Easy Fall Centerpiece

I shopped the house and found some greenery/reddery that was originally in my wreath. Pile those on a white tray and tuck a pedestal stand thing in the middle. And plop a pumpkin on top. The end.

Halloween Enlightenment :: Bird Watching

They’ve done it again. That team of creative geniuses over at the Curious Sofa has decked the halls with skulls that are gory. Even if you hate Halloween, you have to appreciate the attention to detail and the clever, amazing, captivating ideas.. There are about 20 thousand more photos at The Curious Sofa Diaries. Remember […]

Christmas Tour of Homes

Are you one of those people that look forward to BooMama’s Christmas Tour of Homes? A few weeks after I started Nesting Place {two years ago} someone told me about her link up tour and I joined in 2 days late. It was the most fun I had ever had online up to that date. […]

Welcoming Fall Decor

Dear Nester, I want to decorate for fall but most of the items in the stores are spooky, bloody and downright scary. Help! What would you suggest for inexpensive, approachable yet classy fall decor? PS, you are beautiful and wise and I have three daughters that are your son’s age that they can marry in […]

Fall in 5 Minutes

fall in five minutes

pillow: the tarnished crown I’m on the hunt for some more neutral candles, another cozy throw and a delish beef stew recipe to complete the fall feel with minimal work. Do you decorate for fall?

A Letter Wreath


Some of you may remember a wreath that my friend made last year. This is how it looked all decked out for the Holiday Season. I love how full and voluptuous is is but the red was a little much by the time February rolled around. So I pulled out all the red stuff and […]

Shop The House

If I were rich beyond reason there’s no doubt I’d be surrounding myself with fresh flowers, live berries and fruits all the time. Flowers next to the toilets, flowers overflowing window boxes, I would drive a parade float around town instead of my mommymobile.. But, since I’ve been given a different sort of riches, I […]

How to Make a Centerpiece

You can make a quick, easy and meaningful arrangement using some containers, moss and things you probably already have. If you need multiple centerpieces for a banquet this is a great template to add in anything that will add to the theme. It’s easy to personalize and looks exquisite. We’ve all got different tastes and […]

Spring Decorating

This is is a repost from 366 days ago. The ideas are still worthwhile and I’m still too lazy {or too smart–you can look at it either way} to write something new. You probably know by now that I’m not going to be buying anything new to decorate for spring. Even though I’ve seen no […]

Storing Your Garland

Time to take down The Most Wonderful Christmas Garland Ever. Not to mention all of the less wonderful Christmas garland that might still be hanging around. First take out all that extra junk that you put in to make it wild. Save all the fern pieces and nests and keep them handy for your spring […]

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