A Simple Garland


This year my garland is simple. OR simpler than last year. I still love a full, fat lovely garland but for some reason this garland wasn’t packed with the rest of the Christmas stuff so I had early access to it and I realized how much I love it. It’s just two strands of natural […]

Christmas Tour How To

Monday, December 13th is the much anticipated, highly regarded, horribly too soon Christmas Tour of Homes. Many thanks to BooMama for entrusting me with this huge responsibility. Who can join in? ANYONE. As long as you have a blog or flickr acct that you can link to–everyone is invited. What Do I do? Simply share […]


I hope you had a wonderful, maybe even snow filled weekend. I didn’t see one flake of snow but it was still a perfectly delicious weekend spent at my sister’s beautiful homey home. We made PW’s cinnamon rolls. And oh my. Make sure you wear elastic pants when you make them. In other news, I’m […]

Garnish Your Gifts

Half the fun of giving a gift is wrapping it. I get so excited when I can give a gift that looks so pretty that I wish I could keep it. Some people wan to have the cutest outfit, or have the latest hairstyle, I want to wrap the prettiest gifts. I’m pretty sure it’s […]

Tree Skirt Alternatives

{the only photo I could find that showed part of my tree skirt–a leftover piece of fur–no one ever focuses on the skirt, you shouldn’t either} I’m going to get hate mail for this one I just know it: Do not ever purchase a tree skirt–use that money to buy more tree lights, we both […]

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? For most of us, it’s not a matter of deciding what aisle of ornaments to purchase. In a perfect world, it would be fun to get to buy hundreds of dollars worth of the latest Christmas decor ever year, but that’s completely unrealistic. We just want to know […]

Use What You Have Christmas Decor

Hang a simple wreath from your curtain rod with a plethora of colored ribbons and ornaments. Use your leftover trimmings around the house in different containers. Group extra ornaments {I’ve got some broken ones I cannot part with that I pile in an apothecary jar}. Shop the garage–red ribbon, red balls and some red accents […]

Moss Topiary

Remember how I told you that I kept pulling things out of my yard sale pile to keep? I had already priced a bunch of topiaries but decided to keep them at the last minute. I used them two Christmases ago on my mantle. I was tired of my unnaturally green, unnaturally perfectly round topiaries. […]

In With the New

I told you yesterday how every year I keep an eye out {ok, both eyes out} for a few things I can get to really shake up my current Christmas decor. I can’t spend much money, but I want what I buy to be versatile, fresh and fun and help set the tone for the […]

A Prelude to Christmas

It’s not too early to prepare for the Christmas season. And for me and you, here at Nesting Place, that means prepare your home and any Christmas decor. Every year I try to mix up my decor just a little so it feels fresh and new and fun. Here are my guidelines: Last year I […]

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