How to Have a Swap Meet

swap meet

Ring Leader from Adcock Circus and Richella  This post could very well be 15 pages long. I’ve got photos, I’ve got tips, I’ve got some guidelines. Don’t hate me because I’m wordy? Here are the basics to having a swap. I’ll go into entirely too much depth on each one as you scroll down. There […]

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I Had a Swap Meet

More to come. Meaning I’ll be writing another post about this in the next few days. Thanks!

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What’s Worse Than a Five Year Old, Falling Apart Sofa?


You and I now have a vacation home. It’s called (in)courage and they just flung the doors wide open and invited us all inside. You can track in some mud, and drop your baggage all over the place. Not only that but, you are invited to snoop around. Make sure you read about the story […]

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Why Do You Blog?

All week I’ve been putting off writing about what Em and I talked about at She Speaks. Our topic was Defining and Refining the purpose of your blog. A topic very near to my heart. But the idea of writing all that stuff out was overwhelming. Luckily, I waited long enough that my little sister […]

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Removing Gunk From Windows

When we moved in the first thing I did was removed the weird fern patterned “privacy paper” from the front door sidelights. Y’all. This stuff is like contact paper for your windows only SUPER sticky. One day I walked up and found my boys pressing their hands and faces and well, other body parts up […]

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The Naked Truth

We’ve lived here six weeks now and our bedroom still looks like this. And yesterday, Writer Chic wrote a wonderful post showing her beautiful master bedroom transformation and linked to Nesting Place so much that I think my head grew a few sizes. I felt the need to show you my reality just in case […]

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