DIY Wreath Linky Party

wreath party!

I wish I would have thought of this idea myself.  Last month when I wrote about my plastic spoon laurel wreath that some loved, some loved to hate, Centsational Girl encouraged me to have a wreath linky party where people could share wreaths they’ve made.  More specifically, wreaths they’ve made out of interesting things.  I […]

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My Vacuum Is Broken


  This is the longest time we’ve had the same vacuum.  It’s been about 4 years.  And it only broke because my boys were playing indoor hockey and one smashed into it and broke part of it off.  It’s nothing special, just some Target find that rated high in Consumer Reports.  I hated that it […]

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How Nester Got Her Margin Back


1mar·gin noun \ˈmär-jən\ a spare amount or measure or degree allowed or given for contingencies or special situations Remember how I went on and on whining about the fact that I had to get ready to do two 1 hour sessions all by myself at the Becoming Conference? Well, it’s over and I loved it […]

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A Revolution

perfection in decorating...considered a bad thing

I happened to land on a beautiful site, bossy color blog created by  Annie Elliot, a highly talented designer.  Annie just attended a panel at the Washington Design Center, you know for real designers.  Here are her observations: Did you see it? “Perfection in decorating is generally considered a bad thing…” Apparently, this is a […]

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Pillow Shams


  Pillow Shams at our Goodwill are only 79 cents.  I used to pass them up thinking I needed a pair to make use of  them, now I grab them if I like them and put a regular bed pillow {they have a fancy name, don’t they} in it and use it on the sofa.  […]

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Party at The Nest

grace for the good girl

I’ve been looking so forward to announcing this.  If for some reason you’ve yet to hear me talk about this~MY SISTER HAS GONE AND WRITTEN A BOOK, Y’ALL !!!!  My baby sister wrote a real, live, book and I’ve read it and recovering perfectionists like us are gonna love this book.  It has life changing […]

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