Bird Watching.

My blog is broken and won’t let me upload photos. I am completely LOST without photos. Visit The Nest Files for this week’s bird watching! Welcome! If you’re new here & don’t want to miss a thing, be sure to subscribe to the Nesting Place blog updates. Thanks for visiting!

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Fall in 5 Minutes

fall in five minutes

pillow: the tarnished crown I’m on the hunt for some more neutral candles, another cozy throw and a delish beef stew recipe to complete the fall feel with minimal work. Do you decorate for fall?

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Contentment :: A Guest Post

{the new house} The following is a guest post by Christi from Jealous Hands. I’ve gotten to know Christi over the past few weeks and find her attitude to be refreshing, and freeing. Christi, thank you for trusting us with your story. *** Our house will be foreclosed on October 6. I’ll bet it’s happening […]

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Upholstered Headboards.

Better Homes and Gardens Tori Spelling made me want it. Tori always seems to have an upholstered headboard. And now I want one. Look how comfortable. I can totally see myself right there between Tori and Dean eating some nachos and hanging out. I am officially tired of having a hard, cold, hard, not […]

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Bird Watching

There were entirely too many great articles this week, my friends.“The sea was angry that day my friends.” But seriously folks… Girl’s Room @ Little Green Notebook {a makeover–shop the house style!} Old Dresser = Rolling Tool Cabinet @ Crafty Nest {you MUST see the before!} What to do with Kid’s Art @ Simple Mom […]

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Hanging A Door on the Wall {yet again}

door on the wall

Since we are renting I’m trying my very best not to break down and paint every wall in this builder beige {with a very pinkish hue} flat-paint-walled house. Do you have any idea how quickly flat paint looks dirty? Combine that with three boys little bare feet and within hours I knew the wall under […]

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