During July….

world's worst barn

During July, The World’s Worst Barn is beginning a full shake-down, scrub down, paint all over, makeover. This thing is going from a hillbilly tractor barn to a beautifully imperfect gathering space for us all to come and simply BE. I’ll tell you much more about it later but for now, I couldn’t resist to show you an in-process shot of how different it looks just with a thin coat of primer sprayed on!!


the barn

Here’s the before. So far we lowered the doors so we could replace the metal doors with heavy wood (lowering them make them less heavy for the hardware and for us to have to open) and we removed that engine lift metal thing on the poles on each side. We also added six huge windows so now it’s light inside!

tiny house nation

During July a new show called Tiny House Nation premiers (Wednesday July 9th on fyi channel which I’m pretty sure we don’t have) but I’m still excited about this show.

During July I’m making this Coconut Cornbread Strawberry Shortcake. Often. Logan brought this to our house for dessert last week and it’s easily the best summer dessert I’ve ever had. She omitted the basil in the whipped cream, so I can’t vouch for that part.

orzo salad

During July I’m making Tracie’s Summer Orzo Salad. I’ve already made it countless times. It’s summer in a bowl.


During July, I’m keeping a Not to Do list more than a To Do List.


During July I’m thinking about what I want to do to the the stairs. I’m not saying I’m going to do them, although I’d love it if I do, but I’m intentionally thinking about what I want them to look like. This is an old photo, I don’t still have my Christmas garland up. I started a pinboard with stair ideas too. I know I don’t want the wood to show, it’s different wood than what’s on our floors so I’m for sure going to cover it with paint or something fun/quirky/pretty, hopefully all three.

jean fleming

In her book Pursue the Intentional Life, Jean Fleming says,

“Every life creates an atmosphere. The air around some people is charged with rage. The air crackles, stretched taut, waiting for the lightening strike. Another person, another atmosphere: anxiety and tension, or fearfulness and excessive caution, or recklessness and indifference.”

She goes on to say

“I live in eager expectation and hope.”

During July I’m also considering the atmosphere that surrounds my life.

What are you doing during July?

The Power of Choosing Your Anthem :: A Giveaway

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One Word


  popping in to share my one word for 2014. I hope I don’t regret it. Also, I’m old. See you on Monday! Or maybe Saturday! Until then, I’ll be hanging out on instagram. xo PS, do you have a word for this year?

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