On Passion Following

    I’ve been a blogger for three and a half years.  But I’ve been rearranging homes since my Barbie days.  When my husband and I got married I assumed it was normal for a person to try the sofa in 12 different places in the room.  And my husband just laughed about it. Over […]

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Everything Can Be Something

anthropologie windows

Do you ever wonder about the people who create those amazing Anthropologie window displays? How are they so ding a ling creative?  Kara Paslay is the designer in charge of the Tulsa store {SOOOO many big windows!} and here’s her most recent creation with dots.  You can see all of her designs here. Last month […]

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I go through stages of being really creative and then, because of the nature of the blog, I open my big mouth via the keyboard and talk about being creative which in turn means I’m not actually creating anything since I’m so busy talking about it.  Clearly, I’m not good at multitasking.  July, my month […]

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White Walls and other misunderstood things

Picture 1

  One of the questions I get asked often is about white. White walls to be exact.  Some of us renters have white walls and unlike me, you don’t want to risk the wrath of the owners and paint your walls a color-good for you!  So how does one pretty up a plain white wall? […]

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Bird Watching:: Johns Journal

Picture 10

I still read blogs almost every day.  I absolutely love blogs and they are my go to source when I need a recipe or a laugh or encouragement.  One of the most exciting things about reading blogs is when you find a new one that you immediately love.  The other day I stumbled across johns […]

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Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreath

diy spoon wreath

Last week I saw a photo over at Casa Sugar and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.  I love projects where you don’t have to think or spend much money.  Hot glue, 50ish spoons and 15 minutes. I made one out of blue and green spoons too.  I like the white one […]

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