The Ugly, Valuable Before Photo


I’ve been a DIY blogger for seven years and I always regret not taking more before photos. Will I ever learn?

When you are in the midst of the before it just seems like one big mess where the goal is to get through as quickly as possible and then forget so that you can focus on all that is pretty and fixed up. I hate taking before photos and usually rush through it and move on….

I’ve learned how important it is to document your before, read the rest today at (in)courage.

Small Things, Big Change

office entry

Y’all, my office is moving right along. And even though it was motivating to do the big huge things like a new/old door and fresh paint on the floor, ceiling and walls, there’s nothing like putting out a smattering of pretty, meaningful things to make a big huge change. Finally, this office feels like it’s […]

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The Fifth Annual Do Less Be More Post

be more

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED For FIVE years Nesting Place has partnered with its friend DaySpring in bringing you the exact same post right before the Christmas rush. Five years is pretty much forever in internet years. But we all agree it needs to be said. Every year. The other day at The Art of Simple […]

Why Do We Really Dread the Drop-In?


  A month or so ago I wrote a post called The Almost Extinction of the Drop-In at the (in)courage blog. If you didn’t read it, you might want to read it first to catch up. I was surprised at the response to the post. The comments fell into a few groups: 1. people who […]

A Million Little Ways

a milion little quotes

My sister wrote a book for you. She’s written other books and they were very good and helped a lot of people. But this book, this new book…is for every one of us. Here are what people who are not her big sister have to say about it…. The book is called A Million Little […]

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Four Letter Word


  join me at (in)courage & let’s chat about a word I hate…

Ever Changing

in process

It’s taken me too long but, I finally figured out what writing a home blog is all about. Join me at (in)courage today?

My 31 Days Topic & Other Thoughts

31 days

I wrote a guest post for the (in)courage Bloom book club.  They are reading one of my favorite books, 7 by Jen Hatmaker.  I’d love for you to go join in the conversation.  And I also happen to mention my 31 Days topic for this year if you are wondering. Happy Friday!

Redemption and Mr. T :: A Giveaway, Believe it or Not

jewelry bowl

GIVEAWAY CLOSED :: WINNERS ANNOUNCED HERE A month ago I bought this bowl thinking it would hold the remotes. You can’t imagine my surprise when four weeks later I found it filled to the brim with a bunch of beautiful jewelry.  That I already own. Jewelry that apparently I strip myself of by 8pm every […]

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The Power of the Imperfect

the nester

  This post is part of a little series that you can read in any order, Part 1  and Part 2 We’ll I’ve figured it out. I’ve said it a majillion times.  I truly believe that the imperfections in our home have the ability to help put people at ease.  There’s something about walking in […]

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