Well hello!  I’m honored that you want to contact me.

I hate it when people write this but it’s come to the point where my inbox is out of control, I simply cannot answer every email unless I grow 4 more arms and clone myself.  Thank you for understanding and if you are in the arm growing/cloning industry please title your email as :: URGENT.

Here are some tips to get what you are looking for:

1. I LOVE it when you want to share a great project with me {thank you!} this is how I get lots of the leads to the amazing posts featured on the Nest Files tumblr and the Bird Watching posts, feel free to write a quick email and include a link to one of your projects or something great that you found that you think we would enjoy.  And thanks so much!

2. Looking for decorating advice? Right now I cannot help people one on one.  It pains me to say that, and you have no idea what an honor it is to know that you would trust me with your home. But if I have to choose between helping an individual person or writing a blog post, I decided that I can reach more people with a post.  However, if you have a suggestion for a topic, I’d love to hear it.

3. Want me to promote you? Great, here’s the info on advertising.  Email the ad manager, Caroline (her email in in the info on advertising link) if you think you would like to pursue advertising at Nesting Place.

4. Looking for a past post? There is a search bar on the sidebar on the home page that looks like the screen shot above–it should help you find what you are looking for and even has photos so you can see what the post is about!!  If you are looking for curtains, try the word “drapes” if you are looking for couch try the word “sofa” because I am weird and don’t use some words.

I do understand, sometimes you just need to email people so here it is::

You can email me at nestergirl at gmail dot com.

And since we are on the topic of words and emails and such, you should probably read this post where I learned how my emails are too long and I bet yours are too.  AND, before you write another email to ANYONE, not just me, you will want to read and memorize and get a tattoo of this Email Checklist–and also link to it on your own email/contact page and maybe one day we can rid the world of bad emails? or email already plural?

I also keep up with twitter @thenester if you follow me and I don’t follow you it’s because again with the less than four arms issue.  Feel free to @ me and tell me that I’d better follow you or else.  And I will!  Unless you ask if you can write a guest post with just “a few relevant links”. Unless you are mean.  Or creepy.  Or have four arms.