nesting place headquarters

See that white table in my office?  I forgot to show you that I moved it in there a month or so ago.   And I cannot believe that I let a perfectly good blog topic like moving furniture pass me by. When I first found this $15 table at a yard sale, I honestly didn’t […]

Good Bones vs Accessories

the cottage

This week I’m doing a little series on What I learned from the Painted Cottage.  We stayed there last weekend and I loved the warm, inviting feeling of the cottage, it was homey but not cluttered.  Although this cottage is not someones home, and I know there are some things that if someone really lived […]

Write Them on Your Doorposts :: A Giveaway

book crops

Special thanks to DaySpring for sponsoring this giveaway and feathering our nest with these charming book crops. Did you notice this sign on my mantel the other day?  My boys did.  I saw one of them mouthing the words as he read it to himself. There’s one here too. And here. And here. Over here. […]

Secret Reading Room

We used the awkward closet under the stairs for the boys. Sometimes we take the table out and throw in the twin size mattress from the trundle bed. It’s perfectly cozy and feels oh so private when the door is closed. Did you have a special place to hang with yourself when you were growing […]

My Top 10 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

This is a repost from March 2009, but worth reading again. Not making the master bedroom a priority. Not getting rid of stuff that I don’t really need or love. Being afraid of color. Buying something trendy instead of more traditional {remember those over stuffed chairs from the 90′s?} I had two of them. It […]

Terrarium 101 :: A Guest Post

My House Party

Today we have a special guest, an expert on small houses and plants.  Read on and you’ll discover one of her secrets. Hi Nesters! This is Jessica from My House Party here to share a little how-to on making a terrarium for your home, or the home of someone you love. Terrariums are a great […]

Decorating with Live Greens


I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy real plants in our home.  Usually, over the winter, most of my live plants succumb to my lack of attention and by spring, I buy a few replacements. Greens for your home are inexpensive, easy to care for and for some reason, have the power to completely […]

Customized Signs for your Home :: A Giveaway

Picture 1

Remember this glorious sign that we all went crazy for?  I have one in my house–do you? DaySpring had them half price for a short while.  The signs are made by one of my favorite American companies, Danielson Designs.  And even though these signs have sold out, you can get something even better–A COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE […]

Lessons on Accessories


accessories on parade Since we busted up some parades yesterday, I though we should talk about good and honorable ways to accessorize.  Let me assure you, I am accessory’s biggest fan.  I love accessories.  I dream about accessories, I am connoisseur of accessories.  Of course, these are all my big fat opinions, they are not […]

Slow Decorating Part 1


The words Slow Decorating have been in my head for awhile. Hearing about Slow Food got me thinking. Why do I always feel the need to produce fast, now, complete, perfect, finished, instant decorating? I want to lower my own expectations.  If expect to have my house put together 3 weeks after we move and […]

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