The Room Where We Live.

Here we are. This is what you see when you first come in my house. Have I mentioned there is no foyer? You can see our fireplace. Love having a fireplace. But, do you notice something? NO MANTLE!! Isn’t that weird? Please tell me all of your great ideas for this issue! We have one […]

Playroom Part 2

Wall #2 Someone asked me where the toys were after reading the last post. What if I told you that I didn’t believe in toys? Wouldn’t that be sad? So, here they are. Actually now they are all over the floor but they stayed like this for a little while. And, at least everything pretty […]

Playroom Part 1

Playroom: Wall #1Shutters: $8 per pair {habitat for humanity restore}Parson’s Table: $7 {goodwill}Chairs: Free {shopped the house}Metal Barn Star: $39 {ebay} Having a playroom that doubles as a guest room that adults can actually stand to be in: priceless.

Evolution of a Hutch

My dumputer is finally connected to the rest of the world. Meanwhile I’ve had loads of time to play with all of my displaced stuff. I’ve got this sideboard, hutch, shelf unit that was in my dining room and now is in my keeping room {yes, that is an actual name for a room and […]

Dare me to move?

You know I had to add that song to my play list at the very bottom of this blog–especially after the Cooke sang it on Idol. And yes, Sister Honey Bunch, you are right, I saw him staring at you while he was singing. our current nest I wrote this post and told you a […]

Ye Olde Kitchen

Posting a photo of my old kitchen the other day got me to thinking about it. When we moved in we just knew it had to go. The cabs were ugly and thin and had been painted and “distressed” emphasis on stressed. But, I was sure of one thing. I would rather buy a house […]

Swiss Walls

I’m getting ready to preach. Preach about my walls. Please forgive me in advance because this is something I’m passionate about! A few of you asked the same great question about my nail holes… Here’s Jo: But what do you do with all the holes in your wall above the piano where you had the […]

The Playroom

Here it is. The Playroom. We have had lots of different layouts over the years from every boy in his own room with no playroom to every boy and every toy in one big room. This is my favorite so far. We are blessed to have 4 bedrooms 3 of which are small. I am […]


My favorite go to color in the entire universe is… Tobacco Road It’s a discontinued color from DURON but, they can still mix it for you. I even called to make sure because I didn’t want of riot of Tobacco Road deprived cute moms in high heals with paint brushes showing up at my door. […]

Welcome Creative People!

I have absolutely no idea how to act civil in a situation like this. Kim from Today’s Creative Blog (which is my favorite blog design, next to my own of course) featured my little blog today. I am waaaay too all about myself this morning. Sorry to everyone who knows me in real life I’ll […]

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