Day 10:: Copy It With What You Already Have

decorate for autumn

 honey we’re home via pinterest new here? this is the 10th post in a 31 day series:: 31 Days of Lovely Limitations I love autumn as much as the next girl.  And when my boys were younger we went all out and decorated for every season and micro-season and day and what have you.  They […]

Fall Mantel Mantle Also Fantel

how to decorate your mantel mantle for fall

I’m still tweaking our mantle.  But who am I kidding, I’m always tweaking.  Our corner farmer’s market doesn’t have the good, warty, muted colored pumpkins and gourds yet so I’m using what I can find around the house which consists of a few stripped books, weeds from the yard, a stick and some feathers.  Plus […]

A Secret Decorating Ingredient :: It’s Awful


This weekend I finally found something that I had wanted for a very long time. I wanted a sailfish. I felt dumb even admitting it here a few times.  Why in the world did I want a sailfish on my wall?  I remember a fish {was it a sailfish?} on my grandparent’s wall growing up […]

Post Christmas Decorating


Many times when I take the tree and garland and other Christmas stuff down, my home feel refreshingly sparse and spacious. However, there is a difference between sparse and spacious and empty, bare and depressing.  So, I get out my many rubbermaid bins of January decor, you know, winter figurines, snowflake ornaments, a 3 foot […]

Winterize Your Home the Fun Way


I get so many emails after the Christmas season from people who feel like their home is bare after they remove their holiday decorations.  I love the fresh, clean slate of our home after we clear out the tree and stuff but, I admit, I like to add a little something to freshen up the […]

12 Easy and Free Last Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas


Focal Point ,                                      Pink and Polka Dot Need some last minute super easy probably free because you already have this stuff in or around your house Christmas decorating ideas?  I thought so. 1. Sticks, use them straight from […]

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