Halloween Enlightenment :: Bird Watching

They’ve done it again. That team of creative geniuses over at the Curious Sofa has decked the halls with skulls that are gory. Even if you hate Halloween, you have to appreciate the attention to detail and the clever, amazing, captivating ideas.. There are about 20 thousand more photos at The Curious Sofa Diaries. Remember […]

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31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest:: Day 15~Light it Up

There is one thing that anyone can do in their home that immediately makes it look and feel better. Make that two things. 1. TURN ON THE LAMPS2. OPEN THE BLINDS Please, I beg of you, if you are having people over, eating breakfast at your table, doing the bills–turn on the lamp and open […]

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31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day 14~ Maximize Seating

I have this little game that I play with myself. To me it’s fun, but I’m the type who would never want to bungee jump or anything. I always try to see how many different seats I can get in our main living area/family room. This room has 11. You can’t see the ottoman on […]

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Nesting Place is in a finalist with some other fantastic crafty peeps for the bump mommy blog awards. Thank you so much to the people that nominated this blog! If you think Nesting Place should win for Best Crafty Mommy Blog, would you click here and vote? You don’t have to sign in or anything […]

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Adventures in Tablescaping

 Make a Smilebox slideshow For today’s 31 day post, click here.

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31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day 13~Tablescape

Just kidding. We are not even halfway through. Mercy. 31 days is a long time. But I’ve got lots more coming. Hope you aren’t sick of me yet. Today we are going to travel deep into the archives. Let’s go over the tablescape guidelines and scape a new table or freshen up a tablescape that’s […]

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