How to Make Map Art


So yesterday I mentioned the map paper I bought at Bebe Gallini’s.  I wrapped some old canvases that I had laying around with the paper for instant art.  Some of you wanted a little more information and if you aren’t yet sick of people talking about map art, I’ll be glad to ramble on about […]

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Bebe Gallini’s

bebe gallini

Sometimes a place is so inspiring that words become meaningless… Bebe Gallini’s  is like a local, ever changing Anthropologie meets shabby chic furniture shop.  It’s got home decor, furniture, gifts, art, jewelry, candles, soaps and a few clothes.  Why, WHY did it take me so long to finally go into this shop?  My friend Angela […]

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Inexpensive Wall Art


I finally came up with a solution for this wall in our bedroom. Back in February when I showed off our bedroom, I really only showed one wall.  The finished wall. What you didn’t see was this wall.  And yes, I like that huge sunburst mirror too. But two competing suns in one room make […]

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Bird Watching

Picture 6

Visit the nest files for this weeks bird watching finds…and while you are at it check out two of my favorite Tumblrs: Edie and Melissa. Join me at (in)courage today, I’m not talking about decorating this time, but THE BEST way to school your children. ACK! Want to find out if you won one of […]

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Pops of Color


At Christmas I found these stunning flowers.  Who cares that they aren’t red and green. Injecting color into even the neutralist of homes is one of the easiest ways to liven up a space. A pair of yellow knobs from Anthropologie completely changed the feel of my second hand painted armiore. That can of spray […]

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The Gifted Library Table


I’ve had this table for over a year and somehow, I’ve never told you about it. A year and a half ago my mom and I pulled up to a yard sale and saw the gloriousness that was this aged table sitting on the sidewalk, we were both giddy with excitement but contained ourselves because […]

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