Great Deal at One Kings Lane Today


  Today at One Kings Lane there is a great deal on the Core Root Crafts items. I love all of these trays and servers, urns and interesting pieces and they are a really good price starting at $19.  They remind me of these wood bowls from Target but they are a little less expensive […]

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Debt Free Decorating Part 2:: Thrifting

how to thrift

This is the second post in a series about Debt Free Decorating:: Ideas Credit Cards Wish You Didn’t Know, read the first post here. Thrifting is currently my favorite way to add beauty to my home for pennies on the dollar.  I like it because thrift stores have lots of hours as opposed to a […]

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How I’m Gonna Run Four Blogs


A few weeks ago this site got a makeover and at the same time I added Window Mistreatments, Content to Rent and The Nest files.  Wanna know how I plan to run them all? I’m going to run four blogs all wrong. I gave myself permission to do it all wrong as soon as I […]

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Encouraging Words


We all do it.  You know, save those cards, notes and little kind words that people have given us over the years?  Here’s a some of my personal stash and I admit, I’m not that much of a sentimental person.   Join me at (in)courage today and you can see a little of my encouragement stash~do […]

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Best Yard Sale Finds EVER

best yard sale finds EVER

Last week we talked about how yard sales are a great way to add beauty and purpose to your home without spending a bunch of cash or going into debt.  I love to see what other people have found at yard sales, even though at times I get pretty jealous of an amazing deal.  I’m […]

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From Every Room

Picture 1

By now you’ve probably seen these stunning photos of the spaces created for the Gill family  by Traditional Home and Ballard Designs. This room was an empty room with a few chairs and some instruments.  But the family “wanted a “salon” – a room to sit around and enjoy each others’ conversation, listen to music […]

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