. I mentioned Caroline to Gussy while she and I were talking on the phone yesterday and Gussy was all, “Caroline {insert last name}? Oh, she sent me the nicest note in the real mail!”.  See what I mean?!

I’ve known for a while that I need help at Nesting Place but the thought of trusting someone scared me.  I never guessed that the someone who would rescue me would be someone I already knew so well.  Caroline told the whole story of how this came about at her blog. She has already taken over billing and communication for the private ads here at Nesting Place.  She also formats the posts at Window Mistreatments and I’m planning on her being the editor for the guest posts at Content to Rent.  And then I would like to move to the mountains and have her run my life because she is that intentional and amazing.   If you are going to Relevant this year you can meet her, we’ll be rooming together~we’ll be the ones hyper ventilating after the plane ride.  I just called it a plane ride. Makes it sound like the Wright Brothers will be our pilots.


And for the record, besides Caroline, I have a few other people who help behind the scenes: Darcy the amazing, long-suffering graphic designer who makes Nesting Place pretty {I still think she might be a mind reader}, Daisy Olsen, WordPress developer and Genesis theme framework specialist…I call her the coding genus who makes Nesting Place work,  she also updates stuff and does backup so I don’t have to think. And then of course my husband.  Nesting Place simply wouldn’t exist without him and his encouragement.  And my dad and my sister put up with me all the time talking through how I think about the Nest and what I’m planning and on and on and on.

Anyhow, I think it’s important for you to know that I’m not doing stuff by myself.  And I’m purposely allowing myself to be slack with those other sites. And if you don’t know this about me, I’m kind of business minded so in some ways it kills me not to attack these new sites and launch the heck out of them.  In some ways, slowing down was a hard decision.

So yes, those other sites are live and you can visit them, there’s links up at the top of the blog, teaser posts in the sidebar and I’ll link here as well: Window Mistreatments, Content to Rent, Nest Files. I’m still tweaking the design and as soon as I figure out how you can subscribe to each one separately, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, thank you for putting up with me while I do things slow, wrong and my own way.  And happy summer to you. I hope you find the perfect balance of intention, purpose and rest during these long but fleeting days.


Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.

~James Dean


My Stray Dog Obesssion

These lamps are from Stray Dog Designs. Oh, did you think I was obsessed with real stray dogs?

You know I love my thrift store and yard sale finds but, like most of you I have a few artisans who I’m a little obsessed with. Instead of Jimmy Choo or Van Gogh I’d love to collect Happy Chair, Utilitarian Franchise Hershey is My Baby, Red Letter WordsGussy Sews, and Handmade Recess. I’m crazy about my Lena Bengston custom Silhouettes , and all those shops on the sidebar over there to name a very few.  One of my biggest obsessions right now is Stray Dog Designs.

Let’s look at a few of my favorite things {I keep them in my office to protect them from boys} my Amy Butler Rug, Hershey is My Baby Wreath {updated: use code: nester for 20%off}, Stray Dog Designs Antelope Head {I’m not sure they still make him}.  Paired with my $15 yard sale table turned desk and $85 thrifted dresser that I painted, it’s possible to have a few meaningful, fun, artisan pieces and still keep the total room cost low.  I ordered both the rug and antelope head through One Kings Lane for about half the retail price.  If you want to find out more about One King’s Lane read this post.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about Stray Dog Designs simply because I find their items to be beyond inspiring.  You can read about the company here. The company was started by a husband and wife and their stray dog in Mexico.

I’ve seen Stray Dog items in lots of magazines and locally at our Anthropologie, Bebe Gallini’s and West Elm.

The lighting is my favorite.  You can even pick what color birds you want with this chandelier. Dying.


Fun drum tables.

Ashley from Meet Me in Philadelphia creatively hacked this Stray Dog Table from West Elm.

Oh mercyness, stop, stop, stop!

Lauren from Pure Style Home recently finished this room for the DC Design House and incorporated the Esme Glass Lamp from Stray Dog Designs. It retails for $325, not an impulse buy for most of us but, you have to admit, it completely finishes this space.  I have always loved Lauren’s use of green.

