Day 12 :: Lovely Limitation Turned Business


  Years ago I was in need of a great gift for a lady with really good taste.  I had more time than money so, I taught myself how to make decorative tassels.  I saw some in the stores but it seemed like a color blind robot picked random colors to use together–I didn’t know […]

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Day 11 :: Sticker Wall Paper


I saw an article at Little Green Notebook and once again, I’m amazed at the creative mind.  This lovely wallpaper actually isn’t wall paper at all.   Look closely, do you see?  It’s a bunch of random stickers placed together in a pattern by Payton Turner. Who in their right mind every would have had […]

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Day 10:: Copy It With What You Already Have

decorate for autumn

 honey we’re home via pinterest new here? this is the 10th post in a 31 day series:: 31 Days of Lovely Limitations I love autumn as much as the next girl.  And when my boys were younger we went all out and decorated for every season and micro-season and day and what have you.  They […]

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31 Days Day 9 :: It’s Not Broken, It’s an Opportunity


Andy Newcom’s home via Lonny also featured in Undecorate {my favorite design book} My favorite part about this dresser?  The makeshift, adorable feet. Missing feet.  Such a Lovely Limitation.  

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31 Days of Lovely Limitations Day 8 :: Use Your Mad Skilz

Picture 12

Martha You know that chair with the broken seat and the ugly fabric? You don’t have to wait till you learn how to sew, buy a yard of fabric and figure out how to use the jigsaw you don’t own, to cut a new board for the bottom. Refusing to learn a new skill but […]

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31 Days of Lovely Limitations :: Day 7 When it All Goes Wrong

  Your grand ideas of using what you have won’t always work out.  Then you have a choice, you can enjoy the process and consider it a learning experience and an adventure.  Or you can give up and tell yourself to never try anything new again. It’s a lot more fun to live your life […]

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