I am Mary. But not the one you are thinking of.


Remember in the last post where I told you I was done decorating and I was gonna be all Carol Brady and do crafts with my boys and like, rest, relax and enjoy and junk?  I lied.  It started out so innocently.  Five minutes after publishing that post I just wanted to see how the […]

Creating a Calming Office Space

calm office

Having my own office makes me feel like a queen. Except when it looks like this. Then I feel like the opposite of a queen. No, not a king. An ugly stepsister punished by being surrounded by too much cute stuff. I was so looking forward to making my work space pretty that I overlooked […]

Upholstered Headboards.

Better Homes and Gardens Tori Spelling made me want it. Tori always seems to have an upholstered headboard. And now I want one. Look how comfortable. I can totally see myself right there between Tori and Dean eating some nachos and hanging out. oxygen.com I am officially tired of having a hard, cold, hard, not […]

Hanging A Door on the Wall {yet again}

door on the wall

Since we are renting I’m trying my very best not to break down and paint every wall in this builder beige {with a very pinkish hue} flat-paint-walled house. Do you have any idea how quickly flat paint looks dirty? Combine that with three boys little bare feet and within hours I knew the wall under […]

Home Wasn’t Built in a Day


My boys have never really had any kind of window treatment on their windows other than a randomly tacked up mistreatment that lasts for a few days. My oldest son’s mattress is currently on the floor. In the last couple of years we’ve moved so often that if I delay a month or so in […]

Perfect Versus Good

wordle How many things do you put off because you are afraid to fail? Afraid it won’t be good enough? Afraid everyone will know you didn’t follow the rules. Afraid it won’t be perfect? I am guilty of this in so many areas of my life. This article and this one both found deep in […]

Feels Like Home

click photo to enlarge I can’t tell you how long it’s been since we’ve had a back yard with trees taller than my husband. A tire swing in the back officially makes this rental into our home. It’s just too good. After you move, what is it that makes your house finally feel like home? […]

Lazy Perfectionist

I’m out of the office this week. This post was originally written last summer but it’s one of my favorites. And since it’s my blog and I can wreck it up as I see fit, I thought I’d throw it up here again. {this takes place in our last rental–can’t wait to show you what […]

Painting Knotty Pine

Photos: Braitman Design/Build Braitman Design :: Knotty Pine Transformation click over and read the comments about the prep work, primer and paint Jackie used for this project. before Apartment Therapy :: Before and After Knotty Pine PanelingHow to de-gloss paneling :: Ranch Remodels More Knotty Pine before and Afters :: Curbly Wood Paneling That Looks […]

Price My Space:: Living Room Part 2

The Price My Space Party is Monday so don’t forget to get your rooms ready. I may even have the post up Sunday evening so you west coasties can get in on the action early. This is the second half of pricing my living room. Read the first half here. Let’s get to numbers 5,6,7 […]

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