Wreath Party:: Updation

DIY wreath

  Just a quick reminder, our wreath party was officially going to start on Monday, September 5th, and then yesterday I realized~that’s Labor Day!  So because I’m super impatient about getting this party started, I’ve decided to start this party Sunday afternoonish.  I don’t know, maybe 5 o’clock EST.  That way you west coasters won’t […]

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Calling All Good Girls

Picture 7

this post contains a video, please click over to watch *Giveaway closed: winners announced here* Is that you?  My sister‘s book Grace for the Good Girl officially releases today.  This book.  It will change you.  And I want to celebrate my sister, her book and especially~YOU.  I’d love to have you join us at my […]

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My Pot Rack

pot rack

Pot racks are like minivans with automatic doors, once you spoil yourself with one, you can never go back to not having one.  Which is why I’ve never had a minivan with automatic doors.   I cannot imagine my future self whining and complaining about having to open a car door, how annoying I would be. […]

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  Whep, it’s official. My three boys finally have their first full day of school today.  I’m so ready for beef stew and new episodes of The Office and yellow pencils with fresh erasers.  Not to mention three days a week I’ll have guilt free hours all to myself to completely devote to all things […]

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DIY Wreath Linky Party

wreath party!

I wish I would have thought of this idea myself.  Last month when I wrote about my plastic spoon laurel wreath that some loved, some loved to hate, Centsational Girl encouraged me to have a wreath linky party where people could share wreaths they’ve made.  More specifically, wreaths they’ve made out of interesting things.  I […]

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My Vacuum Is Broken


  This is the longest time we’ve had the same vacuum.  It’s been about 4 years.  And it only broke because my boys were playing indoor hockey and one smashed into it and broke part of it off.  It’s nothing special, just some Target find that rated high in Consumer Reports.  I hated that it […]

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