And just for fun here’s a little tour of the Stray Dog family home via Country Living.

Now it’s your turn, is there an artist, brand, author, chef, painter, photographer, etsy seller~whatever, who you are obsessed with?


*** warning, Survivor spoiler alert, stop reading if you didn’t watch the finale yet and want to ***





PS did you see the Survivor finale last night?  Yay Boston Rob!  I love how he practically knocked people over to get to his wife “Amba” in the audience to smooch her as soon as they announced him as the winner.

Bird Watching, Kind of


Let’s get to the giveaway winners from Giveaway Day.  It’s immensely easier for me to send you to each giveaway host and let them reveal the winner plus, many of the merchants are offering sales and discount codes if you didn’t win.  So here they are:: {wouldn’t it be weird if the same person won like 6 giveaways?}

1. Pure and Lovely

2. Eclectic Whatnot

3. Red Letter Words

4. Gussy

5. Grocery Shrink

6. Susie Davis

7. Back 40 Life

8. Pink and Polka Dot

9. The Vintage Pearl

10. Purple Lemon Designs

11. Burlap and Blue

12. Lucky Girl Designs

13. Willow House {A Graceful Home} from Kristi Pittman

14. Altar’d

15. Tickle Bellies

16. Studio DaySpring

17. Effortless Style Interiors

Secondly, Nesting Place is in 6th place right now to win the iPad honor of being The’s Mommy Blog of the Year.  I have a feeling I’m the oldest mother representin’.  So I think if every person who’s voted for Nesting Place so far would go back and vote about 10 more times each, then maybe that would push us to the lead?   Just to be safe maybe everyone should vote 100 times each?  In all seriousness, you can vote as many times as you want, or not at all.  I know you all have nothing better to do on a Saturday than win me a new iPad, bragging rights, the honor of being Mommy Blog of the Year.  Thank you all for putting up with me and my antics.  Happy Saturday!

Giveaway Day Fall 2010

Welcome to a new kind of giveaway day. Today’s giveaways are hosted by 17 sponsors of Nesting Place.  For each giveaway, you simply click on the link to the merchant’s blog or facebook page and they will tell you how to enter to win.  Enter as many giveaways as you would like.  Lots of giveaways are open to international readers, each sponsor will let you know.  The giveaways run through midnight Thursday and winners will be announced on Saturday.

Thank you sponsors for making Nesting Place possible, let’s all remember them this holiday season when we are looking for meaningful gifts to give.


The first giveaway today is hosted by Ashely at Pure and Lovely. Head on over to Pure and Lovely to find out how to enter to win a $100 gift certificate to her shop.


Ruthanne from Eclectic Whatnot is giving away two of her ruffled camera strap covers.Visit the Eclectic Whatnot blog to find out how to win yourself a new camera strap cover.


Dee at Red Letter Words is giving away this candle and matching print from her shop.  Click here to find out how to win. {Isn’t this fun?!}


The ruffle sewing Gussy is offering up two $50 gift certificates to her shop.  Visit her blog, Gussy Sews to find out how to win.


Angela from the Grocery Shrink is giving away an ebook collection {Slow cooking, Grocery Shrink and A Grocery Shrink Christmas} along with a Peach Satin Hands.  Many have learned from Angela’s ways, visit her blog to find out more and enter.


Susie Davis, author, speaker, radio host, and Texas celebrity is giving away a whole slew of wonderfulnes:

$50. gift card Williams Sonoma
$50. gift card Pottery Barn
$50. iTunes gift card
ESV compact bible + 10 Davis books
Total > $275 value


Jodi at Back 40 Life {hand crafted signs and wall decals} is offering up a custom family name sign. To enter to win, visit Jodi’s blog.


Kristi, the Slipcover Whisperer {her ebook will teach you how to make a slipcover for your furniture–that’s how I made mine, well kind of because I actually bribed her and 10 girls to come to my house and make one for me but, we still used her method…} is giving away a $75 gift certificate to so that you can buy fabric to make your slipcovers!  Or window mistreatments, or whatever. Enter Here.


