Home Wasn’t Built in a Day


My boys have never really had any kind of window treatment on their windows other than a randomly tacked up mistreatment that lasts for a few days. My oldest son’s mattress is currently on the floor. In the last couple of years we’ve moved so often that if I delay a month or so in […]

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Perfect Versus Good

wordle How many things do you put off because you are afraid to fail? Afraid it won’t be good enough? Afraid everyone will know you didn’t follow the rules. Afraid it won’t be perfect? I am guilty of this in so many areas of my life. This article and this one both found deep in […]

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Fear of Decorating?

fear of decorating

Last week when I was interviewed with on Blog Talk Radio, I had an online question from someone who was “terrified to paint her walls”. I regretted not asking the question: “terrified of what?”. In my head, the worst thing possible thing that can happen when you paint is spilling the entire gallon. All over […]

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A Letter Wreath


Some of you may remember a wreath that my friend made last year. This is how it looked all decked out for the Holiday Season. I love how full and voluptuous is is but the red was a little much by the time February rolled around. So I pulled out all the red stuff and […]

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Give Thanks Sign

Did you notice this big framed sign in the swap photos that I posted? Lots of the girls at the swap asked about it and two of them have since purchased it too. It’s big {I’m too lazy to measure} and charming. I thought I’d pass along to you the great deal. These signs are […]

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Feels Like Home

click photo to enlarge I can’t tell you how long it’s been since we’ve had a back yard with trees taller than my husband. A tire swing in the back officially makes this rental into our home. It’s just too good. After you move, what is it that makes your house finally feel like home? […]

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