12 Easy and Free Last Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas


Focal Point ,                                      Pink and Polka Dot Need some last minute super easy probably free because you already have this stuff in or around your house Christmas decorating ideas?  I thought so. 1. Sticks, use them straight from […]

It’s Real and It’s Spectacular


Ok, so maybe it’s not spectacular.  But this is what it looked like yesterday and I wanted to join in Thrifty Decor Chic’s Christmas Tree Linky.  It looks like it’s been lassoed by turquoise rope.  It’s kind of annoying. I found 6 packets of this twisted paper {same stuff from the wreath} at the thrift […]

A Season of Intention


Catchy, isn’t it?  The whole Do Less Be More thing sounds inviting.  Is it really possible?  There’s a secret to achieving it. First, you decide that’s what you want.  So you choose “Less”. {pillows :: snowbird // gift} Then you get to say “no” to other stuff.  No to some things magically allows you to […]

Christmas Lanterns and Such


I admit, I have absolutely no right whatsoever to call this project a craft.  But I want to join in with Kate’s Craft party today so let’s roll with it.  Like a craft, you do need some supplies:: Christmas lights and clear containers of any sort. I used some bubbly outdoor lights with green wires […]

Bird Watching :: Wreaths

Picture 3

Acorn Wreath Pickles felted ball wreath Cinnamon Stick Wreath Eucalyptus wreath Button Wreath Hershey is my baby felted wreath. Twig Wreath

Cleaning Day


Something else is wrong with me. Um, I kind of like to clean my house.  I kind of almost look forward to it. That Mrs. Meyer has brainwashed me or something. Get it “brainwashed”, she makes cleaning products?  Funny, right?  I’m reading the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home book right now and it’s fun to read […]

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