Like a Box of Chocolates

Yet another lovely birdcage for the bird I’ll never have. $10 I’m well aware that telling you all about my yard sale finds is akin to me telling you all about a dream I had two weeks ago. No one cares, it’s just meaningless nonsense that goes on and on and on and on… So, […]

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6 Ways to Identify a Decorating Perfectionist

Wow! You have found a hidden post! Lucky you! Wondering if you or someone you know might be suffering from Decorating Perfectionist-itis Affliction Inflammation Disease Disorder Syndrome {D-PAIDDS} {Pronounced D-paids} Here are the symptoms: 1. A Decorating Perfectionist {DP} Is constantly apologizing for their home and the things within it as soon as anyone steps […]

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Bird Watching

How I Furnished My House Without Spending A Ton @ Clover Lane The Cottage Project @ The Painted House Like that sliding door at The Painted House? Remodeling Guy tells us how to Use Wall Mounted Sliding Door Hardware to Change our Roomscape! Copy the Painted House and add some decorative hardware! Wall Paper Art […]

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Me Thinks

our next nest I have a feeling that the next 4 weeks are gonna be an awkward time for me and this blog. How do you write about your house when you are starting to pack it up? We are moving in 30 days and as you can imagine, I’m in no mood to write […]

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Chandelier Lamp Shades

I am passionate about chandeliers. Love them. Want one in every room, even my closet. And when I have a chandelier, I like to be able to switch it up a bit with clip on shades. Found that set of 5 hand painted shades while thrifting. I paid less than $5 for the 5 of […]

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I’m Tired of this Stuff Swap Meet

This was left in the comments yesterday and I cannot get it out of my head: For the purchases that don’t work, and do not get returned, I have found a good solution. I get together with some girl friends once a year and we shop each others impulse purchases. Whatever doesn’t go home with […]

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