Our home is far from a thing of pristine beauty. Every room reflects the season of our life. Ebook writing, early Christmas decorating for a post on Monday, and a muddy yard results in all sorts of messy. I’m not a fussy housekeeper. Sometimes I feel bad–focusing on the lack of order that I allow, […]

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Tassel Tutorial :: Coming Soon!

Get your fringe, ribbon and toppers ready. If my plan works, and I can make it through the horrendous process of writing, photographing, and being disciplined, I’ll soon finish something. It’s an ebook. A tassel how to ebook. And not just any tassel tutorial, it’s the Nester’s Complete, Ultimate Guide to Making the Most Beautiful, […]

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Do you Handmake?

I’m taking a Christmas gift poll, if you are reading in a reader swing by and check your answer.. Blog Polls PS, did you see that Kimba moved?! Here’s something I “made” for my neighbor when I found out that it was her birthday…meet me at (in)courage to see it.

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Candle Worthy

If you have one dollar to spend on fall decorating, buy a candle at the dollar store or goodwill. If you have $10 to spend on decorating, blow it on candles. Besides having a comfy chair and blanket, candles are the single most comfort inducing mechanisms you can own. You need them, and you need […]

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Easy Christmas Decorating Projects

How to make a Centerpiece Using What You Have {for any season} Homemade Christmas Garland Inspiration and Tutorial How to Hang a Wreath How to Make a Fur Wreath Winterized Decor And, the most famous, always rewarding but super tedious Ragamuffin Garland Be sure to stop in at Life in Grace over the next two […]

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‘Tis the Season

You didn’t believe me when I told you I would be pulling out a smidgen of my Christmas decor did you? We’ll I’m doing it. I get my stuff out early for a few reasons, 1. it’s too much work to wait till after Thanksgiving and then put it away four weeks later 2. our […]

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