How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? For most of us, it’s not a matter of deciding what aisle of ornaments to purchase. In a perfect world, it would be fun to get to buy hundreds of dollars worth of the latest Christmas decor ever year, but that’s completely unrealistic. We just want to know […]

Use What You Have Christmas Decor

Hang a simple wreath from your curtain rod with a plethora of colored ribbons and ornaments. Use your leftover trimmings around the house in different containers. Group extra ornaments {I’ve got some broken ones I cannot part with that I pile in an apothecary jar}. Shop the garage–red ribbon, red balls and some red accents […]

Moss Topiary

Remember how I told you that I kept pulling things out of my yard sale pile to keep? I had already priced a bunch of topiaries but decided to keep them at the last minute. I used them two Christmases ago on my mantle. I was tired of my unnaturally green, unnaturally perfectly round topiaries. […]

In With the New

I told you yesterday how every year I keep an eye out {ok, both eyes out} for a few things I can get to really shake up my current Christmas decor. I can’t spend much money, but I want what I buy to be versatile, fresh and fun and help set the tone for the […]

A Prelude to Christmas

It’s not too early to prepare for the Christmas season. And for me and you, here at Nesting Place, that means prepare your home and any Christmas decor. Every year I try to mix up my decor just a little so it feels fresh and new and fun. Here are my guidelines: Last year I […]

Candle Worthy

If you have one dollar to spend on fall decorating, buy a candle at the dollar store or goodwill. If you have $10 to spend on decorating, blow it on candles. Besides having a comfy chair and blanket, candles are the single most comfort inducing mechanisms you can own. You need them, and you need […]

Easy Christmas Decorating Projects

How to make a Centerpiece Using What You Have {for any season} Homemade Christmas Garland Inspiration and Tutorial How to Hang a Wreath How to Make a Fur Wreath Winterized Decor And, the most famous, always rewarding but super tedious Ragamuffin Garland Be sure to stop in at Life in Grace over the next two […]

Easy Fall Centerpiece

I shopped the house and found some greenery/reddery that was originally in my wreath. Pile those on a white tray and tuck a pedestal stand thing in the middle. And plop a pumpkin on top. The end.

Halloween Enlightenment :: Bird Watching

They’ve done it again. That team of creative geniuses over at the Curious Sofa has decked the halls with skulls that are gory. Even if you hate Halloween, you have to appreciate the attention to detail and the clever, amazing, captivating ideas.. There are about 20 thousand more photos at The Curious Sofa Diaries. Remember […]

Christmas Tour of Homes

Are you one of those people that look forward to BooMama’s Christmas Tour of Homes? A few weeks after I started Nesting Place {two years ago} someone told me about her link up tour and I joined in 2 days late. It was the most fun I had ever had online up to that date. […]

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