Erin from The Vintage Pearl is giving away THREE $75 GIFT CERTIFICATES.  Visit her blog The Vintage Pearl to enter to win some pretties.


Kelly at The Purple Lemon is giving away three Christmas Stamps. Visit her blog Within Purple Lemon Designs to find out how you can get free cute loot.


Find out how to win some store credit to Burlap and Blue where you can get a pretty dessert pedestal, cupcake stand or coasters.  Visit Linda’s blog Burlap and Blue to enter to win.


Next we’ve got a FABULOUS BLOGGER makeover package from Lucky Girl Design Studio.  The winner will get a total blog makeover.  Be sure to read more about it at the Lucky Girl Blog before you enter, if you are on wordpress, you can still win a $150 credit toward a wordpress makeover.    These days, you can tell a good blog designer by her waiting list, the lucky winner will have a good 2 months to start compiling ideas of what they want their blog to look like.
and we’re walking, and we’re walking…..


Kristi from Willow House is giving away two of these beautiful Herald Angels.  Visit her facebook page to find out how you can win one.


Ok, so before you get your hopes up, no one gets to win this perfectly yellow armoire.  It was a commissioned piece painted by my painting furniture muse, Mandi from Altar’d.  She is giving away some of her ebooks {How to Paint Furniture AND a brand new Decorative Finishes} and a store credit or choice of chunky frame from their shop.  Check out her blog to enter.


Next we’ve got a giveaway from Tickle Bellies Stationary.  Up for grabs are a personalized notepad, holiday address and gift labels, and a set of three luggage tags.  Visit the Tickle Bellies Facebook page to enter.


They’ve got a 50 photo card giveaway over at Studio DaySpring~perfect timing for that, huh?  Visit their page to find out more.


Lastly, how about a $375 value one room complete e-decorating service offered by High Heeled Foot in the Door’s Camila Pavone and her business, Effortless Style Interiors.  Visit her blog to enter to win.

Remember, DON’T try to enter the givaways here in the comments, your name won’t be entered.

Bird Watch(in)g at Hilton Head

This weekend, some of the writers of (in)courage gathered at a beautiful beach house (with perfectly chosen non cliche beach colors that I will have to show you) in Hilton Head Island to laugh, cry, connect and dream.  I thought it would make a great bird watching post. Early on, Stephanie, Holley and Lanie had a dream.  A dream of a place for connection with that easy going beach house feel.  Online that place is (in)courage.  This weekend it’s happening at Hilton Head Island, SC.  Maybe next year you can come with us to Hilton Head so we can all relax, enjoy the beach, connect and just BE together.

Photo:: Emily let’s all pretend we don’t see a gut hanging out

Hilton Head did it up right and provided the most beautiful beach with starfish (actually, God provided that) bicycles (because even non coordinated people can ride a bike on a flat island) a dolphin tour, yummy food and great weather.

Photo:: Dawn Camp

Hilton Head is also the place where my family vacations every year thanks to some generous friends of our family.  It’s a magical wonderous place to come.  Grown up, yet completely family friendly.

as June says, the weather is here, wish you were beautiful

Last month when we were here on our family vacation, my husband let each boy choose what he wanted to do with him.  One choose the wave runners, one did the para-sailing, and one did shark fishing.  I read a book.  There’s so much to do here.  Or not to do, depending on what you are looking for.

Here’s the bird watching links to all the other beautiful women here.  Do you know them?  If not, you will love them.  And it’s not in order of their photos in that boat up there.

Low country food by Soozi and Linda

So seriously, if there were some type of (in)courage getaway, have fun, let’s get together, come to Hilton Head so we can all meet and hang out-thing next year, would you consider coming and hanging out with us?

Photo:: Dawn Camp

It would be really fun.

DaySpring and Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce are hosting the (in)courage bloggers for a long weekend of relaxation and fun. Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce generously provided the accommodations at the amazingly huge beach house, bikes with sassy baskets, an ocean cruise with a cutie-Ben Stillerish captain, and dinner at The Aqua Grille & Lounge. DaySpring took care of all the incidentals, Lisa Leonard bracelets and meals for each of the bloggers.  We even got Gussy Headbands! Too good to be true.  Like seriously, thank you.

