The Best Christmas DIYs and Crafts Ever

christmas crafts

I can’t wait to see all of your wonderful ideas for holiday crafts.  It’s so fun to be inspired by each other and I think the smartest, most creative people ever seem to be hanging out here on the internet. If you have more than one craft to share consider linking to one post where […]

Winter Branches & Leaves with Duct Tape

duct tape decor

This is the easiest project ever. You know those winter Christmas “picks” you can buy in the floral department?  Don’t buy them because you can make them. Pin It

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Simple Papers & Found Embellishments


Summer Watkins over at Grey Likes Weddings via Style Me Pretty This photo inspires me.  It’s about layers and textures and it. is. wonderful.  Who needs fancy paper when you can shop the house and scrounge up scraps of beautiful, add some glitter and bits of string and the cuff of your old sweater with […]

Mini Stag Head Wall Art

mini stag head

  When I saw these glitter stag head ornaments at Target I knew they could be used for more than just mere tree hanging. I grabbed three stag head ornaments, and at Micheal’s found three wood plaque things–they had all shapes and sizes.  And then I painted the wood things in three of my favorite […]

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DIY Snowball Wreath Anthroplogie-Style

diy pom pom snowball wreath

…their baby would be my wreath.  But instead of costing $128 like the tufted wool wreath on the right or $298 like the Snow Pearls Wool wreath on the left it cost me less than $45. Here’s what it looks like up close. And further away…. Want to see how I made it? Pin It

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Christmas Craft Week

Christmas Craft Week

  Just popping in for a little announcement, this week is going to be Christmas Craft Week at Nesting Place the festivities will include::   Monday: Anthropologie Knock-off Felted Wool Snowball Wreath (pre-heat your glue gun) Tuesday: Mini Stag Head Art Wednesday: Wrapping With Craft Paper and Making it Awesome (or something else, I’m kind […]

Solution to the Messy Desk

dining area

The front room from yesterday is actually supposed to be a dining room.  Some fool thought putting a flight of stairs, foyer and back door and hall in between the dining room and kitchen was a really smart idea.  This fool knows that we don’t really “dine” anyway.  We just like to eat and I […]

Winterized Birch Tree


Our pre-Christmas Tree winterization has started. We do have our Christmas tree.  It’s been siting in a bucket in the driveway for four days because over half of us are sick at our house.  I think I’m the only blogger without my tree fully decorated and up for a week. But even without the tree […]

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Do Less Be More IV :: Winner Announced at end of post!


This giveaway is now closed, winner announced at the end of the post. Every year I write a post called Do Less Be More.  It’s a phrase that’s over-used and under performed but I can’t think of any other words that make better sense.  So it’s that time again, when you and I are going […]

Fall Decorating With What You Have

Super easy before Thanksgiving fall-i-tizing

I love a fall house.  It’s so cozy and inviting.  But just like you I’d rather not keep a bunch of orange and black plastic bins full of “fall decor”.  And now that Halloween is over we can take down the black netting and crows that our children insisted on–please tell me I’m not the […]

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