Tassel Alternatives

This lamp is so modest and fully clothed in the glorious and alluring item: The Tassel. Here are a few quick and simple ideas of how to stop the embarrassment of having an unadorned lamp. 1. Embellish an Existing Tassel: This tassel right up there is and embellished tassel. That means it’s not made from […]

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Bird Watching

Use What We Have: Ugly Craigslist Canvas @ Like Merchant Ships I Painted My Counters! REALLY! @ Whimsies & Whatnots Distressing Secrets @ Sanctuary Arts at HomeMake a Sofa Table for Under $20 {for real!} @ Thirfty Decor Chick In the mood to sign up for or be a part of some giveaways?Apron Full of […]

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Colored Lamp Shades

Yesterday someone asked me if I was gonna write about lamps this week like I promised. I replied with a sarcastic “do you even read my blog?–I wrote about lamps on Tuesday“. She told me that I wrote about sofa tables Tuesday. And I realized that what started out as a lamp post turned into […]

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When It’s Strictly Black and White:: A Guest Post

The following is a guest post written by Kelly …it’s fabulous. Shades of gray need not apply. I was extolling the virtues of this project as one of the easiest decorating affairs ever to adorn a wall, but after seeing the Nester’s fantastic framed fork (alliteration is pretty), I’m saluting it as such! Before I […]

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Lamps and Sofa Tables

I’ve told you before that our living room is small. Like really small. So small that when people come over who have seen photos online, say “Oh…you weren’t kidding this is small.” One person told me it was smaller than their apartment living room. Then we have this small scaled yet still demanding sectional. The […]

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Perfectly Beautiful Tassel Sale

Remember when I told you that one of the costs of crafting is creating items that for whatever reason you choose not to sell or they just end up not selling? Remember how I told you that I had a whole stash of tassels that didn’t make the cut of my persnickety eye? Or eyes […]

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