Bird Watching :: Sponsor Edition

Is your home for sale?  Will your home be for sale one day?  Well, this is your chance to get some free advice.  If you have a question, leave a comment over on this post at Setting the Stage and then stay tuned for some answers.  And, if you need some personal online staging help, you can get that too.

Have you ever SEEN a cuter button?  Lucky Girl Design Studio doesn’t just make cute buttons for herself she can make them for you too.  And etsy banners, and business cards, and blog design…

Back 40 Life is your one stop shop for vinyl lettering.  From monograms to quotes and signs, it’s fun and low commitment way to customize your home.

The Shabby Chic Cottage has different items every time I visit.  Hello Bumble Bee Tea Towel.

You know you want it.  Orders placed by at the Vintage Pearl by April 20th will be shipped in time for Mother’s Day.

Hooked on Houses is THE hub for house lovers from all walks of life.  From celebrity tours to bad MLS photos to unique finds, you will get …well…hooked.

I basically want to have one of everything from Red Letter Words.  Yes, please.

I’ve fallen hard for Mandie and Colby.  They are the cute couple who rescue furniture over at Altar’d.  If you live in Texas then, you are lucky.  For the rest of us, they can ship small stuff.

Need I say more?  They ♥ Mom at Bonbon Charms.

Does anyone out there NOT know Gussy?  Charming ruffles and a great informative hangout for crafters of all walks of life.

Remember Karol with the magic colored pencils?  I gave her that photo up there of our last home that we owned and she rendered it into this.  It’s one of our most cherished things.  Wouldn’t you love to have one of your childhood home?

Check out the pages of choices at the Designs by Tahra etsy shop. And, she’s even having a giveaway at her blog right now.

I’ve been working with DaySpring for a year now and I truly love this company.  Currently, DaySpring is the only non cottage industry company I’m associated with and there are many reasons for that.  They have beautiful, meaningful home decor and they believe and invest in online communities. DaySpring supports the women behind (in)courage. I’ve gotten to know some of the people who work there, had them in my home, hung out with them over lunch, giggled on the phone and I love them, they are my friends.   I’ve even asked them if I could build a house next to their warehouse because that sounds like fun to me.  Now, if only I could start a Nesterized line of wares with DaySpring…

PS: The promo code 15GIFTS still works–it’s good through Sunday for 15% off your entire order from DaySpring.

Blissdom ’10 and a Survey


emily, emily, lindsay, melissa, rhoda, nester, sandy, kimba, jen, laryssa, gina

Blissdom was phenomenal, yet again.  It was beyond wonderful to get to know other bloggers a little better.  I especially loved the time we house bloggers got to spend together even though it was not near as long as I would have liked.  It’s hard to really connect in a crowded super loud restaurant or in a trendy club where the main attraction is Harry Connick Jr.–as it should be. I’m more of a let’s-sit-at-a-table-in-a-coffee-shop-and-talk-kind-of-girl. Next year, I hope to be even more intentional about meeting the girls I was looking forward to meeting {Layla}.  With over 500 women hanging out, you can easily feel like you hardly connected with anyone.


Kimm @ Reinvented, Kate @ Centsational Girl

I also had the privilege to speak on a panel about niche blogging.  If you are looking for the questions I read during the session they are at Chatting at the Sky, my sister’s blog. {I’m not posting them here because this is a niche blog and I’m already risking making people mad by posting too many photos of myself and not talking about paint and fabric today}  She and I spoke this summer at She Speaks and she came up with these 7 questions to help people be able to refine the focus/purpose of their blog. I thought it was a great tool to use as a niche blogger.  I also declared that niche bloggers are the luckiest bloggers since we get to write about our passions.  I hope I don’t get beat up by the writer-type bloggers.

DSC_0239Thrifty Decor Chic, Becky @ Infarrently Creative

DSC_0210Lindsay @ Pleated Poppy


AnNicole @Our Suburban Cottage, Julia @ Hooked on Houses, Sara @TDC, Nester

DSC_0225Melissa @ A Familiar Path, Emily @ Chatting at the Sky

I wanted to add in 49 million more photos but my computer is so slow today and I didn’t take 49 million photos…but my sister did.

