Do you Handmake?

I’m taking a Christmas gift poll, if you are reading in a reader swing by and check your answer.. Blog Polls PS, did you see that Kimba moved?! Here’s something I “made” for my neighbor when I found out that it was her birthday…meet me at (in)courage to see it. Welcome! If you’re new here […]

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Candle Worthy

If you have one dollar to spend on fall decorating, buy a candle at the dollar store or goodwill. If you have $10 to spend on decorating, blow it on candles. Besides having a comfy chair and blanket, candles are the single most comfort inducing mechanisms you can own. You need them, and you need […]

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Easy Christmas Decorating Projects

How to make a Centerpiece Using What You Have {for any season} Homemade Christmas Garland Inspiration and Tutorial How to Hang a Wreath How to Make a Fur Wreath Winterized Decor And, the most famous, always rewarding but super tedious Ragamuffin Garland Be sure to stop in at Life in Grace over the next two […]

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‘Tis the Season

You didn’t believe me when I told you I would be pulling out a smidgen of my Christmas decor did you? We’ll I’m doing it. I get my stuff out early for a few reasons, 1. it’s too much work to wait till after Thanksgiving and then put it away four weeks later 2. our […]

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31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day 31~ Incorporate the Season

It’s the last day! When you walk through your home can you tell what season it is? I’m not saying that you should have pumpkins lining the halls or a Christmas tree in every room but sometimes the most subtle items can give a nod to the season. I don’t know about you but I […]

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Yard Sale Update

It’s happening! Tomorrow we really will have the sale unless we wake up and it’s tornadoeing or something. My parents will be here to help make sure there are no shoplifters. Just kidding. As if. Once you see some of this stuff you might just curse my name for tricking you into thinking I was […]

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