Lessons From A Small House :: Why Our Counter Stools Were All Wrong


My house teaches me things.

Every house has and usually, if I pay attention, I can learn a lot about what is and isn’t working by simply paying attention to how people are using our home.

kitchen 2stool source

Shortly after we moved in I purchased four of these metal and wood stools. I love them! They are such a nice contrast to the quartz counters and white cabs.

But within a few weeks of having them in my house, and watching how we interacted with them, I knew there was a problem.

We avoided the stools.

They are cold, and sharp, and because the bottom of the legs come out farther than what you expect if you are just looking at the top, they often tripped people–and us, and even drew blood! BLOOD! Because of a cute counter stool!

I decided we could deal with it. What’s a little blood, right?

In my old house I could get away with uncomfortable seating in some areas–like at the bar, because our house was bigger and there was never a need for anyone to sit at the kitchen bar for a long time.

But here’s the thing, when you live in a smaller house, EVERY CHAIR COUNTS.

Every hiney holder has to play its part, and if you have 10 people who need to eat dinner and no one wants to sit at the bar because they know they could be stuck there for an hour, it’s time to make a change.

bar stoolsource

Two and a half years later I faced the facts that I bought the wrong stools, and I bought the most comfy, warm, non-tripping stools I could find.

Lucky for us we can use the old metal stools on our “stage” at the barn– we were constantly moving them over there and back anyway.




And for the record, the same applies to our kitchen table.

We have a small family room, so when we host a crowd–like we did a few days last week, the wives end up sitting at the table ALL DAY LONG and coloring and chatting and laughing, and because there’s really no place else in the house for us to go, it’s a life saver (tush-saver?) to have soft, comfy seats at the table instead of a bunch of wooden chairs.

Thank you house for teaching me things.

In a small house, ever seat should be comfortable.

Comfy chairs 4Ever.


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