Color Pop


I changed up my office just a little. Normally, it looks like this.  Blue and brownish.  I consider blue a neutral in this house.   I added pink in the spring. It takes almost nothing to change the look of a room.  I like to mix things up just for fun.  It started with this […]

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Feather Juju Hats

amazing feather juju hat

Wow. Have you seen these?  When I first saw a Juju hat I thought it was some kind of amazing, mystical, heavenly, perfected wreath that I had to make. This photo is byLouise from Table Tonic, a blog and a shop where you can buy these voluptuous wreath like beauties.  Here’s what the Table Tonic […]

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Moments of Life


We’ve been busy living this summer. I hope you have been doing the same. The best way to enjoy life is to be present.  And I always appreciate reminders to do just that. Long time bestie and sponsor of Nesting Place, DaySpring wants to encourage us to live life to the full and also help […]

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Should Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinets Match?

House Beautiful

I thought it would be fun to share a recent email and let you all answer it: Hi Nester, My husband and I just put an offer on a house. It’s a fixer upper, so if our offer is accepted, we will be putting a lot of work into it. Here’s my problem. Our downstairs […]

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On Passion Following

    I’ve been a blogger for three and a half years.  But I’ve been rearranging homes since my Barbie days.  When my husband and I got married I assumed it was normal for a person to try the sofa in 12 different places in the room.  And my husband just laughed about it. Over […]

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Everything Can Be Something

anthropologie windows

Do you ever wonder about the people who create those amazing Anthropologie window displays? How are they so ding a ling creative?  Kara Paslay is the designer in charge of the Tulsa store {SOOOO many big windows!} and here’s her most recent creation with dots.  You can see all of her designs here. Last month […]

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