Let the Rhythm Move You


The end of August is the New Year’s Day of summer.

Even before I had children, and I’m guessing even after they are all done with school, the end of August will trigger thoughts of fresh starts.

It’s a great time to consider what I’m doing at home (or anywhere) and evaluate the whys. I used to always trip over the idea of a very organized routine. I’d print out time sheets and fill up a shiny new binder with high intentions of Finally Getting My Life Together. Especially in the areas of meals and household chores. I thought I wanted to be one of those people who did their laundry starting every Thursday at 10:30 am. I’ve heard people like that exist.

But then something would come up at Thursday at 10 am and suddenly, my binder and I would have a fight (I always won) – and I’d secretly feel guilty for not following my own rules.

Here are my own, non-scientific definitions of routine and rhythm:

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During July….


During July, The World’s Worst Barn is beginning a full shake-down, scrub down, paint all over, makeover. This thing is going from a hillbilly tractor barn to a beautifully imperfect gathering space for us all to come and simply BE. I’ll tell you much more about it later but for now, I couldn’t resist to […]

The Power of Choosing Your Anthem :: A Giveaway

create a moment when you walk in the door

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED We’ve talked before about choosing a song to help ground an event, and how when you put those songs together they make up the soundtrack of our lives. I like to choose an anthem and match music to big events, transitions in our life, or the spectacularly ordinary parts of our […]

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One Word


  popping in to share my one word for 2014. I hope I don’t regret it. Also, I’m old. See you on Monday! Or maybe Saturday! Until then, I’ll be hanging out on instagram. xo PS, do you have a word for this year?

We Have A Dream

litte white house

country living It’s been ten years since we’ve house shopped. Six years since we lived in a house we weren’t renting. And now that our debt is paid off we are saving up for our next house. We love our community, the people at our church are dear to us–my husband works there part time, […]

Happy to Be Home – Are You?


A guest post by Amy Bayliss of Cajun Joie de Vivre Amy approaches a topic that I’ve never really dug into–how our emotions and memories can affect how we see our home, such an applicable read, I’m going to walk through my house today and see if I have things that are bringing up negative […]

2012 Home Goals Party


After moving 5 times in as many years, it’s been so luxurious to get to stay in one house for two and a half years.  We are hoping to be debt free this year and who knows in 18 or 24 or 30 months, we may be moving. But for now, I’m completely content to […]

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