Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations :: Early Christmas

None of us want to go out and buy Thanksgiving decorations. And none of us want a plain unfestive table either. If you’ve been a good hostess all focused on things like clean bathrooms, thawed turkeys and having enough forks, the last thing on your mind is what to put on your table to make […]

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The Ultimate Tassel Tutorial

It’s here. I can hardly believe it. Two weeks ago I had the bright idea to do a Tassel Tutorial, an Ultimate Guide to How to make Tassels, more than just a simple post about how to make a tassel but an in depth resource that touches on all aspects of decorative tassel making. After […]

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Tassel Day

The tassel ebook , The Nester’s Ultimate Guide to Making the Most Beautiful, Proportional, Fluffy and Full Tassels That People Will Fight Over; For You to Give or Sell, is moving right along. If all goes as planned, it will be available this afternoon. I’ll have a new post up here as soon as it’s […]

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Moss Topiary

Remember how I told you that I kept pulling things out of my yard sale pile to keep? I had already priced a bunch of topiaries but decided to keep them at the last minute. I used them two Christmases ago on my mantle. I was tired of my unnaturally green, unnaturally perfectly round topiaries. […]

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In With the New

I told you yesterday how every year I keep an eye out {ok, both eyes out} for a few things I can get to really shake up my current Christmas decor. I can’t spend much money, but I want what I buy to be versatile, fresh and fun and help set the tone for the […]

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A Prelude to Christmas

It’s not too early to prepare for the Christmas season. And for me and you, here at Nesting Place, that means prepare your home and any Christmas decor. Every year I try to mix up my decor just a little so it feels fresh and new and fun. Here are my guidelines: Last year I […]

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