Removing Gunk From Windows

When we moved in the first thing I did was removed the weird fern patterned “privacy paper” from the front door sidelights. Y’all. This stuff is like contact paper for your windows only SUPER sticky. One day I walked up and found my boys pressing their hands and faces and well, other body parts up […]

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The Naked Truth

We’ve lived here six weeks now and our bedroom still looks like this. And yesterday, Writer Chic wrote a wonderful post showing her beautiful master bedroom transformation and linked to Nesting Place so much that I think my head grew a few sizes. I felt the need to show you my reality just in case […]

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She (in)courages

I’ve missed you all while I was on vacation and at the She Speaks conference. Don’t you love going somewhere where you can be yourself and hang out with people that you really enjoy being around? As my brain slowly processes all that went on {I’ll tell you all about it soon}, I wanted to […]

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If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m on vacation. Actually, I just came back from vacation early so I could repack and go to She Speaks. Oh, and my sister and I have/get to speak there. But it’s worth the stress because Emily and I get to share a hotel room and fall asleep […]

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Windowless Mistreatments

windowless mistreatments

I used them in the bathroom in the old house but now, they are in the foyer. You don’t need a window to soften a room with fabric. Six yards of fabric at $5 per yard {1502 fabrics, Thomasville, NC} is much less expensive than a 8′ x 5′ rug. Do you have a place […]

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Lazy Perfectionist

I’m out of the office this week. This post was originally written last summer but it’s one of my favorites. And since it’s my blog and I can wreck it up as I see fit, I thought I’d throw it up here again. {this takes place in our last rental–can’t wait to show you what […]

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