Fall Mantel Mantle Also Fantel

how to decorate your mantel mantle for fall

I’m still tweaking our mantle.  But who am I kidding, I’m always tweaking.  Our corner farmer’s market doesn’t have the good, warty, muted colored pumpkins and gourds yet so I’m using what I can find around the house which consists of a few stripped books, weeds from the yard, a stick and some feathers.  Plus […]

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We Have a Choice


  We only ever connected through twitter and our blogs.   Friday night about a month ago we tweeted back and forth about the shows we were watching and the weather and lighthearted things like that.  She told me to watch Damages and give my sister a hug and congratulate her for her book. I told […]

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20 Ways to Decorate With Book Pages {and other things about the book party}

book page decor

Since the moment I knew my sister was going to write a book, I knew I was going to throw her a big party. Book pages seemed to be the obvious choice for decor. I wanted the decorations to be fantastic.  And I remembered what Henri says.. So I purposely limited myself to books and […]

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31 Days of Change :: Are You In?

31 days of change

Oh mercyness. October is almost here and I have yet to write even ONE post for my 31 Days for this year.  How about you?  Remember how we invited everyone to join in the fun, instead of just the 8 of us girls from last year writing for 31 days we wanted the world to […]

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Book Release Party at The Nest

Emily P Freeman Grace for the Good Girl

Y’all it was wonderful.  If you’ve been hiding/living/digging/making crafts under a rock and somehow missed my nonstop talking and obsessing, the short version is my baby sister wrote a book Grace for the Good Girl and Mom and  I threw her a big party and invited everyone to come celebrate.  And they did and we […]

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how to make things out of book pages

I had big ambitions of doing a DIY book page amazing tutorial every day this week leading up to my sister’s party. Instead I’ve been too busy getting ready for said party and reading all the reviews for my sister’s book on Amazon.  Hello 5 stars.  Hello top 1000 in books.  Hello they had to […]

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