DSC_0212I got to hug GUSSY!


embarrassing that I got a photo of Edie’s Mocha Cupcakes but NOT one of Edie

I also came home wondering about you.  I have always assumed that most of you reading this have your own blog.  But now I’m wondering if most of you don’t have blogs.  So, I thought I’d take a survey.

Advertise / PR

Have something great that you want to share? Partner with Nesting Place to get the word out!

Why Advertise Here?

Daily exposure to a large, loyal and ever growing audience. Nesting Place was started in October of 2007 and gets over 500,000 page views monthly by women who are passionate about making their home beautiful. These women are actively seeking change in their homes and aren’t afraid to try new things.

I feel such huge connection with Nesting Place readers and encourage them to avoid debt and purchase items for their home that they truly love and find useful and beautiful. The trust that I have built with the readers is more important than any advertisement. I  only partner with advertisers that I think have great stuff at a great price.  Stuff I would spend my hard earned money on.

That being said, I am incredibly passionate about fabric, home decor at a fair price, handmade goods, high heeled shoes, all things beautiful, personalized items, and anything coffee or chocolate. If you have a product that you think we will appreciate, contact my mentor in organization and friend, Caroline who is responsible for handling the advertising section at Nesting Place.  You can reach her here::

NestingPlaceHome (at)

What’s Available:

Premier Advertising for Cottage Industries

* 145 x 145

*300 x 145

*300 x 250

30 or 90 day ad run for a non flashing, non animated, beautiful ad space just for your shop

you are renting the space and you don’t have to share, so your ad will show up every single time someone clicks and scrolls–the space is yours.

email Caroline for current rates :: NestingPlaceHome (at)

all invoices billed via paypal

Prices are subject to change based on how poor or rich I get and how many people are hanging out at the Nest or how many people we have on a waiting list.

Here’s what  Dee from Red Letter Words, has to say about advertising at the Nest:

I first stumbled upon the Nester in the Spring of 2009 when I was just beginning to consider where to advertise. I was immediately entertained with the Nester’s hilarious writing and her decorating style. But when I first contacted her, all the advertising spots were full!! That spoke volumes to me – this is a Great place to advertise!! So as soon as the blog advertising spot became available I signed up! Hits from the Nester have been huge and consistent!! I have received lots of orders from the Nester’s readers as well as wonderful emails from them saying they love my prints and are bookmarking for future purchases! It is wonderful working with the Nester! Even though I didn’t know her real name for awhile:) But then again, who cares? She is the Nester, and she is the greatest!

Oh my she is too kind.  Dee has advertised with Nesting Place for over two years!  And not to brag or anything, but it’s because of her ad at Nesting Place that Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Crow all have an original Red Letter Words work of art.  See…

Here’s what Gussy had to say about advertising at the Nest:

“I recently started advertising on The Nester’s blog, which was a big accomplishment for me. For months I’ve been waiting and waiting for the right opportunity (financially and professionally). I look at my blog sponsorship with The Nester as “a dream come true.” Becoming a sponsor was a professional goal for my line of Gussy products. I have my blog linked to Google Analytics, as well as SiteMeter, and the facts are in my face: My investment as a sponsor with The Nester has been incredible. While I can’t prove increased sales (aside from customers telling me themselves that they came from The Nester), I can prove increased (and consistently increased) blog and shop traffic. I would say traffic to both sites have increased 30%. That is huge. I’m a happy Gussy!!!”

A helpful note about ad buttons:

If you are advertising online, and have a 145 x 145 square in which to tell your world about your shop, your little real estate needs to be fantastic. And it can be fantastic. Don’t settle for a so so button after you have worked so hard on your website and your beautiful products. Your personal goal should be to make sure that your button is the most beautiful, eye catching button on any site you advertise on. Don’t underestimate the power of your amazing button.  The prettier the button, the more clicks.  If your button is not nice and inviting, it will not generate as many clicks.  And to spare us both the embarrassment, I might not even return your email if your button isn’t something I would want to click on myself. Oh I cringe. Create a pretty button.  Update your pretty button.  Ask five friends who will tell you the truth if you have a pretty button.  Pay a professional to make the most beautiful, smart, eye catching button online, it will be some of the best money you will ever spend on your online business.

