Blissdom Time


sung to the tune of Flight of the Conchord’s Business Time {adults only} I know it’s that time again because I had my annual Blissdom nightmare two nights ago.  It starts off innocently but strange enough, naturally, I’m getting my braces taken off right before Blissdom.  After my braces come off I discover that not […]

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How to Shop at One Kings Lane and Get Great Things but Not Spend All of Your Money


Remember how I promised to tell you how I shop at One Kings Lane? Last fall my sweet friend Jessica sent me an email about One Kings Lane and introduced me to them.  OKL {can we call it that from here on out?} is kind of an online sample sale that’s open to the public.  […]

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Go Find Your Own Art

copycat Z gallerie art

About a month ago while doing some inspiration browsing at Z Gallerie, I feel in love with some paintings.  This one called Limecicles caught my eye first.  You can’t tell on the screen but it’s pure texture.  Each line of color is separated by deep ridges that you can’t help but touch and run your […]

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Post Christmas Decorating


Many times when I take the tree and garland and other Christmas stuff down, my home feel refreshingly sparse and spacious. However, there is a difference between sparse and spacious and empty, bare and depressing.  So, I get out my many rubbermaid bins of January decor, you know, winter figurines, snowflake ornaments, a 3 foot […]

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Winterize Your Home the Fun Way


I get so many emails after the Christmas season from people who feel like their home is bare after they remove their holiday decorations.  I love the fresh, clean slate of our home after we clear out the tree and stuff but, I admit, I like to add a little something to freshen up the […]

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Browsing for a Coffee Table


For months I’ve been on the prowl for a round coffee table.  It wasn’t a desperate prowl, we had a big chunky rectangular coffee table that I still love but, it was taking up a lot of precious room that could be freed up with a circle. There are times when we need something and […]

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