Gone are the days where we internet readers are tricked into clicking on flashing, animated bright NASCAR looking buttons.    This is your chance to make us want more.  I, personally, like buttons with some white space.  Buttons that invite me in and make me curious as to what that shop has to offer.   Buttons that look hand made or make me think or lure me in. Think about your fonts, colors, and don’t feel like you have to show everything in your shop.  Really, you want to set the tone and create interest.  Here are some of my favorite buttons.



Why below the fold is just as good if not better than above?  People who want to be here scroll down!  After they read the content, they look over and see your pretty button!

Giveaways at Nesting Place::

Everyone loves a great giveaway!  Especially when it is something they want.  Giveaways at Nesting Place are the most highly requested form of advertising.   If I accepted every inquiry for a giveaway, Nesting Place would be a giveaway blog, and then no one would come here for imperfect decorating advice.

If you think that the nesting place community and I will be shocked and awed and wowed by the generosity of your amazing giveaway, then feel free to contact us.  Like if you want to give away a room of furniture or something.  Otherwise, I’ll be happy to tweet about a giveaway that you hold at your site during your sponsorship at Nesting Place.

Giveaway Winners Announced

1. Elephannie Winner: The Brennans

2. RHB Designs Winner: Candace

3. Imperfectly Beautiful Winner: Rachelle {}

4. Love the Decor Winner: Brittany {} {if you didn’t win the table, it’s $20 off till Sunday!}

5. Tinsel & Company Winner: June @ Crafty Niche

6. L. Herbert Designs Winner: Shannon Morrison

7. Whitney Caroline Designs Winner: Anne Carr

8.Elsie Eleanor Designs Winner: Christie

9. White Flower Farmhouse Winner: Norse, Jesica and Boden

10. Small Words Winner: Design Esquire

11. Two Funny Girls Winner: Angielove

12. Maggie Whitley {Gussy} Winner: Alison Mayes

13. Baby Bella Winner: Shellie

14. Stella and Dot Winner: timlinzrowland

15. Old Post Road Winner: Heather J

16. Pink and Polka Dot Winner: Jennifer Ensor

17. Just Simply Southern Winner: The Mommy

18. J & C Designs Winner: Buzzings of a Queen Bee

19. Mary Kay System Winner: Chasing Davies

20. Capron Collection Winner: The Tripp Family

21. Back 40 Life Winner: {L}

22. Lola B’s Winner: Cheryl {}

23. Red Letter Words Winner: Mikelle

24. Caromal Colours Winner: Kara Miller

Yippie for the winners!

If you won: This is the part that I’m not that organized at. You can click on the link to the shop you won the goods from and find their email address and go ahead and contact them telling them you won. Or, you can wait for them you via leaving a comment on your blog {merchants, please contact them via the blog}. If you only had an email address, I already emailed you–respond to that and I’ll forward it onto the merchant.

Now, I’ve got something for everyone. I’m starting a new series today. Come on over –or scroll down and lets start our 31 days to a better dressed nest!

Maggie Whitley :: Giveaway Day

There are some shops that I simply cannot do justice with my words. So I will show you photos.

Can you even breath after all that colorful, patterened wonderfulness? Maggie Whitley’s {affectionatly known as Gussy} work has been feautured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine and most recently, on my arm.

I needed a snuggly bag for my laptop. I had a big huge bag that it needed to coordinate with and fit inside. Gussy stepped up to the challenge, doncha think? The ruffle is lucious!

You can enter to win both these handmade bags with the signature Gussy Ruffle~

One to keep, one to give away.

You can find Gussy at her blog: Gussy has a lot to say,or her online store:, or her etsy shop.

Good luck! Don’t forget to scroll down and enter as many giveaways as you like!

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